Friday, December 23, 2011

Man robs bank next door to bar to pay off his tab

Perhaps he just needed some money to pay his tab.

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office says a man robbed a bank in between trips to a bar.

Deputies say they got a call around 1:42 Thursday afternoon of a man robbing the Wells Fargo Bank located at 8994 State Road 52. About 10 minutes later, they encountered a man who fit the robber's description a few doors down at the Hayloft Bar.

A bartender told deputies the man ordered a beer, disappeared for about 30 minutes, and then returned to his drink.

Deputies arrested 52-year-old John Robin Whittle on one count of robbery.


Patriot missiles labeled as fireworks discovered destined for China

Finnish authorities on Wednesday impounded 160 tons of explosives and 69 surface-to-air missiles found on a British-flagged cargo ship ultimately destined for Shanghai, China, officials said.

The M/S Thor Liberty sailed from the north German port of Emden on Dec. 13 and two days later docked in Kotka, southern Finland, to pick up a cargo of anchor chains, Finnish Customs spokesman Petri Lounatmaa said.

Investigating officers didn't know the origin of the Patriot missiles or who was supposed to receive them, he said.

Somehow this doesn't appear to be a kosher transaction. I'm sure it could be just a big mistake right. Maybe the Chinese were planning the biggest motherfucking fireworks display in the history of the world. Maybe the was a shipping snafu and the missiles were supposed to be going to a U.S. ally and China got the wrong order. Were they using Fedex?


How insane is this bike trail?

Girl swept away in 2004 Tsunami shows up 7 years later

Wati was just eight years old when, on the day after Christmas 2004, the massive Indian Ocean tsunami swept her away from her mother and two sisters in Ujong Baroh, Aceh, on the island of Sumatra. Everyone assumed she was dead.

Wati, now 15, resurfaced in the nearby city of Meulaboh on Wednesday, telling the staff at a local cafe that she was trying to find her way home. She could only remember the name of one relative: her grandpa Ibrahim. They brought her to him, and a mole and small scar identified her as his missing granddaughter. Antara News reports that Wati's whereabouts the past seven years were "not immediately disclosed to reporters," except to say that she "had been to places in other districts in Aceh province."


Henry the Weatherman throws hissy fit on air

Flashback Friday - Hall and Oates

Model tried to smuggle cocaine inside fake breast and buttock implants

Italian airport police eyeing up a busty Spanish model's curves made a startling discovery on Wednesday -- 2.5 kilograms (5.5 pounds) of pure cocaine stashed as implants in her bust and backside.

The 33-year-old woman arriving in Rome from Sao Paulo in Brazil was wearing tight-fitting clothes to enhance her voluptuousness, hoping that her looks might distract the attention of border police, ANSA news agency reported.

The report said the woman drew suspicion however after giving unclear answers to questions about the reasons for her trip to Italy to an officer. The discovery was made when two female investigators conducted a strip search.

Smuggling methods through Rome's Fiumicino airport have become ever more ingenious, including cocaine found hidden inside baggage trolleys last year.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Red neck Christmas tree week

Happy Hanukkah - day 3

Sign of the day

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss


Her face is covered by a veil, her hands raised above her head in submission as two soldiers tear her clothes from her body in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. A third soldier stomps on her now-exposed torso, naked except for a bright-blue bra.

The girl in the blue bra has become an iconic figure in the battle between the Egyptian military and the pro-democracy movement. Yes Mubarak is gone and there were elections this month. But democracy still eludes Egyptians so the battle continues.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Hanukkah - day 2

This is what happens when you grab a cop by the groin

Most of us know never to resist arrest, right? Here's why. A Westmont man faces charges of retail theft, aggravated battery to a police officer and resisting arrest after he was allegedly caught shoplifting from a Park Ridge Dominick's and grabbed onto a police officer's groin for dear life as he was being arrested.

Employees at the Dominick's at 1900 S. Cumberland in Park Ridge reportedly caught Frank Slowik, 44, shoplifting. When police responded to the call they found Slowik running from a store employee. One officer tackled Slowik and, when another officer swooped in to help subdue him, that's when Slowik squeezed the second officer's lemon 'til the juice ran down his leg. The officer responded by striking Slowik several times in the face with his hand.


Man shoots at mouse, hits roommate; another roommate arrested for rape

A 34-year-old man has been arrested for investigation of multiple counts of sex abuse against a 13-year-old girl.

The four-month relationship was discovered after a bizarre incident at the man's house in which one of his housemates was shot by a third housemate who was reportedly trying to shoot a mouse in his kitchen with a 9mm handgun, according to investigators.

Paul Daniel Kunzler was booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of two counts of rape of a child, three counts of sodomy of a child and three counts of sexual abuse of a child.

The string of events began to unfold about 2 a.m. Tuesday when police were called to a house, on a report of an accidental shooting. Officers arrived to discover that a man who was in the bathroom had accidentally been shot in the chest by his 27-year-old housemate who was shooting at a mouse in the kitchen with a handgun, said Taylorsville Police Sgt. Tracy Wyant.

The bullet went through a wall and struck the 28-year- old man while he was in the bathroom.

"After the gun was fired, both the roommate and Paul heard a scream," Wyant said.

The victim was taken to a local hospital in serious condition. He was later upgraded to stable condition. Alcohol was involved in the incident, Wyant said.

During an ensuing search of the house, officers found a 13-year-old girl hiding in a basement closet, Wyant said. The girl told police she had sneaked out of her house without her father's knowledge to see Kunzler, according to a jail report.

This is why I advise people to avoid taking in roommates. You never know what you are signing up for. Shootings, rapes, and even worse - using your toothbrush.


Red neck Christmas tree week

59 year old woman now has as many goals as Brandon Dubinsky

59-year-old Brenda Hewlett, who has never so much as held a hockey stick, makes a 114-foot, once-in-a-million-lifetimes puck shot during halftime at an Akwesasne Warriors game to win a brand new 2012 Ford F-150 from Frenchie’s Ford in Massena, NY. If she can fight I'm sure John Torterella could find a roster spot on the Rangers for her.

Oops, watch your step

Hump day hottie

Lindsay Lohan

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Forget about Yu

I really want to believe. I really do. I want to believe that the many years of neglect by a succession of Blue Jays owners is over. Just show me a sign.

And then came the Yu Darvish posting. We were lead to believe that the Jays had won the bidding but only to find out it was the Texas Rangers. When the Rangers won, a torrent of disappointment and even anger erupted from some Blue Jays fans after their expectations had been driven sky high. Lets face it the cost of signing Darvish was ridiculously high. But at least it was the sign we were looking for. The Blue Jays were going to act like a big market team.

The Jays refuse to acknowledge they were even involved and the bid itself remains shrouded in mystery. Instead, Alex Anthopoulos cites competitive concerns in defense of his policy of silence,. Rumours going around suggest the Jays bid was more than US$50-million, which combined with his reported salary demands would have taken the package into the US$125-million range.

To confuse us further in Tuesday’s conference call, Anthopoulos was careful to note the payroll parameters he has been given — which resulted in a US$70-million payroll on Opening Day last season — remain in place.

So the Jays continue to search (I hope) for another starter, a second baseman, a left fielder and someone to bat behind Joey Bautista. Make us believers AA.

Red neck Christmas tree week

Dad duct tapes daughter as punishment then posts pic on Facebook

Chicago police are investigating the posting to Facebook of a photo that appears to show a young girl with her hands and legs bound and her mouth covered with tape.

The picture, seen above, was recently posted to the Facebook page of Andre Curry, a 21-year-old Chicago man. The photo carried the notation, “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back. ; ).”

Hours after the photo was originally posted, a Facebook friend of Curry’s wrote, “U goin to jail.” Je’Vanna Cobbins, a second Facebook friend, wrote, “really??? Dre.”

Cobbins, a Chicago resident, believes Curry was just “playing around,” adding that, “I wouldn’t say it was child abuse.” Cobbins said that Curry--who once dated her sister--would “never do anything to harm anyone.” While noting that the image went “a bit too far,” Cobbins added that Curry was “being playful with his child. People play with their child differently.”

The disturbing image--which began to circulate online over the past several days--apparently prompted calls to cops.


Happy Hanukkah - day 1

Sign of the day

Justin Bierber vs. Led Zepplin

Monday, December 19, 2011

Man drives dead wife 225 miles back to Canada

A Canadian man told officials he drove about 225 miles Sunday after his 75-year-old wife died in the car next to him before calling authorities to find out whether he could cross the Canadian border with her.

“He wasn’t sure what to do, so he kept driving,” said Tonasket Police Chief Robert Burks.

Burks said the couple was vacationing in Oregon when the woman began suffering from a medical condition. They were trying to get home to Oliver, B.C., but she died near Pasco, Wash., Burks said. The man called the vehicle emergency system, OnStar, outside of Tonasket, about 20 miles south of Canada, he said.

The man was asking to be put in touch with authorities at the border, said Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers, whose dispatchers received the call at about 2:15 p.m.

He said the dispatcher learned that he believed his wife had died, and convinced him to stop at the Tonasket Police Department. “I think it was just not registering that he needed to stop. He was taking her home, probably, to deal with it up there,” he said.

Burks said when the man arrived at the police station, his wife was transported to North Valley Hospital and pronounced dead there.

He said police determined there was nothing suspicious in her death, and have not asked for an autopsy.

Nothing can ruin a holiday more than the old lady croaking. Except croaking south of the border. It's hard enough getting a few bottles over the border. A corpse is nothing but hasstles. And don't try claiming for the dead wife. They are wise to that.


Red neck Christmas tree week

Shoplifters' car burglarized while robbing store

Two people cited for shoplifting became victims of a crime themselves.

While they were questioned in the shoplifting case, police say someone broke into their vehicle and stole a stereo and several other items. It happened about 5 p.m. Thursday at the WinCo Foods at the corner of Wall and 12th Street in Ogden.

“Store security had the individuals in custody, in their office,” Ogden Police Lt. Eric Young said. “They had reviewed surveillance video and recovered stolen property from the suspects.”

Police say Eldon Alexander, 36, and 47-year-old Korin Vanhouten tried to walk out of the store with several small-ticket items like makeup, energy bars and batteries. They were cited for shoplifting and let go.

But as the officer started to leave, “He sees the two suspects trying to flag him down in the parking lot,” Young said, “and he goes over to their location and realizes that their vehicle has actually been burglarized.”

From a distance, surveillance video caught what appears to be a man in a red sweater scoping out Alexander's truck and he eventually gets inside.

"They ended up having their stereo and amplifier, a drum machine and some cigarettes stolen from their vehicle," Young said.

This woman is why you stay away from meth. Otherwise you'll be nabbed one day ripping off a drug store for energy bars, makeup and batteries why your heap is being trashed for cigarettes and your stereo. Ain't that a pretty picture?


Boy gets in trouble for waving gun-shaped pizza slice

For the rest of the semester, a Rutherford County elementary student has to eat lunch at the "silent table" for allegedly waving around a slice of pizza some say resembled a gun.

Nicholas Taylor attends David Youree Elementary School in Smyrna, about 30 miles southeast of Nashville.

School leaders say the 10-year-old threatened other students at his lunch table with a piece of pizza with bites out of it so it looked like a gun and when asked about it was initially not truthful.

Nicholas' mother LeAnn calls her son's punishment "absolutely ridiculous" saying he was just playing around and never said anything derogatory or anything about shooting anyone.

Taylor said she learned of the incident when the school sent her a note saying her son was threatening other students.

James Evans, spokesperson for the Rutherford County School District, said the boy isn't being punished because he had a piece of pizza shaped like a gun.

He's being punished because "some students reported he was making some threatening hand gestures, that he was shooting other kids at the table and they reported it to a teacher," according to Evans.


The death of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il

A North Korean state television presenter, clad all in black, tearfully announces the death of “Dear Leader” Kim Jong-il.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christina Hendricks quiz

The quiz is designed for men, but it shouldn't prevent any woman from participation.

Rules of the quiz:

  1. View the picture below for at least 10 sec (click on it first), but no more than 30 sec.
  2. After viewing the picture, scroll down to questions below the picture.
  3. It is not necessary to post the answers in the comments section below, but it will be more fun if you do.

Ready? Go!

Now to the questions:
  1. What liquid is being promoted in the picture?
  2. How many containers with this liquid have you seen presented in the picture?
  3. Are you sure?


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