Friday, November 25, 2011

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Woman vows to wear only a bikini and not eat until she gets her Chihuahua back

A woman took to the streets of La Jolla, San Diego on Wednesday to find her lost Chihuahua, and she won’t clothe herself or eat until the dog comes home. Arlene Mossa Corona wore a bikini and held up a sign with pictures of her dog Chispeta in the intersection of La Jolla Village Dr. and Genesee Ave.

Corona, a student at UCSD, said she tried everything to find her dog, from calling the pound to contacting a pet psychic. The only other option was to wear her bikini in the 50-degree weather and not eat until she finds the dog, Corona said in an email. She listed her phone number and multiple pictures of Chispeta on her signs.

“Against my family's wishes, I will be skipping my family Thanksgiving celebration this year and standing out there alone in an effort to be reunited with my dog,” she said. “Thanksgiving won't be the same without Chispita.”

Cars honked and men whistled and shouted cat-calls as she held up her sign, wearing red pumps, a white bikini top and blue bikini bottom – the nation’s colours, she said, to represent military personnel coming home.

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I am not a pet owner but I certainly know many who are and know how much they love their pets. So I do understand her pain. But how does wearing a bikini on a street corner bring back your dog. I guess being an exhibitionist might some how bring attention to your dog as well. Maybe some will notice this chihuahua running around and think hey that chick in the bikini was looking for one of those.


Teen applies for job in store then shoplifts on the way out

It's not the way to impress a potential boss.

A local teenager walked into a Airsoft and Hobby World about a week ago, submitted a resume and walked out the door with stolen merchandise.

The boy, whose name has been withheld because of his age, handed over a resume with his full name, his phone number and his address.

He submitted the document and started to head out but stopped at a display of airsoft guns. The store's surveillance cameras clearly show the boy lift one of the guns, valued at $129, off of the display and walk out the door with it.

After learning that the store's cameras captured him taking the gun, he said, "Um yes, I did take a gun but I did return...I might' friend was in there with me and he might have slipped it in or something but yes, I did take a gun," he said.

Surveillance footage shows the boy walked in, and later walked out, alone.

When asked if he thought it was smart to give the shop's employees all of his contact information right before stealing something from them, the boy admitted it might not have been the most well-thought out plan.

"Honestly, I wasn't planning on stealing anything," he said. "I was actually trying to get a job. And... what can I say? I'm a teenager, that's stupid.


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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gynecologist faces charge for secret photos

A German prosecutor said on Monday that 700 women had agreed to press charges against a gynaecologist who is suspected of secretly taking thousands of pictures of patients during check-ups in his practice.

As many as 3,000 female patients may have fallen victim to the doctor's hidden camera during examinations at his office in the town of Schifferstadt in western Germany, local state prosecutor Lothar Liebing said.

"He stands accused of secretly taking photos of female patients' private body parts," Liebing said. "We now need to make clear to what extent he has done this and, of course, why he did this."

The gynaecologist could face up to a year in prison if convicted for violating intimacy laws, according to Liebing, but the investigations could be protracted due to the number of photographs -- more than 35,000 -- found in the doctor's office.


PSA: How not to deep fry a turkey

Epic moments in presidential debates

5. VP candidate Admiral James Stockdale (1992)

4. VP candidate Senator Lloyd Bentsen (1988)

3. Presidential candidate Governor Michael Dukakis (1988)

2. President Gerald Ford (1976)

1. Presidential candidate Rick Perry (2011)

It's back!

Peruvian mayor warns tap water will turn town gay

a Peruvian mayor is blaming the high mineral levels in the area's drinking water for a perceived increase in the number of gay men residing in his town.

As Pink News is reporting, Huarmey Mayor Jose Benitez made the bizarre comments at the launch of a local water access project, where he noted high levels of strontium in the tap water. The drinking water comes from Tabalosos, a town which a Lima-based television station once claimed was inhabited by 14,000 gay men.

“Unfortunately strontium reduces male hormones and suddenly we’ll be as Tabalosos, as other towns, where the percentages are increasing of homosexuality,” Benitez is quoted by LGBT Asylum News as saying. “Young people have low self-esteem by this stigma."

Dr. Robert Castro Rodriguez, dean of the College of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of Lima, quickly dismissed Benitez's claims, telling Peruvian radio that large amounts of strontium in the body eventually lead to bone cancer, anemia and cardiovascular complications –- but not homosexuality.


Hump day hottie

Elizabeth Olsen

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

JFK assassination was 48 years ago


On the 48th anniversary of JFK's assassination, Errol Morris posted a video interview. The discussion centers on The Umbrella Man, the star of quite a few conspiracy theories that were spawned on that tragic day at Dealey Plaza. "The Umbrella Man"

Happy 27th birthday Scarlett Johansson

Mugshot of the Week

The 24-year-old motorist had an eventful Thursday evening. The intoxicated Watson, driving a Honda Civic, allegedly.

* Hit “numerous curbs” and drove on the sidewalk

* Said, “I don’t have to walk fucking anywhere” when approached by a cop

* Shoved an officer after declining to take field sobriety tests

* Had to be taken to the ground while scuffling with a cop

* Kneed a second officer in the crotch while being handcuffed

* Repeatedly cursed at police

* Kicked the inside of a squad car

Despite all this, Watson was beaming and flashing two thumbs up when she posed for the above booking photo at the Yavapai County Jail (her blood alcohol content was measured at nearly three times the legal limit).

As detailed in a Prescott Police Department report, Watson was charged with aggravated assault on a cop, resisting arrest, and “DUI-super extreme.”


Man gets 80 year sentence for passing conterfeit $20 bill

A hot dog and popcorn at the movies could cost Charles Nowden the rest of his life.

A Tarrant County jury on Friday sentenced Nowden, 48, of Mansfield, to 80 years in prison for passing a counterfeit $20 bill at the concession stand at a Mansfield movie theater in November 2009.

The bill — and another $120 in counterfeit bills that Nowden had tucked inside the hot dog wrapper — were apparently the final straw in a string of crimes that stretched more than 20 years.

“Charles Nowden was a career cargo-thief who needed to be brought to justice,” Assistant District Attorney Dawn Ferguson, who prosecuted the case with Lisa Callaghan, said in a written statement.

“The auto theft task force and the district attorney’s office are pleased to see that his lifetime of stealing is over.”

A jury in state District Judge Everitt Young’s court convicted Nowden on Wednesday on a felony forgery charge for possessing the counterfeit bills, then took up the issue of punishment.

Nowden had faced up to life in prison because of prior convictions and two pending felony theft cases. He will be eligible for parole after 15 years, when he’s 63.

It's all about the hair

Cops called after 12 year old girl caught kissing boy in school

A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched last week to a Florida elementary school after a girl kissed a boy during a physical education class.

School brass actually reported the impromptu buss as a possible sex crime, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

The assistant principal of Orange River Elementary School called in the cops after a teacher spotted the smooch Wednesday at the Fort Myers school. In fact, Margaret Ann Haring, 56, initially called child welfare officials, who directed her to contact the sheriff, according to a report.

The kiss apparently occurred after two girls debated over whom the boy liked more. That’s when one of the girls “went over and kissed” the boy. The redacted sheriff’s report notes that Haring “stated there were no new allegations of sexual abuse as far as she knew.”

Seriously many 12 year old girls are doing more than just kissing boys these days. But my guess is that she wasn't going to unzip it at school. Now that might have been a sex crime.


Things I can't explain week

Monday, November 21, 2011

Joey Bats finishes 3rd in MVP voting

It makes you wonder what Jose Bautista would have to accomplished to win a MVP award. Bautista followed up his breakout 2010 season, in which he slammed 54 home runs, with a campaign in which he hit .302 with 43 homers and 103 RBIs, drawing 132 bases-on-balls. He has no star player hitting in front of or behind him. So pitchers get away with throwing him garbage most games. Not that Jason Verlander isn't deserving and I never expected Bautista to win. It's just after two dominant seasons a little recognition would be nice.

Hey maybe Donald Trump wasn't so bad

Groupon deal swamps baker with102,000 cupcake orders and wipes out profits

After 25 years in the baking business, Rachel Brown knew her exquisitely decorated cupcakes were popular. She just didn’t realise how popular.

So when she decided to drum up a little extra trade with a discount deal, she bit off more than she could chew.

Swamped by orders, Mrs Brown, who normally makes 100 cupcakes a month, found herself having to bake an astonishing 102,000.

She offered subscribers to the site a 75 per cent discount on 12 cakes – selling them for £6.50 instead of the usual £26.

Mrs Brown, from Woodley, near Reading, said: ‘We only expected to get a few hundred orders out of it but we had thousands and thousands pouring in. We had to cut it off at 8,500 orders.’

Her company, called Need a Cake, normally employs eight workers, but it had to bring in 25 agency staff. After spending an extra £12,500 on staff and distribution, she made a loss of £2.50 per order.

Dog caught driving mobile home

A dog allegedly was spotted driving a mobile home down the street in Darwin, Australia, after learning how to drive by observing his owner, observers claim.

Woodley, a 2-year-old German Koolie, allegedly took the mobile home for a spin while his owner, Richard McCormack was in a store, The Sun reported.

"I came out and saw the bus going down the road. I couldn't believe it," McCormack said.

This isn't the first time Woodley has tried to take the wheel, his owner explained.

"He sits next to me when I'm driving and in the driver's seat when I'm not. The handbrake is on the dashboard and he's seen me release it many times. He was just copying me. He's tried it on before," said McCormack.

The vehicle was eventually brought to a stop when bystander Phil Newton, 30, jumped in an open window and put the handbrake back on after seeing that a dog was navigating the mobile home.

I would bet the dog is a better driver than my wife.


Things I can't explain week

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Egyptian feminist poses nude online to protest fundamentalism

20-year-old college student Aliaa Magda Elmahdy has sparked outrage in Egypt by posting naked photos of herself to her blog as a protest against the country's conservative culture. She says she's upholding the spirit of the revolution, but in addition to conservative Islamists, she's angered liberals who believe the scandal will hurt them during the country's parliamentary election next week, the first since President Hosni Mubarak was ousted. In Egypt most Muslim women wear veils, and even if they don't, it's rare to see uncovered arms and legs in public. Many Egyptians say they're deeply offended by what Elmahdy has done, yet somehow her NSFW blog "A Rebel's Diary" has been viewed 1.5 million times since she published the post earlier this week.

Sign of the day

Things I can't explain week

Darth Vader claims land plot in Ukraine

An Odessite dressed as the Star Wars villain visited the mayor's office this week to claim a free land plot citing Ukrainian legislation which grants every citizen the right to own 1,000 square metres of land.

His visit followed a decision by city authorities to grant attractive land plots along the sea coast to a group of people for free, prompting public concerns about corruption, according to local media.

The mayor's office has since said the move was a mistake but has not yet cancelled it, according to local news website

"I am Darth Vader, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine," the man introduced himself to amused policemen, as seen in a video posted on YouTube (here) and accompanied by the Imperial March music.

"...Knowing that many (local legislature) deputies and the mayor have switched to the dark side... I have come for a land plot... for my space cruiser."

Officials accepted the man's application after he showed his passport and removed the black helmet equipped with a voice-distorting device.

"The application has been registered and will be considered," a spokeswoman for the mayor's office told Reuters.

"We are not on the dark side, we are light-side people," she added.

I can say with 100 percent certainty that this man is an imposter!