Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Police shut down zoo in a Brooklyn apartment

dangerous alligator with open mouth Stock Photo - 10353727

Police seized 13 exotic animals, including alligators, bearded dragons, and a tarantula in the raid of a public housing unit Friday, police said.

Last week, Animal Care and Control officers removed five pythons and a boa constrictor, as well as two alligators, two bearded dragons, a gecko, a scorpion, and a tarantula, from the fifth-floor apartment of a Crown Heights public housing complex called the Weeksville Houses, police said, as part of an ongoing investigation.

Neighbors at the 1625 Dean Street building, said the city's findings were shocking. They also said the wild animals were not the only beasts living in the unit.

"They've got some big dogs," said Jeff Hayes, 43, a private contractor. "They've got some pit bulls up there. They need to do something," he said, speaking about the city-contracted animal protection agency, AC&C.

"That tarantula scares me more than anything because the poison is deadly," added Hayes.

In the past, he said, when NYCHA, which runs the public housing complex, wanted to get into the fifth-floor unit to check on the leaks, he said the tenants would bar city workers from entering. "They didn't want to let them in," he said. "Now it all makes sense."



Kathleen... said...

Good lord.

Anonymous said...

Tarantulas give a nasty bite but are NOT poisonous!!!!