Saturday, October 22, 2011

Obama eliminates thousands of American jobs and hands them to foreign nation

President Obama announced that the United States will withdraw nearly all its troops from Iraq by year’s end.

Some 150 American troops will remain behind to guard the US Embassy compound in Baghdad. The peak number was 166,000 in the fall of 2007.

The war accomplished no more than overthrow Saddam Hussein and perhaps secure more oil for the U.S. It did nothing to deter terrorism or a nuclear threat.

Troop Drawdown of the Day

Bank robber writes hold up note on personal check

A bank robber lets a teller know what he wants by writing a note. The problem is that the note is written on one of his personal checks. The checks have his name clearly printed on it. It gets better. He goes to a second bank and does the same thing.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Jewish extremists attack ice cream for allowing customer to lick ice cream in public

A sign at the ice cream parlor may caution men and women not to lick cones in public, but the warning didn't stop Jewish zealots vandalizing the shop in Jerusalem's main ultra-Orthodox neighborhood.

Other businesses in Mea Shearim, including a book store and dress shops, have been damaged in night-time attacks by Sikrikim, a group of some 100 ultra-religious men who want one of the holy city's most tradition-bound quarters to become even more conservative.

"Promiscuity" reads graffiti scrawled in black at the entrance of a clothing shop selling dresses whose lengthy hemline and drab colors have been deemed too racy by the group.

Other stores in the neighborhood, where men wear traditional black garb and women bare little but their face, have had their windows broken, locks glued and foul-smelling liquid smeared on walls.

Named after a small Jewish group which 2,000 years ago fought against Roman rulers and suspected Jewish collaborators, the modern-day Sikrikim strike at night and some wear masks to hide their identities.

The Zisalek ice cream parlor has separate entrances for men and women and a sign -- posted at the request of local religious authorities -- asking them to avoid any show of immodesty by licking cones in public.

"They (the Sikrikim) had a real ball with us," said Guy Ammar, one of Zisalek's owners, describing vandalism similar to attacks against other shops in the area.

There are few things I am less tolerant over than religious fanaticism' irrespective of the faith. They distort religion by providing a backward misogynist interpretation.


Friday Flashback: Pink Floyd

Love the streaker disguised as a football ref

Texas prisons introduce weight loss program

Texas prison officials last month ended the decades-old practice of serving last meals to inmates about to be executed after one man ordered an elaborate feast of hamburgers, pizza and chicken-fried steaks that he did not eat.

But the 300 inmates on death row are not the only ones coping with food restrictions.

Thousands of other inmates in the Texas prison system have been eating fewer meals since April after officials stopped serving lunch on the weekends in some prisons as a way to cut food-service costs. About 23,000 inmates in 36 prisons are eating two meals a day on Saturdays and Sundays instead of three. A meal the system calls brunch is usually served between 5 and 7 a.m., followed by dinner between 4 and 6:30 p.m.

The meal reductions are part of an effort to trim $2.8 million in food-related expenses from the 2011 fiscal year budget of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the state prison agency. Other cuts the agency has made to its food service include replacing carton milk with powdered milk and using sliced bread instead of hamburger and hot dog buns.

Prison administrators said that the cuts were made in response to the state’s multibillion-dollar budget shortfall in 2011, and that the weekend lunches were eliminated in consultation with the agency’s health officials and dietitians. Michelle Lyons, an agency spokeswoman, said that inmates with health problems who have been prescribed a therapeutic diet continue to receive three meals per day.

State Senator John Whitmire, a Democrat and chairman of the Senate Criminal Justice Committee whose outrage over last meals on death row led to the end of the practice last month, said the reductions were not a major concern to him. “If they don’t like the menu,” he said, “don’t come there in the first place.”

Introducing the new Correctional Weight loss Plan! Only $9.99 (plus shipping and handling) and you can have that six pack you've always dreamed of! Stays at our luxury weight loss centers are also available!


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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Why women live longer

Supermarket chains balking at stocking Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls.

AP Photo

Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls ice cream is too hot to handle for some supermarket chains. While the new limited-edition flavor has brought chuckles from fans of the "Saturday Night Live" skit on which it's based, some supermarket chains aren't laughing and have been giving it a cold shoulder.

The flavor featuring fudge-covered rum balls has been absent from some grocery freezers since it was unveiled. The title was inspired by an innuendo-laced 1998 skit featuring Alec Baldwin as baker Pete Schweddy, who promises, "No one can resist my Schweddy balls."

But apparently some grocery store chains can, and so can supporters and members of the One Million Moms group.

That Mississippi-based moms organization has been putting the heat on retailers to keep Schweddy Balls out of their freezers and encouraging parents to ask the Vermont-based Ben & Jerry's to stop production of the item, saying the name is nothing but locker room humor that's not appropriate for young children.


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woman injured in hospital, told by staff to call ambulance

Doreen Wallace, 82, fell at the main entrance of the Greater Niagara General Hospital and was on the ground for almost 30 minutes before medical staff tended to her.

When Doreen Wallace fell and broke her hip in the lobby of a Niagara Falls hospital, she figured at least she’d get help — and fast.

But that’s not what happened.

Instead, the 82-year-old Wallace — who was leaving with her son after visiting her dying husband at Greater Niagara General Hospital on Oct. 8 — was told by staff no one could help her until an ambulance was called.

To a hospital.

“It was horrible. It really was. Everybody who walked through the door stopped and stared at me,” said Wallace, who already had a broken arm from a previous fall. She ended up spending almost 30 minutes on the ground.

“I was inside the hospital. Why did they have to wait for an ambulance to come and pick me up?”

As she lay face down on a metal grate, her right arm slashed, a security guard called for help and two nurses from the emergency room came over. But Wallace’s son said they refused to help until paramedics arrived.

It's nice to see that our hospitals are staffed with compassionate caring people. The kind of people that would walk right by a toddler that had been hit by a car.


The many mugshots of Lindsay Lohan

If stupidity was currency the woman could buy out Bill Gates. Obviously Lindsay is dying to do some jail time. Hopefully a judge will finally oblige her.

October 19, 2011

September 24, 2010

July 20, 2010

November 15, 2007

July 24, 2007

Harold Camping promises tomorrow with be the Rapture

When we last heard from Harold Camping, the Family Radio broadcaster was conceding he'd been wrong about The Rapture beginning on May 21 — a prediction that had some folks selling their worldly possessions and traveling the nation to warn that the end was coming soon.

His calculations had been off, Camping said, and it was looking to him like things would really get going (or start stopping?) on Oct. 21.

That's tomorrow.

Now Camping, who says he's recovering slowly from a stroke he suffered in June, has posted a new audio message. He's sounding a little less than definite, but still convinced that the end is coming soon. And he's also predicting it will all sort of happen with a whimper, not a bang.

Camping's thinking that:

"We're getting very near the very end."

Friday "looks like, at this point ... it will be the final end of everything."

When the end does come and believers are taken up to heaven, the "wicked" will not be left behind to suffer. "There will be no pain suffered by anyone because of their rebellion against God," Camping predicts, because "He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked."

There won't be earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters.

"The end is going to come very, very quietly."

Just in case I'm not paying my Mastercard bill until the weekend. In the event of the Rapture Mastercard won't be needing my money anymore.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Try begging

Drunk father has daughter, 9, drive him to the store

A Michigan father, suspected of being drunk, is accused of having his 9-year-old daughter drive him to the store in his van while he sat in the passenger seat. Shawn Weimer, 39, was arrested after officers, alerted by a 911 call, pulled the van over, Brownstown Township Detective Lt. Robert Grant said. The girl was sitting behind the wheel in a child's booster seat.

"Are you sure the child's driving, sir?" the dispatcher asked the 911 caller. "Yes," he replied. "The guy at the gas station couldn't believe it, either." The daughter told officers her father had been drinking whiskey all night, took her out to drive, then decided to stop at the gas station, Grant said.

The detective said the girl's parents are separated, and she was with her father for the weekend. "Very sweet, intelligent little girl," he said. On store surveillance video, Weimer brags to a clerk at a service station about his daughter.

"I got a designated driver," he says. "Nine years old. Nine. Dad, drinking. Listen, we're leaving, and she's driving." The girl says, "And I parked." Grant said Weimer was "argumentative" with the arresting officers, saying it was his right to teach his daughter how to drive. He was charged with second-degree child abuse, a felony that could bring a four-year sentence.


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Hump Day Hottie

Paulina Gretzky

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ouch! This guy is walking around with a 100 lb scrotum

A Las Vegas man with a medical condition that has caused his scrotum to swell to more than 100 pounds is trying to raise $1 million for surgery to correct it.

Wesley Warren Jr., went public about his condition—scrotal elephantiasis—because he is desperate to try and raise the cash for the costly operation.

Warren’s scrotum is so large that he has trouble walking and using the bathroom.

“It’s not easy to get around,” Warren told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “It makes me stay in most of the time.”

The 47-year-old, who developed the rare condition three years ago, said he has regular bouts of depression.

“I want to have real friends and a relationship with a woman,” he told the paper. “But I’m not suicidal. I’m too strong for that.”

Although he knew some people would laugh at his condition, Warren decided to go on Howard Stern’s radio and cable TV show to raise awareness of his plight.

“I don’t like being a freak, who would?” Warren said. “But I figured that the Stern show is listened to by millions of people and they might want to help me. I hope some millionaire or billionaire will want to help me.”

His condition is rarely seen outside of the tropical areas of Africa and Asia and is usually caused by a mosquito-spread parasitic infection.

But Warren said he had never traveled to tropical areas and believes the condition is down to an accident in 2008, when he caught his testicles with his leg while twisting in bed. The next day Warren said his scrotum had grown to “the size of a soccer ball,” and continued growing.


Don't send you kid to this school if they are prone to bladder infections

An Illinois high school principal said a policy limiting students to three bathroom breaks per semester is aimed at encouraging students not to miss class time.

Evergreen Park High School Principal Bill Sanderson said the policy, which allows three breaks during class per semester with additional bathroom breaks requiring lost class time to be made up after school, is aimed at ensuring students don't use bathroom breaks as an excuse to miss class, the SouthtownStar reported Monday.

However, at least two parents, Linda Gigliello and Cathi Diamond, said they are worried about their daughters "holding it" when they run out of allowed bathroom breaks.

"It's not only that they have to make up the time. It takes up time after school when they may be in a club or have a team practice or catch a bus," Gigliello said.

Diamond said her daughter, Dominique, 15, has previously suffered from urinary tract infections and may be prone to further problems if she delays her urination breaks.

Dad beat daughter, hands her a gun and knife and tells her to commit suicide

A Houston father who beat his 11-year-old daughter gave her a gun and a knife an encouraged her to commit suicide, police said.

Alejandro Galvan III, 29, is accused of punching his daughter and beating her with a belt during the brutal attack at their home on Sept. 7, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The girl told police that Galvan then handed her a black gun - which she thought was loaded - and a knife and told her to use them on herself.

Galvan admitted to police that he gave his daughter the weapons because he was "frustrated," but he said the gun was unloaded.

He also admitted to hitting her.

I think Al has to work on his parenting skills. Hopefully the prison that he is sent to will be able to offer him such a program. But at least the gun was unloaded.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

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That sounds naughty

I'm pissed at the 100 year old marathoner

Fauja Singh after finishing the marathon

Four years ago I had to give up running because my joints couldn't take the pounding after years of abuse. I had expected to be running into my 70s but I wasn't even close. Then I hear that Fauja Singh, a 100-year old man completed the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon yesterday. Singh’s 8:25.17 put him six hours behind the winner, 38-year old Kenneth Mungara of Kenya.

How is that fair that he is still running at 100 and I didn't even make it to 55? Forty years of running was all that my body could handle. So how did his body hold up? Well it turns out he hasn't been running for 40 years. He hasn't even been running for 20 years. He didn't take up running until he was 89 years old. Sure he's old but he is also still a neophyte as a runner.

So Mr. Running Hot Shot, come back at the age of 129 and let me know how your running career is going.

Cheating at the World Scrabble Championships?

A missing letter 'G' threatened to set the Scrabble World Championship on fire, as wordsmiths from around the world gathered in Warsaw to do battle.

At the event, which opened on Wednesday, a Thai player demanded England's Ed Martin be taken to the toilet and strip-searched to prove he had not hidden a 'G' tile that mysteriously went missing during their game. The judges ruled in Mr Martin's favour, sparing him the indignity of a search and seeing a tight defeat turned into victory by a single buttock-clenching point.

Ultimately, Scrabble's most controversial incident since one player accused another of eating a tile, did nothing to alter the competition's result. The trophy and $20,000 prize was claimed yesterday by New Zealander Nigel Richards, who assured his 3-2 win over Australian Andrew Fisher by taking 95 points with "omnified" – to have rendered something universal.

Ben Johnson taking steroids made for horses, Rosie Ruiz taking the subway, Tonya Harding getting opponents whacked, Russian skating judges selling marks. Where all this cheating end? But now it's in Scrabble competitions too. Swiping tiles and hiding them in your butt, what is wrong with this world?


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

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Baby on Board?

Marathon runner catches a bus, then finishes third

Cheat ... Rob Sloan has admitted taking a bus during marathon

A red-faced marathon runner has admitted cheating after he caught a bus to clinch third place.

Lazy Rob Sloan, 31, became tired at the 20-mile mark of Sunday's Kielder Marathon so hopped on the free spectators' bus to the finish line.

Then just before the end of the race the sneaky sprinter jumped off and emerged through a forest section of the course to re-join the pack and bag third place.

He "categorically denied" not completing the 26.2 mile course telling organizers: "I ran the whole race" in a statement yesterday.

But the runner, who just 24 hours earlier had won a 10k race, was spotted by a number of witnesses, and organizers were left with no alternative but to disqualify him after the event.

He has now admitted his guilt.

Suspicions were raised after a number of runners reported being bemused by Sloan's position after they failed to see him pass them during the race.

What is with these cheap marathoners? Rosie Ruiz took the subway. Now this guy takes a bus. Come on, spring for a a cab. But seriously who was this guy trying to con? Everyone knows the top 5 finishers are always from Kenyan. The marathon is the national sport.


Would you accept a free breast exam from this man?

A Coconut Creek man accused of posing as a doctor and offering free door-to-door breast exams has reached a deal with prosecutors, lawyers told a Broward judge on Tuesday.

Phillip Winikoff, 81, was accused in April 2006 of carrying on the ruse with women at an apartment complex in the 3200 block of Northwest 40 Street in Lauderdale Lakes. Investigators said two women took Winikoff up on the offer, allowed him into their apartments and realized something was amiss only after the exams started.

Winikoff was charged with three counts of sexual battery, two counts of practicing medicine without a license, two counts of simple battery, and one count of using the title of doctor without a license.

At the time of Winikoff's arrest, the Broward Sheriff's Office said he carried a little black bag to lend credibility to his claim of being a doctor. The first victim, 36 at the time, told detectives he started the exam by fondling her breasts, and she knew something was wrong when his hands wandered elsewhere.

I don't want to sound politically incorrect but afterall it is Political Incorrect Week here but how gullible are these women. An old pervert knocks on your door and asks to check out your breasts and you say sure?


Porn in mid air, you can't get away from this stuff

The viral video is so explicit only going blurred still images are shown. With a Katie Perry pop song blaring in the background, the video was posted on the age-protected blog of Alex Torres, a porn star who also moonlighted on weekends as an instructor at Skydive Taft.

Torres, who goes by the nickname Voodoo, abruptly removed the video Monday as a Taft Police investigation began to unfold. “I didn’t know it until one of the officers came over from the Taft Police Department and informed me this was going around the kids in school and stuff,” says Dave Chrouch, owner Skydive Taft.

The video shows Torres and Hope Howell, a receptionist at the Skydive School having sex in a plane before jumping out in tandem and continuing the act mid-air. “I was really surprised.” Chrouch says the video was a stunt Torres put together to get the attention of Howard Stern. “Apparently they told my pilot it was ok to do this. And got here early in the morning before anyone got here and shot this.”

Here is an interview with Hope Howell the girl who had sex with Voodoo.


Church has conducted non-stop prayers for 12 years

A Missouri church said it has hosted non-stop, 24-hour prayers for the past 12 years to help drive evil forces away from society.

The International House of Prayer, which has its headquarters in a converted Kansas City shopping mall, said the music and prayers have been ongoing at the facility since Sept. 19, 1999, attracting worshipers from as far away as Britain and South Korea.

Church members said the continuous prayer is a way to weaken the grip of evil on society.

"What we do opens and shuts doors to angels and demons," founding pastor Mike Bickle said. Experts said 24-hour prayer is a growing movement in Christianity.


N.Y. artist can paint nude models only after dark

An artist arrested for applying body paint to a nude model in New York's Times Square will have charges against him dropped if his models strip naked only after dark, according to a court agreement reached on Thursday.

Police arrested Andy Golub, 45, in July and charged him with violating public exposure and lewdness laws. He has been painting nude models for about three years.

Golub's lawyer, Ronald Kuby, argued that New York laws do not prohibit public nudity in the name of art, and a compromise was reached that was the basis of the court ruling.

Under the agreement, "he is permitted to paint bare breasts any time, anywhere, but the G-strings have to stay on until daylight goes out," Kuby said after a hearing in Manhattan criminal court.

State laws against public exposure exempt "any person entertaining or performing in a play, exhibition, show or entertainment," Kuby said. Municipalities are allowed to devise their own restrictions, but New York City generally does not do so, Kuby said.

Now this has artist has a great gig. Instead of doing painting of nude women he is actually painting nude women. I wonder if he uses a brush or just finger paints?


Woman sues airline over turbulence

A passenger is suing Continental Airlines and three other carriers over mental trauma she said she experienced during a turbulent flight.

Lubbock resident Colleen O'Neal flew from College Station to Houston on Oct. 29, 2009, when tornados and thunderstorms were reported in the region, she alleges in the lawsuit filed Tuesday in Harris County district court.

The plane took off and soon hit turbulence. The normally short flight took more than two hours, and the suit alleges the plane "fell repeatedly, and felt as if it had lost power and was falling out of the sky."

O'Neal believed she was going to die and has experienced post-traumatic stress disorder and fears flying, she alleges.

A Texas Department of Public Safety employee, she had hoped to work for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in a job that would require air travel. She alleges that because she no longer travels by air, she has lost out on economic benefits.


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