Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sign of the day

Man dressed up as dead sister to get prescription drugs

An Athens man is accused of going to some creative means to get his hands on prescription drugs.

Witnesses say Douglas Gregory Nichols, on two separate occasions, wore a wig and makeup to pick up prescriptions that belonged to his sister, who died less than a day before the first incident, said Athens Police Sgt. Detective Heith Willis.

"We are assuming he was doing that to look more like the relative," Willis said.

"It is unbelievable to me," he said later.

Nichols' first attempt worked, but on the second try pharmacy staff recognized he wasn't the rightful owner.

Nichols was arrested Tuesday on a warrant for prescription fraud. He was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of schedule II drugs, two counts of prescription fraud, criminal impersonation, parole violation, false impersonation, possession of schedule IV drugs and introduction to a penal facility.


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Friday, January 20, 2012

Requiem to Kodak

The demise of Kodak is not a surprise since there have been so many companies that have failed to keep up with technological advances. Even at one time cutting edge companies like Kodak. Our first camera when we were kids was this Kodak Brownie that I believe used 127 film.

Our next camera was the Instamatic with the flashcubes. Our first took 126 film and then they introduced cameras with 110 film which was a cartridge so any idiot could load the film.
There was a short-lived disc camera that followed. It had a disk, a variation on the cartridge.

In the 1980s I moved up the the 35mm camera. Bought fancy lenses. I was better with the instant cameras which is why digital was the way to go for me.

Flashback Friday - Boz Scaggs

Why politicians support SOPA

30-year heart specialist turns out to be a carpenter

A bogus doctor who operated as a heart specialist for more than 30 years has been exposed as a carpenter without a single medical qualification to his name.

Self-styled expert Vladimiro Colloca, 58, is understood to have been consulted by thousands of patients around Milan, Italy, in three decades of posing as a cardiac specialist, say prosecutors.

He was caught out when some of his patients mentioned him in consultations with real heart experts, who had never heard of him.

Police are now investigating his extensive patient records to establish if any of them died or suffered as a result of his treatment.


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Penelope Cruz

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sarah Burke: 1982 - 2012

Sad news out of University of Utah Hospital today, where champion freestyle skier Sarah Burke passed away after succumbing to injuries she sustained following a training accident.

Too young. Too talented.

This is why the National Equirer is so well respected's their indepth investigative reporting that stands out.

School can't use Cougars as mascot because it might be offensive to middle-aged horny women

Students at a new Utah high school are facing disappointment after their choice for a new school mascot was rejected for one of the strangest reasons possible: Board members deemed it might be seen as offensive to middle-aged women.

As reported by Salt Lake City Fox affiliate KTSU, Draper (Utah) Corner Canyon High announced its new mascot and school colors on Wednesday, with Canyons School District officials proclaiming that the school's teams will be called the Chargers, using a blue and white color scheme.

That's all fine and good except for the fact that the school's future student body -- which was given the opportunity to select its own future mascot -- had chosen to be the Cougars. With some 23 percent of the student vote, the Cougar choice was far preferred to other options, which included the Chargers, Diamondbacks, Falcons, Raptors, Broncos, Bears and Cavaliers.

The reason why the future student body gravitated toward Cougars is pretty clear: area collegiate power BYU uses the Cougar as its mascot and enjoys an enormous fan base of area residents and those who follow the Mormon faith (BYU is a Mormon institution).

Still, the Canyons School Board refused to accept the Cougar as a mascot out of fear that it might offend older women. In the current edition of the Webster Dictionary, the second definition for cougar sights a slang terminology that refers to "a middle-aged woman seeking a romantic relationship with a younger man."


Sign of the day

I used to be funny

Some movie-goers complaining silent film 'The Artist' has no dialogue

The Artist

For those who have been wondering what could possibly be more ridiculous than that lawsuit filed last fall by a Detroit woman who expected ”Drive” to be more like “The Fast and the Furious,” here is your answer.

The Telegraph has reported that a “small number of refunds” have been issued to moviegoers in the United Kingdom who complained because “The Artist” — a movie that is quite clear about the fact that it is a silent film — doesn’t have any spoken dialogue in it. It's SILENT.

“Odeon Liverpool One can confirm it has issued a small number of refunds to guests who were unaware that The Artist was a silent film,” a spokesperson for the theater chain tells the British newspaper.

It's like going to see the 'Lion King' and then complaining that it was animated. But I'm not surprised, countless times I have heard friends complain about films because of the content. Invariable when I ask did you not read the review - the answer is no. Isn't it the responsibility of the film-goer to be informed of the content as opposed to the theatre informing their customers?

Employee fired for working through lunch break

A receptionist that was fired because she continued to work during her lunch break was finally awarded her unemployment benefits. A Chicago judge ruled that the decision to deny her benefits - which then started a two-year battle - was 'clearly erroneous'. The row started when Sharon Smiley, 48, punched out for lunch in January 2010 but then remained at her desk to finish up an extra assignment that she had been given. Ms Smiley had worked at the real estate firm for 10 years at that point and was very familiar with the policy of taking a mandatory 30 minute break for lunch.

On that particular Thursday, Ms Smiley didn't want anything to eat, so she stayed at her desk and worked. 'I thought, "Well, I'm not hungry; I'll just do this work … so when I get back from lunch, I can do my original work that I'm supposed to be doing,"' she said. A manager approached her and told her to take her break. When she remained at her desk, the manager got human resources involved, who argued that she was violating Illinois Labour Laws that require employers to give their workers a break.

Her employers, Equity Lifestyle Properties Inc., were likely already wary about Ms Smiley's workload since a stroke in July of the previous year which prompted her to miss about three months of work. Legally, the company had a right to be concerned about Ms Smiley's over-eager behaviour: the law says that employers are liable if they knowingly allow their employees to work during lunch. The company then fired her on the grounds that her refusal to go to lunch - the first time she'd ever done so - qualified as insubordination and considered her behaviour misconduct. On those grounds, they were able to deny payment of her unemployment benefits.

After pleading her case to lawyers who thought she was a lost cause, Ms Smiley decided to embark on the legal battle solo. Finally, after three denials from the state employment review board as well as a circuit court appeal all of which lasted two years, a judge ruled in her favour. Ms Smiley was awarded a percentage of her one-time salary and then $528 every two weeks until she found another job from the point the order was made. Thankfully, that wasn't too long: Ms Smiley is now a receptionist at a different company. It was never her intention to ask for her old job back, she was just looking for the unemployment benefits.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Win A Dream Holiday: Worst ad placement ever

Mugshot of the Week

Oh my God - his t-shirt! No better example of irony considering today was Internet blackout day.

We just lost another Puck Bunny

Looks like the Rangers are going to have to find a new good luck charm. Olivia Munn and her NHL boyfriend Brad Richards have called it quits.

The two started dating in November. Since the New York Rangers player has been dating Munn, the Rangers have become the third best team, in terms of points, in NHL history with a 24-6-1 season and 129 points.

Sign of the day

Girl dresses as a guy to grope other girls


Gemma Barker, 19, posed as different people on the internet and managed to deceive two 16 year-old girls by having real-life dating relationships with them. Ms. Barker dressed up as a teenaged boy and went out to meet the girls, even tricking one of the girl’s parents by her disguise. Prosecutors claim that Barker kissed, cuddled and groped the girls.

She created three personalities – Aaron Lampard, Conor McCormack and Luke Jones. Each had a Facebook profile, email addresses and phone numbers, where she would use the identities and introduced and communicated herself as one of them when the occasion arose. There, prosecutors say that she sought the two girls because she knew both of them previously from parties.

Barker put on baggy clothes and hats to hide her gender. She was apparently told by the two girls on separate occasions on what the ideal boy is and perhaps took it too far by trying to manifest herself as that person.

Barker has plead guilty to two counts of sexual assault, where she could face up to two years in prison and is on the Sex Offenders Register. She is currently out on bail and awaiting sentencing.


Indonesia to use contrete balls to knock trainer surfers off trains so they won't accidently fall off

Railway staff in Indonesia have started hanging concrete balls above train tracks to try to prevent commuters from riding on carriage roofs. The first balls were installed just above carriage-height near a station outside the capital, Jakarta. More will be put up elsewhere if they are found to keep people off the roofs.

Previous attempts to deter roof riders included spraying roofs with paint, spreading oil on carriages and hiring musicians to perform safety songs. Those initiatives have failed. Officials hope that the latest move will prove to be the ultimate deterrent. Roof riders also face the possibility of imprisonment. The balls - which can deliver a severe blow to the head - will be suspended a few inches above the tops of carriages at points where trains enter or pull out of stations, or where they go through crossings.

Officials said that "roof surfing" can be extremely dangerous. In 2008 at least 53 passengers died in an accident while travelling on a train roof. In 2011, 11 people were killed. Most victims are electrocuted by overhead power cables, but some fall off train carriages while trains are moving. Officials say they have tried everything to stop the problem - and even put rolls of barbed wire on train roofs - but nothing has worked. Officials say that if the latest initiative is successful, the project will be expanded.

I love this story. So how do you address a social problem, by maiming and killing the perpetrators. So not enough people died on the train roofs on their own so now officials will assist by knocking even more off with dangling concrete balls. Every considered buying more trains?


Man claims family dog strangled wife

A German man suspected of strangling his wife has pointed the finger at the family dog instead, saying the Labrador could have smothered her to death by accident. The 50-year-old man was convicted of manslaughter after his wife was found strangled to death in their bathroom in Düsseldorf November 2010.

But his conviction was overruled by a federal court which said that the fact the woman was strangled for several minutes did not necessarily on its own mean she was killed intentionally, and now the case is being heard again – complete with a witness who is an expert on dogs. The man’s lawyer said he and his wife had been drinking heavily on the night she died – he had a blood alcohol level of 3.4 parts per thousand when police arrived at their house.

He said the woman had fallen over in the bathroom and her husband had been unable to lift her up. He had given her a pillow and blanket and gone to bed, to find her dead the following afternoon. Their 35-kilo dog must have smothered her, the lawyer argued, saying it was well-known that they sometimes kill their own puppies this way by accident.

The expert from the Labrador club in Velbert, said adults could not be put in danger by one of the dogs. He said newborns could be accidentally smothered by one of the animals if they snuggled up to them, but that adults could not.

Hey this is a variation on the Butler did it. They might have to introduce a new character/suspect in the board game Clue - Cedric the Labrador. If he wanted to pin it on the dog he should have had the dog's leash rapped around his wife's neck with the dog's paw prints all over it. That's how you frame the dog.


Internet Blackout Day

The Great Wikipedia Blackout of 2012 has begun.

It's pretty wierd seeing Wikipedia down.

Boing Boing, Reddit, TwitPic, Mozilla, Mojang, and thousands of others will soon follow suit. The Internet is officially on strike! Why? Because the US Congress is conspiring with the entertainment industry to break the Internet.

Make no mistake: SOPA has not been shelved. And a vote on PIPA is just around the corner. Luckily, hundreds of companies, charities, and notable individuals with strong moral character have joined forces to stop these dangerous Big Brother bills from moving forward.

The fight is far from over, but hopefully today’s blackout will help bring this important matter to the attention of folks who rely on the Internet for entertainment and education, but have so far remained oblivious to SOPA and PIPA and their harmful consequences which will have impact beyond the US borders.

If you absolutely must scab, here are a few useful links:

  • #altwiki: A collaborative crowd-sourcing alternative to Wikipedia.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Which one are you?

Timmies cup sizes just grew

In a textbook example of a vicious coffee cup size war of attrition, Tim Hortons has resized all of its sizes upwards—its extra large will now hold 24 ounces four ounces more than Starbucks' extra large size, venti, pronto or whatever they call it? The new cup sizes match the American sizes. Except the Americans got rid of the 8 ounce-cup. Like what red blooded American would buy a drink so small?

Why didn't they just leave the sizes as they are and add an extra extra large just to reinforce what a glutton you must be do order a ridiculously large coffee. Wonder how long the extra small size will survive in Canada.

My favourite indie girl, Zoey Deschanel. is 32 today

Airplane crew accidently activates recording that the plane is going down, panic prevails

Passengers on board a British Airways flight from Miami to London got the fright of their lives when cabin crew mistakenly announced the plane was going down and they should brace themselves for an emergency water landing.

As panic began to spread among the passengers - with many fearing they were about to die - a flight attendant came on over the intercom to apologise, saying the message was played in error.

Duncan and Tracey Farquharson, from London, were on Saturday's flight and have accused the airline of trivializing passengers' concerns.

They told the Daily Telegraph that staff issued a 'blasé' apology and did not explain exactly what the error was until hours later, when they were landing at Heathrow.

Mr Farquharson, 58, an engineer, said: 'We were about three hours into the flight when an automated message came over the tannoy saying: "This is an emergency, we will shortly be making an emergency landing on water".


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Monday, January 16, 2012

A possible explanation for the Broncos blowout loss to the Pats

Sign of the day

The perfect spot for a strip club billboard

Wow, Rob and Doug Ford weigh a combined 605 lbs

Mayor Rob Ford and brother Doug launched their “Cut the Waist Challenge,” a charity fundraiser during which they’ll both attempt to shed pounds, publicly. At the initial weigh-in this morning, the mayor weighed in at 330 lbs, Doug Ford came in at 275 lbs.

They have also launched a website,, to track their progress and allow the public to make charitable pledges. Except someone forgot to include firewalls to screen out idiots wanting to take shots are the Fords. The above screenshot is some of their handy work.

Middle East conflict shifts to cyber war fought by teen hackers

The websites of Israel's stock exchange and national airline were hit by hack attacks today after weekend threats from the pro-Palestinian hacker 0xOmar. It's the latest volley in the escalating hacker-on-hacker pissing-match currently drenching the Middle East in leaked credit card information.

Today's attacks weren't very impressive; they briefly took down the websites of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al Airlines, but didn't impact service in either cases. Still, they've captured headlines because of their place in the ongoing 'cyberwar' being waged between two groups of teen hackers on either side of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

This all started started in early January, when a hacker claiming to be a 19-year-old Saudi going by the name 0xOmar leaked about 15,000 Israeli credit cards and claimed to have a million more. Besides his burning hatred of Israel, he seemed like a pretty normal teenage geek in our chat with him, with a penchant for Xbox and web design.

In retaliation for 0xOmar's attack on Israel, an Israeli teen going by the confusingly-similar name 0xOmer leaked thousands of Saudi credit card details last week. He claims to be an Israel Defense Soldier working with a team of three others. 0XOmer's crew is now joined in battle against 0xOmar by an another pro-Israeli hacker named Hannibal, who just leaked the Facebook login info for 20,000 Arab users onto Pastebin. But 0xOmar says he's getting backup, too, from some Palestinian hackers named Team Nightmare, who may have been behind today's attacks.

Meanwhile, these teen nerds' squabbling has provoked Israel into basically threatening to assassinate 0XOmar, and Hamas is jumping on board, urging hackers to keep hitting Israel. This will no doubt spur lots of scary talk about cyberwar and cyberterrorism. But this is not war or terrorism; stealing and leaking personal info is large-scale cybercrime that happens pretty much every day. Today we learned hackers stole the personal information of 24 million Zappos customers. A shitty, illegal thing to do—but not a declaration of war on our nation's bargain lovers.


Golden Globe Highlight: Morgan Freeman as Dracula taking a bubble bath

Man goes on rampage at Wendy's after they get his order wrong

A man went on a rampage in a Wendy's burger store in Auckland, smashing tills and sending staff fleeing for safety on Friday.

David Junior Ilolahia, of Blockhouse Bay, is to appear in court charged with threatening behaviour, assaulting police, disorderly behaviour and resisting police, reported.

Staff at the Lynfield store locked themselves in the office when Ilolahia smashed tills and threw furniture around after querying a "very large order" he was reportedly charged for on Friday. It took five police officers to subdue him.

Auckland police also reported a serious assault during a fight in Bates St in Papakura, in southern Auckland, about 1am on Saturday.

A 23-year-old male was stabbed with a broken bottle and was taken to hospital with injuries which were not life threatening.

There is a lesson to be learned here - never get in the way of a man and his fast food meal. It took a can of pepper spray, batons to the head and 5 cops to take this guy down. In the interim he trashed a Wendy's and roughed up customers and staff. Next time don't hand a customer a Big Classic when they want a Baconator with no bacon. Wait a second. Who the hell orders a Baconator with no bacon. Isn't that the point of a Baconator. No wonder the staff were confused. A Baconator with no bacon is a Big Classic. Never mind.


Woman auctioning off her butt for a tattoo

Tina Beznec, from New Zealand, is auctioning space on her backside to be tattooed with a design of the winning bidders choice in an online auction.

The listing has become a viral hit, attracting more than 170,000 hits and bids of more than $8,600 - Ms Beznec plans to give 20 percent of the proceeds to charity.

She says the winning bidder will win the right to have whatever they like tattooed on the 9x9cm patch of skin, adding: "I'm just trusting the winner of the auction will not do anything too stupid."

"I think it's amazing that, you know, it's gone global. Gone viral over the internet. Several different countries have tried making contact with me. Everyone's talking about it. It's quite a big topic. So, yeah, it's awesome," said Tina. So far, design proposals include brands and promotions, "property of..." tags and self-portraits.

Wetter than an otter's pocket?

This British weather reporter recently used an expression but had no clue what it meant. But if you check on Urban Dictionary it means a sexually aroused woman. Oops.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The doctor who claimed red wine was good for you was lying

You can't trust anyone these days. I had relied on the reported science regarding the healthy benefits of drinking red wine and spent a fortune stocking up my cellar with red wine. I learned to enjoy a nice glass of wine with a meal. Give a glass of zinfandel, cabernet, roja, meritage or malbec. Now I find out that the doctor who say red wine is a way to slow aging was a big fat liar.

Dr. Dipak Das from the University of Connecticut, who released many studies focused on the positive effects of red wine on the aging process, was found to have committed more than 100 acts of "data fabrication and falsification," according to a university investigation. In other words, he lied, and now his research is being called into question, and all of us drunks are going to die miserable, alone, and young.

Well I'm giving up my red wine and you can fuck yourself Dr. Das.

María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Gutiérrez de los Perales Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Hinojosa Rasten (aka Charo) is 61 today

... I just like her name, all 12 of them.

It's getting tough to be a woman in Israel

Israel is a liberal democracy where for years women have been fully integrated into society including the Israeli Defense Force. This does not sit well with the growing ranks of the country's ultra-Orthodox. They are a small minority in the country but their high birth rates and large families is creating a demographic time bomb.

A number of recent incidents indicates that the ultra-Orthodox have been flexing their muscle with regards to the women's lack of modesty and prominence in Israeli society. The incident that has become a lightning rod for feminists is the story around Naama Margolese, an 8-year old student from Beit Shemesh. She was recently walking to school when she was bullied and spat on by a bunch of religious extremists in her neighbourhood because they were unhappy with the way she was dressed. Her family are secular Jews but modern Orthodox, though not ultra-Orthodox which appears to be a source of friction. Students say they are physically accosted and jeered at by dozens of men in black hats almost every day.

But there have been other ungly incidents including:
  • Organizers of a recent conference on women's health and Jewish law barred women from speaking from the podium, leading at least eight speakers to cancel.
  • Professor Channa Maayan was to receive a book award. She knew that religious people would be in attendance so she wore a long-sleeve top and a long skirt. But that was hardly enough. Dr. Maayan and her husband had to sit separately and she was instructed that a male colleague would have to accept the award for her because women were not permitted on stage.
  • The chief rabbi of the air force resigned his post because the army declined to excuse ultra-Orthodox soldiers from attending events where female singers perform.
  • Protesters depicted the Jerusalem police commander as Hitler on posters because he instructed public bus lines with mixed-sex seating to drive through ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.

What's ironic is that the ultra-Orthodox do not even recognize the state of Israel. They refuse military service and decline to work, all while having six to eight children per family. Yet they accept or better yet demand government subsidies or welfare so that they can study Torah while supporting their large families. In fact they have a significant political influence because Israel has never had a majority government so religious political parties trade off support for parties on the left and right in exchange for subsidies. This is very unsettling for many Israelis.

Tebow Time?

...there is always next year.

Carnvial Cruises: How Can Fun Be More Fun?

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