Saturday, December 03, 2011

Saudi Arabia could soon run out of virgins

The Middle East is more or less a dead zone for feminism. So the Shafia `honour killing` murder trial comes as no surprise. In Saudi Arabia debate continues on the repercussions of allowing women to drive cars.

Members of Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, the Majlis al-Ifta’ al-A’ala, have submitted a report to the country’s legislative body claiming that allowing women to drive would ultimately result in there being “no more virgins.” The Majlis have concluded that changing the law to give Saudi women the right to drive would “provoke a surge in prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and divorce.” They estimate that, in as little as 10 years, the country would run out of virgins.

Women in Saudi Arabia have been actively challenging the kingdom’s status quo in recent months, engaging in drive-in protests that have resulted in several arrests. A woman sentenced to be lashed after she was caught driving had her sentence personally revoked by King Abdullah.

The Republican`s Anybody But Romney campaign carries on

Donald Trump
(26% in April 2010)

Sarah Palin
(14% in June 2010)

Michelle Bachmann
(16% in July 2011)

Rick Perry
(29% in August 2011)

Herman Cain
(24% in October 2011)

Newt Gingrich
(38% in December 2011)

One of Santa`s elves quits after abuse from foul-mouthed parents

Foul-mouthed parents verbally abused Santa's elves and fairies at a Christmas grotto when they heard their Groupon deal promising a magical Christmas train ride was invalid. The grumpy grotto group shouted at a woman dressed as a Christmas Tree and upset staff so much that one of the elves resigned. Penny Ward, who organised the grotto, was shocked when almost 2,000 families turned up with vouchers from the discount website Groupon, which had mistakenly sent an email to customers saying that there would be a train ride around the winter wonderland.

When parents discovered there was no train ride, and the queues to the grotto became so long that their children couldn't get in, some parents began swearing at staff, who were dressed as elves, fairies and a Christmas tree. Penny said: "One man even verbally threatened the lady who is dressed as a Christmas tree. One of the elves was so upset that she has resigned. It was a complete nightmare. Children were crying and upset."

Organiser Penny said most of the abusive parents had come down to the grotto in York with their vouchers from Newcastle during last weekend's St Nicholas Fayre, a popular Christmas market in the picturesque city. She said the grotto was only able to handle 40 children an hour, but dedicated staff had worked beyond their normal hours and without breaks to try to ensure excited children did not miss out. Penny had initially been contacted by Groupon and agreed to use its services to help publicise the grotto, but she claimed she had never signed a contract and had never said there would be a train ride.

She thought the York grotto, which runs in York's winter wonderland until Christmas Eve, might have been mixed up with a grotto she ran in Hull, where there was a train ride. A Groupon spokesman said: "Owing to a technical error, we apologise that the picture and wording used in this promotion may have indicated that a train ride was available at York Winter Wonderland when this wasn't the case. We regret any disappointment this may have caused."

People where is your Christmas spirit. You can`t be abusing Santa and his elves. Not only are you going to get a big lump of coal at the end of the month but Santa`s reindeer are going to be leaving a big lump of something else on your roof that is going to smell like hell in the spring thaw.


Man shows up to rob bank 17 years after it closes

A German man who tried to hold up a bank that closed 17 years ago has been jailed for seven years. The regional court in the western city of Osnabrueck said the defendant, identified only as 57-year-old Siegfried K., arrived at the bank branch, now equipped only with cash machines, with a toy gun in May.

He seized a female "hostage" in the lobby of the building to demand a 10,000-euro ($13,483) ransom from bank employees. "This plan failed however due to the fact that the building has not held a bank for more than a decade but rather a physiotherapy practice," the court said in a statement. The bank had moved out 17 years

"After the defendant recognised the situation, he changed his plan and demanded a passer-by withdraw money from the cash machine," the court said. "She withdrew 400 euros and the defendant made off with the cash in a car he had stolen."

He later abandoned the vehicle but left the plastic pistol, covered with his fingerprints, between the seats. The court said Siegfried K. had confessed to the robbery and judges handed down a seven-year sentence on Tuesday due to 22 previous convictions over the last 40 years. ago.

Siegy musts be the world`s most incompetent bank robber. So he stakes out his target in 1994 and shows up in 2011 to pull off the heist. That is one very long planning period. In fact it was so long that he didn`t notice the bank was gone. Yeah I`m often confused when I go for physio and think I`m in a Scotiabank branch. But then he might have intended to rob the bank earlier but those 22 previous convictions would likely have meant he was pretty occupied during the intervening period.


Twitter welcomes back Paulina Gretzky week

Friday, December 02, 2011

Dad caught `hotboxing`car with 2 year old in back seat

A man accused of endangering his child by allowing him to remain inside a car filled with marijuana smoke denied the allegations and said he never would have allowed his son to be put into a dangerous situation.

The Sacramento Police Department said officers pulled over a vehicle carrying two adults and a child in South Sacramento on Wednesday, finding a car that was allegedly so thick with smoke that officers couldn’t immediately see the two-year-old boy in the back seat.

The child’s father, J.C. Monroe, disputed the account in a jailhouse interview with CBS13 and vehemently denied that anyone had been “hotboxing” inside the vehicle.

“My son was in the car, there was some smoke, but it was not a hotbox,” Monroe said. His friend, who has a medical marijuana card, had just taken his first puff when officers pulled them over, he added.


Flashback Friday - The Eagles

Sheriff Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. is now residing at the Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility

A well-known former Colorado sheriff accused of trading drugs in exchange for sex is now sitting in a jail named after him.

Former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan, a one-time national "Sheriff of the Year," is facing felony charges for allegedly using and distributing methamphetamine in exchange for sex, according to authorities. Sullivan is currently behind bars at a jail bearing his name, the Patrick J. Sullivan, Jr. Detention Facility.

On Wednesday, Arapahoe County chief judge William Sylvester doubled the bond for Sullivan. He also ordered Sullivan not to try to contact anyone else who may be involved in the case. The investigation began on Nov. 17 when several people came forward with claims that Sullivan, 68, was selling the drug in exchange for sex.According to investigators, Sullivan "arranged to meet an adult male acquaintance and agreed to provide the (man) with methamphetamine in exchange for a sexual encounter," the station reported. He was taken into custody after allegedly providing methamphetamine to the man.

It makes perfect sense to me. Elvis Stoyko has skated at the Elvis Stoyko arena in Richmond Hill. Maybe Peter Munk has been in the Peter Munk Cardia Centre. So it only makes sense that Patrick Sullivan spend some time in the detention centre named after himself.

Town terrorized by Frosty the Snowman

Four 911 callers had alarm in their voices. "He scared a little girl," one said. "There's somebody walking around with a mask," said another. A different person identified what triggered the calls. "Frosty the Snowman." With the remnants of an inflatable snowman over his head and a four-foot candy cane in his hand, "Frosty" was a one-man parade through downtown Vanceboro, North Carolina on Sunday night."I thought he was there to rob me," said Christina Squires, who was behind the counter of a tobacco shop when the man wearing a long carrot nose tapped on a store window. Then "he picked up the candy cane to show me it wasn't a weapon," Squires said.

While the sight caused considerable alarm for those interviewed, Vanceboro Police had not determined who was behind the mask. Chief William Turner said he had "more important" things to work on, adding that he was investigating separate cases, including a rape.

Jeffery Acker was behind the appearance. The spectacle was meant to be a merry one, according to the man behind the mask. "Christmas is everything to me. I love it," Acker said. "It was never an intention to be scary." Acker is not accused of doing anything illegal.

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Thursday, December 01, 2011

You can`t even trade it for food

Dog shoots man in the butt

Excitement turned to pain after a man suddenly received a shotgun blast to the buttocks while bird hunting with several companions Sunday.

Piper the yellow labrador was the triggerdog behind the blast the sent his 46-year-old hunting companion to the hospital. Somehow, caught up in the excitement of the hunt, Piper set off the shotgun that struck Brigham City native Robert Cottingham in the lower back and buttocks.

Box Elder County Sherriff's Chief Deputy Kevin Potter says that Cottingham was hunting with his son and brother-in-law at the north end of the Great Salt Lake near a bird refuge sometime before noon. While the hunting crew was retrieving a wounded duck from the water, a 12-gauge shotgun was left resting inside the hunting boat they were using.

Cottingham says that the dog was in a marshy area of the lake and jumped into the boat hitting the 12-gauge in such a way that it discharged and shot him from about 6 feet. Cottingham says that some of the blast was absorbed by a duck decoy onboard and that decoy may have saved his life.

A medical helicopter was called initially, but canceled after Cottingham was treated by medics at the scene. He was taken to the hospital where 27 birdshot pellets were removed from his backside, yet several pellets could not be taken out.


Top 15 Unseen TV characters

Coke repeats New Coke fiasco with white can

The end is near for a white can that has many Coke drinkers seeing red.

Coca-Cola Co. is switching back to its time-honored red just one month after rolling out its flagship cola in a snow-white can for the holidays. New seasonal cans in red will start shipping by next week, as white cans—initially expected to be in stores through February—make an exit.

While the company has frequently rung in the holiday with special can designs, this was the first time it put regular Coke in a white can. Some consumers complained that it looked confusingly similar to Diet Coke's silver cans. Others felt that regular Coke tasted different in the white cans. Still others argued that messing with red bordered on sacrilege.

The can-color debate pales next to the uproar of 1985, when Coke replaced its flagship cola with New Coke by changing the recipe, only to re-launch "classic'' Coke a few weeks later amid a consumer revolt.


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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Every state has their movie

Lawyer accused of seeking secretary with ‘benefits’ on Craigslist

Loop law firm looking to hire am [sic] energetic woman for their open secretary/legal assistant position. Duties will include general secretarial work, some paralegal work and additional duties for two lawyers in the firm. No experience required, training will be provided. Generous annual salary and benefits will be provided, including medical, dental, life, disability, 401(k) etc. If interested, please send current resume and a few pictures along with a description of your physical features, including measurements. We look forward to meeting you.

If you were advertising a legal secretary position on Craiglist, would you post it in the Jobs section under "Legal/Paralegal," or in the Gigs section under "Adult"? If you're Illinois lawyer Samir Zia Chowhan you'd choose Option Two.

Asking your employees to have sex with you on the regular is a perfectly reasonable request to make, if you consider sexual harassmen one of you responsibilities. According to the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission (IARDC), in May 2009 Chowhan—a Chicago-based immigration lawyer—felt it was perfectly reasonable for him to post the above ad to Craigslist from his office computer.

In July, the IARDC suspended Chowhan for one year; the Illinois Supreme Court just upheld that decision. A year should be enough time to figure out how Craigslist is supposed to work.


Which of these dancers is not like the others

Man who shot his lawn mower claims redneck exemption

A 43-year-old man said to have shot at his lawn mower while intoxicated, fought his adult son and pulled a shotgun on the adult son was arrested after being shocked three times with a Taser, according to recently released records.

Mark Thomas Wach, of the 4400 block of Southwest 83rd Street in Palm City, was arrested Nov. 20 on charges including aggravated domestic assault with a firearm and domestic battery in connection with the incidents near his home.

Wach told a Martin County Sheriff's deputy he was puzzled about why he was going to jail.

"He then stated that he shoots in the yard all the time and that fighting is what redneck people do," records state.

Wach's 18-year-old son, who said he wasn't hurt, said that about 45 minutes before he called authorities, Wach was intoxicated in the side yard shooting a pistol at his lawn mower. Wach went on his son's porch and began "a verbal altercation with him over (the son's) mother not paying child support."

The son said Wach pointed the pistol "all over," but the son managed to get the .380 caliber handgun away. Wach left, and his son thought he was going home "to sleep it off."

Instead, Wach returned with a 12 gauge shotgun. The son said Wach started to point the pump action shotgun at him, but he wrestled it away.

They engaged in a physical altercation, and the son said they rolled out onto the porch. That's when a deputy arrived and saw them fighting.

Wach was on top of his son, and the deputy told him to stop fighting. Wach didn't, and the deputy shocked him with an X-26 Taser. Wach didn't follow additional instructions and was shocked twice more.


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Hump day hottie

Adriana Lima

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sign of the day

Guys vs. Girls

What`s Christmas without Santa and machine guns

The Scottsdale Gun Club is inviting people to enjoy Santa and Machine Guns.

The family event allows people to take a holiday card picture with St. Nick -- and a high-powered fire arm.

Santa poses against a backdrop of an $80,000 Garwood minigun.

Families can choose to pose with other firearms, ranging from pistols to modified AR15s.

They also get a chance to test out the machine guns.

Nice to see Santa suporting the 2nd amendment rights. But really what says Christmas better than having your picture taken with Santa holding a Uzi submachine gun. But why stop there. There should be an American Eagle sitting on one shoulder and a replica Statue of Liberty on the other. What could be more American.


Leafs Nation celebrates Brian Burke`s 3rd anniversary

In his first two seasons Leafs fans were already grumbling and calling for Brian Burke`s scalp. But that has changed this season. Even the biggest Leafs haters have to acknowledge this team is good. After Florida they are biggest surprise of the season to date.

So let`s give credit to where it belongs - to Brian Burke. He came here with huge expectations but never let the pressure get to him. When his attempt to rebuild quickly failed he smoothly transitioned to another plan ignoring the critics. He also surprised many people when he constructed a young, fast, skilled team while preaching toughness. I had believed in Burke from day 1 and have not been disappointed. In past management positions his trades have had some hits and misses but so far in Toronto they have mostly been hits. We can debate who won the Kessel trade for the next decade but no one expected Kessel to be playing at this level which more than vindicates Kessel`s biggest supporter - Burke.

He has a long way to go before we can start talking Stanley Cup but there is a very good base in Toronto to work from. I know that Burke will not be satisfied with just being competitive. He wants a Cup.

Go Leafs Go!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki dance like no one is watching but they are

Woman tries to rob store with toy penguin

On Thanksgiving Eve, Andri Lynn Jeffers allegedly walked into a northern Arizona gas station and demanded money from the cashier. When he turned Jeffers down, she announced that she had a bomb underneath her sweater and threatened to blow up the place.

But Jeffers didn't really have a bomb under her sweater. When police finally caught up with her at home, she reportedly told them that her "bomb" had only been a harmless little nonexplosive penguin toy. Nevertheless, police arrested her and took her to jail (the cashier had no way of knowing what she was keeping under there, after all), and she was charged with attempted robbery.

We've heard of robbery by plastic gun, baby, and joystick, but never robbery by something so cute and whimsical as this. Seriously, if you're going to be a complete failure at the stick-up business, at least choose adorable "weapons."


5 year old cuffed and charged with battery

A Californian five-year-old was handcuffed and charged with battery after allegedly kicking a police officer in the knee. Michael Davis had his hands tied behind his back with zip ties and was driven in a police car to psychiatric hospital after apparently lashing out at the officer during a meeting at his primary school.

Michael had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and his teachers suggested that he meet with a school police officer, Lieutenant Frank Gordo, in the hope that a uniformed presence might curb his disruptive behaviour. According to a police report, Lt Gordo put his hand on Michael's and "the boy pushed my hand away in a batting motion, pushed papers off the table, and kicked me in the right knee".

The officer said Michael refused to calm down and so his hands and feet were secured with zip ties of the sort used to restrain violence criminals. Without informing the boy's parents, Lt Gordo drove him in the back of his police car to Stockton Kaiser Psychiatric Hospital for an evaluation.

His mother, Thelma, said she "was led to believe that Michael saw a police officer and attacked a police officer on sight," and only learned that he had been handcuffed several weeks later after reading the report. One charge of battery on a police officer was later dropped by a juvenile court.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miracle in Hollywood

Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca renew a 48 year old feud

In the 1963 Grey Cup, quarterback Joe Kapp's B.C. Lions were taking on Angelo Mosca's Hamilton Tiger-Cats. On one particular play, Mosca, a defensive lineman, hit B.C. running back Willie Fleming late and on the sidelines, a hit designed to put Fleming out of the game (which it did) and played at least a small role in the Tiger-Cats going on to a victory over the Lions. The lasting infamy from that hit was parlayed by Mosca into a successful career as a wrestler known as "King Kong" Mosca.

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First class seat doesn`t allow you to check child porn online

Businessman Using Laptop on Airplane [42-18981432]

An airline passenger who allegedly viewed child pornography during a flight to Logan International Airport was taken into custody by Massachusetts State Police after landing in Boston Saturday afternoon.

Grant Smith, 47, of Cottonwood Heights, Utah, was seated in the first-class section of a Delta Airlines flight from Salt Lake City to Boston when a fellow passenger noticed Smith was viewing illicit images on a laptop computer, police said.

The passenger alerted the flight crew, which then contacted state police. Troopers investigated the allegations and charged Smith with possession of child pornography, according to state police spokesman David Procopio. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be filed against Smith, Procopio said.

Smith was still in state police custody as of Saturday evening. His bail was set at $15,000 and he is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in East Boston District Court.

Delta officials contacted authorities just before 3 p.m. Saturday to report a male passenger "viewing pornographic images of children on his laptop computer during the flight," Procopio said in a statement.

A little more than an hour later, Smith was on the ground being interviewed by troopers, who placed him under arrest for alleged possession of child pornography.

Paying for a first class ticket earns you a lot of privileges that you won't get in coach. Free booze! Comfortable seats! Plenty of room! But there are still some rules that apply in both sections. Like, for example, the prohibition on checking out child porn on your laptop. That`s why paying a premium just doesn`t make it worth it. They still don`t let you break the law.


Frosty the Snowman arrested for disorderly conduct

A man in a "Frosty the Snowman" costume was arrested Saturday during the annual Christmas parade in Chestertown, on Maryland's Eastern Shore. He's accused of scuffling with police and kicking at a police dog.

Sgt. John A. Dolgos tells The Star Democrat of Easton that 52-year-old Kevin Michael Walsh became agitated when a dog-handling officer tried to escort him away from the crowd.

Walsh told The Associated Press that he has dressed as Frosty in the parade for at least 10 years. He says he was wrongfully arrested. He says an officer hassled him after he remarked about the police dog's presence. He says he became agitated only after getting arrested.

Walsh was released on his own recognizance.

I`ve been to Christmas parades and it can get damn cold so you have to give some of the participants a little leeway here. If it means a little brandy to prevent the chilly air from getting to you what`s wrong with that. Frosty with a red nose isn`t going to create too much suspicion from the kids in the crowd.