Saturday, January 28, 2012

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Toys for toddlers

Proposed Bill would ban using human fetuses in food

Oklahoma state senator Ralph Shortey is concerned about the possibility that some nefarious person or entity is using aborted human fetuses in food, and has introduced legislation to put a stop to this. Or, to keep it from starting, because he isn't exactly sure that anybody's really doing this, or how or where they'd be doing it if they were. Still, can't be too careful.

SB 1418 is, at least for the moment, just this one sentence:

No person or entity shall manufacture or knowingly sell food or any other product intended for human consumption which contains aborted human fetuses in the ingredients or which used aborted human fetuses in the research or development of any of the ingredients.

He would only talk about the second clause, on research and development, which really seems to be about stem cells. According to Shortey, there are companies out there "using embryonic stem cells to research and basically cause a chemical reaction to determine whether or not something tastes good or not." He said he read last year that a pro-life group was boycotting an unnamed company for this, and I guess if you've read someplace that somebody is upset about something that might be happening somewhere in the world, that's really all you need to know before writing a law banning what you believe that thing to be.

What's really going on? NPR noted that Shortey may have heard of a company that has a patent for what is "essentially an automated taste test," a patent that does mention a widely used stem-cell line originally cultured from human embryonic kidney cells. The company has denied it's using these cells, but let's assume it is. Based on the patent, it looks like the plan is to extract proteins from the cells and put them in some sort of testing array to see if the proteins react to various flavor compounds. It would not be putting any of the cells into food. Hence, no fetal burritos. And since the cell line has been around for 40 years, research using it does not seem to pose a threat to the fetuses of today. So that second clause only seems to make sense if you oppose any stem cell research of any kind under any circumstances. Which, coincidentally, Shortey does.

By the way, Taco Bell won a lawsuit earlier this year in which plaintiffs alleged its food contained less than 100% USDA-inspected premium beef. So it may comfort you to know that its burritos have been inspected fairly recently.


Getting your OCD under control

Canada is celebrating man boobs week

Friday, January 27, 2012

Sign of the day

What's Alex Ovechkin doing during the All-Star break?

Yeah it looks like he is really going to miss playing in the game.


Flashback Friday - Otis Redding

Switzerland building a village for people with dementia

Its detractors may end up dubbing it "Dementiaville", but Switzerland is brushing aside a debate raging among geriatric-care experts with plans to build a mock-1950s village catering exclusively for elderly sufferers of Alzheimer's and other debilitating mental illnesses. The newly approved €20m (£17m) housing project is to be built next to the Swiss village of Wiedlisbach near Bern and will provide sheltered accommodation and care for 150 elderly dementia patients in 23 purpose-built 1950s-style houses. The homes will be deliberately designed to recreate the atmosphere of times past.

The scheme's promoters said there will be no closed doors and residents will be free to move about. To reinforce an atmosphere of normality, the carers will dress as gardeners, hairdressers and shop assistants. The only catch is that Wiedlisbach's inhabitants will not be allowed to leave the village. A similar pioneering, yet controversial, approach to geriatric mental care is already under way in Holland, where the Hogewey nursing home for dementia sufferers was set up in an Amsterdam suburb in 2009. Its residents pay €5,000 a month to live in a world of carefully staged illusion.

I'm thinking this could be the plot for a terrific movie, maybe the next National Lampoon Vacation film. Family's care breaks down outside the quaint 50s style village where everyone is old and acting kooky. Then Cousin Eddie shows get the picture.


Woman stays in crashed rental car for a week just yards from help because she was told 'not to leave vehicle if stranded'

A Texas woman who drove her rental car into a muddy pond in Idaho spent a week in the stranded vehicle before going to ask for help. Lynn S. Keesler, a Houston resident, said she survived on peanut butter M&Ms and water inside her car while it was stuck.

The 61-year-old had thought she saw a river she had to cross to reach a hotel in Burley, Idaho, but the body of water turned out to be a dairy's wastewater pond. Keesler tried to drive around it but got stuck in mud in the pond.

She later told police she stayed inside the car because she had been told not to leave her vehicle if it became stranded. She flashed her headlights throughout the first night until the battery went dead. She finally left the car Sunday, Jan. 22, when the water level began to rise in the pond and went to a nearby house for help.

Kind of reminds me about the old Polish joke (yes politically incorrect) about the Polish man who had to call EMS because he locked his keys in his car with his family. I can't wait to see the movie version of this story. Maybe the can get Helen Mirren for the lead role.


Keesler thought she had only been stranded for three to five days, according to a Cassia County Sheriff's Department report, but a deputy said he had given her directions to the hotel on Jan. 15. She was examined by paramedics but declined to go to the hospital, claiming she only needed "a warm bed and a bath."

Favourite restaurants week

One of the best deals in Richmond Hill is the Richmond Grill, 10165 Yonge Street. Been going there for years.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Robert Hegyes (aka Juan Luis Pedro Philippo DeHuevos Epstein) dead at age 60

Sign of the day - Paula Dean edition

How do you support Lantinos? Eat tacos!

Four East Haven police officers were indicted on Tuesday for illegally targeting the Latino community, prompting Mayor Joseph Maturo to voice his support of the embattled officers. When asked by a New York City-based WPIX reporter what he’s doing to support Latinos, the Republican mayor said, “I might have tacos when I go home.”

Maturo, who was a former five-term mayor before being elected again in November, apologized for the comment later on Wednesday. According to WFSB, Reform Immigration for America said anyone who "texted "Taco" to 69866 it would send a taco on their behalf." 500 tacos have been sent.

His explanation sounded worse the longer he spoke. He should have quit about 30 seconds in. Good to know he likes ethnic food.

Ex-wife forcing Trekkie to sell apartment decorated like the Starship Enterprise

Star Trek fan Tony Alleyne spent ten years turning his flat in to the interior of the Starship Enterprise — but must now rip it out because his ex is selling up.

Tony transformed the one-bedroom flat to look like the famous flight deck — with a computer console, flashing lights and even "transporters".

He built it himself — and says it would cost at least £100,000 to do it again from scratch.

Tony, 58, is getting a divorce from wife Georgina who owns the flat in Hinckley, Leics, and wants to sell.

Tony said: "To say I'm gutted is an understatement. It is my life's work — and it looks like it's going into a skip. I admit there were tears."

Georgina, 52 — who has paid the mortgage since they split in 1994 — said: "I want to sell it as conventional property."

Talk about revenge of the "ex". She takes him to the cleaner and then he likely doesn't have enough cash to buy the apartment so his life's work goes down the drain. Of course Trekkies really don't have much of a life to speak of. All he'll have aresome tear-stained photos of where his $150,000 went.


Who needs color?

Teen has lived on Chicken McNuggets for 15 years

Killing herself: Stacey Irvine, 17, eats little else apart from chicken nuggets

A teenage girl who has eaten almost nothing else apart from chicken nuggets for 15 years has been warned by doctors that the junk food is killing her.

Stacey Irvine, 17, has been hooked on the treats since her mother bought her some at a McDonald’s restaurant when she was two.

Shocked doctors learned of her habit when the factory worker, from Castle Vale, Birmingham, collapsed and was taken to hospital after struggling to breathe.

Miss Irvine, who has never eaten fruit or vegetables, had swollen veins in her tongue and was found to have anaemia.

Yet, despite a diet that regularly means she eats at least a third more than the 56g of fat recommended by experts, she manages to keep relatively trim.

This may be down to the amount of exercise she does or to her metabolism.

My daughter at 2 also loved Chicken McNuggets but I made her eat real food. Today she is a grown adult and mad that I ever fed her the stuff. So this is how those yummy nuggets are made.


Bank robber shoots himself in the foot

Security camera footage from Brazil shows how a hapless bank robber was quite literally the architect of his own downfall. CCTV from a bank in northern ParanĂ¡, Brazil recorded the action when three armed men stormed the building on Monday.

All appeared to be running smoothly for the trio of thieves as the security guards quickly capitulated and the bank tellers handed over around 30,000 Brazilian reais (£11,000) to them. Unfortunately the check-shirted man who was acting as the lookout at the front door was armed with two pistols and an apparent itchy-trigger finger.

Idly fumbling with one of the weapons he managed to accidentally shoot himself in the foot with the gun in his right hand. He is last seen on the CCTV limping from the bank behind his two accomplices.

The following day the bungling robber was arrested at a hospital a short distance from the bank. In total, police believe six men participated in the assault, despite only three of them appearing on camera. As well as the criminal who managed to shot himself, one other man has so far been arrested.

It's a good thing the police caught up with these guys before they kill themselves. I watched this video over and over again and couldn't stop laughing.

Favourite restaurants week

One of my favourite downtown places is Edward Levesques's Kitchen at 1290 Queens Street East for its electic menu that uses lots of local produce.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cop accused of flashing woman claims innocence because he's circumcised

A cop who was fired for flashing a suspect says he’s innocent — and that the proof is in his pants.

Owen Hopper’s lawsuit against the NYPD says the woman who accused him insisted he was uncircumcised but he has evidence his foreskin was removed in childhood.

He said a hearing officer’s ruling that arousal can make it difficult to determine if the sex organ is uncut was just wrong-headed.

“At no point during the trial was an expert called to render an opinion,” the court papers say.

The accuser, who is not named, “repeatedly stated and testified that she unequivocally and clearly saw the petitioner’s penis and it was uncircumcised,” the suit says.

Hopper says he submitted evidence he was circumcised as a child but hearing officer Robert Vinal didn’t believe him and “unjustly concluded an erect circumcised penis and an uncircumcised penis will appear the same” when aroused.


Mom pissed after finding her baby in daycare with dead mouse in her mouth

  Newark mom Brittany Barba pulled her 8-month daughter, Alanah, from a local day care center after the tot was found with a mouse in her mouth, according to a local report.

A Newark mom has yanked her 8-month-old daughter from a local daycare center and is slamming the center's staff as too lax after her tot was reportedly found with a dead mouse stuffed in her mouth.

Britanny Barba told ABC 7 News that her baby girl, Alanah, was ill for hours after her mother-in-law, a volunteer at the Donald K Tucker Childcare, discovered the child with the rodent in her mouth on Friday.

"Lately she's been vomiting. Everything she's eaten, she's throwing it back up," Barba said.

"Who was watching her?"

The executive director of the center, Kiburi Tucker, apologized for the incident, saying staff members he spoke to told him the child must have gobbled up the vermin when teachers weren't looking.

"This was an isolated incident, a very unfortunate incident, and it really hurt me. I was up all night about this because it could have been my child," Tucker, a father of five, told ABC 7.

Tucker said he called the state health department to the center for advice on how to fight the pest problem, and promised that an exterminator would now visit the center twice a month, rather than once a month.

Despite the stepped up efforts, Barba said she wouldn't trust the daycare to look after her child.

Can you imagine the spin coming out of that daycare staff. We have introduced a new protocol to check inside the kids' mouths throughout the day. Or we have never had an incident between our kids and vermin in the history of this facility. Or we have instituted a new protocol where we inspect the place for dead rodents each morning before the children arrive. Hey, it's Newark.


Favourite restaurants week

When it comes to night clubs, Hugh's Room, 2261 Dundas Street West is the place to go. Food is barely passable but they bring in great jazz, folk and roots music, from Al Stewart to Richie Havens, Judy Collins to Jesse Winchester. It's probably the premier music venue in Toronto because of its small, intimate environment. I'm literally sitting a few feet from the stage.

Hump day hottie

Julianne Hough

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Woman, enraged over prank, fires round at teen

Playing "ding dong ditch" is a time-old tradition among suburban teens, but, kids, you should know that some of your targets may be armed. On Long Island, a 47-year-old woman was so fed up with someone ringing her doorbell and running away on Sunday night that on the third time, she took out her 9mm and fired a round outside her Rockville Centre home. And when she spotted a teen walking down the street outside her home a little while later, she stopped him and pointed her gun at him.

The Nassau County police say that Bernadette Greenwald held the teen "at gunpoint until police arrive[d]." Then cops determined that the teen had nothing to do with the prank and let him go...and arrested her.

Greenwald was charged with second-degree menacing, second-degree reckless endangerment and prohibited use of a dangerous weapon.


Joe Paterno died of lung cancer

It is tragic how Joe Paterno's career and life ended yet it was as a result of his own actions. Lung cancer was the cause of death but if you search the Internet you will be find the silliest causes of death. Here is just a sample:

Penn State Board of Trustees

The Internet

Jerry Sandusky

A Broken Heart


The Media

Penn State

The list goes on...

Favourite restaurants week

Forget about Starbucks, my favourite coffee shop is not local so I rarely get there. It's Jet Fuel Coffee Shop , 519 Parliament Street.

Is this considered littering?

Saudi female driver who defied ban dies in fatal accident

A Saudi woman who defied a driving ban in the kingdom was injured and her companion killed when their car overturned in the northern Hael province, a police spokesman said on Monday.

The icon of the campaign to defy the driving ban, Manal al-Sherif, a 32-year-old computer security consultant, was arrested on May 22 and detained for 10 days after posting on YouTube a video of herself driving her car around the eastern city of Khobar.

"One woman was immediately killed and her companion who was driving the car was hospitalised after she suffered several injuries" when their four-wheel-drive vehicle overturned late on Saturday, said police spokesman Abdulaziz al-Zunaidi.

Ultra-conservative Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive.

However, they get behind the wheel in desert regions away from the capital.

There have been several incidents reported in recent years of women being killed in accidents while driving despite the ban, one of a host of restrictions imposed on women in the kingdom.

Talk about irony! But this should not be shocking. Saudi women who defy the driving ban put themselves at risk because they do not undergo proper drivers training. As a result they are at considerable risk of being injured or killed.


Favourite restaurants week

My choice for pizza is Camarra Pizzeria and Ristorante at 2899 Dufferin St

Monday, January 23, 2012

Teen calls police because mom is having loud sex

According to The Smoking Gun, the 15-year-old girl asked police to place her in a Christian children's shelter after she was awakened by her 35-year-old mother having sex with a boyfriend. The teen's room is right next door to her mom's, but the mother said that her lovemaking was not intended to be so noisy. Eventually, cooler heads prevailed and the daughter decided she would not go to the Christian shelter after all.

28 year old single mother banned from every nightclub in town for being 'too old to wear skimpy outfits'

With a size six figure and 36DD chest, this petite blonde thought she would have no trouble getting into a nightclub.

But 28-year-old Lisa Woodman has been banned from every hotspot in her home town - after being told she is too old to wear skimpy outfits.

The furious mother-of-four was barred from three venues in Worcester, West Midlands, because of her low-cut tops, short skirts and knee-length boots.

Ms Woodman, who is 5ft 3in, admitted she liked to flaunt her figure but claimed her outfits were conservative compared with those of younger girls.

She was left in tears on New Year's Eve when doormen at Mode nightclub turned her away and told her: 'You're too old to wear that get-up.'

Ms Woodman has also been banned from the city's other two nightclubs - Tramps and Velvet.

All three, owned by the same company in Worcester, said the ban will stay unless she tones down her appearance.

Ms Woodman, a medical secretary at a hospital hygiene company, said: 'What's wrong with what I wear?

'I'm not hurting anyone, am I? I am covering everything, and I just want to have a good time.

'When I asked the bouncers why me and my sister weren't allowed in, they just said "You're too old to wear that get-up".

'I couldn't believe it. I'm only 28 and still consider myself young.'


Strip club launches 'Alibi' aftershave to recreate scent of the office

You're home late, your clothes are dishevelled you smell of alcohol. How do you convince your better half you really weren’t out on the tiles?

The answer may be here... in the form of a new range of aftershaves designed to throw suspicious wives and girlfriends off the scent.

The Alibi range can mask the smell of a heavy night with aromas linked to more wholesome activities.

For example, My Car Broke Down is said to recreate the scent of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel, while I Was Working Late packs the odour of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink.

The three fragrances, which cost £24 a bottle, were launched by South African lap dancing club Mavericks, which said it never expected the idea to take off.

But it has been inundated with orders from countries in the Far East and Europe – including Britain.

A brilliant product. In fact I have some ideas for some additional scents like I Was Working Out At The Gym which would recreate the smell of sweaty workout clothes and I Was Visiting A Sick Colleague In The Hospital which would smell like vile disinfectants.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steve Tyler's Star-Spangled Banner was not the worst

A lot of people are dumping on Steve Tyler who today sang the National Anthem at NFL playoff game in New England. Sure it was bad and he messed up the words about half way through but Roseanne Barr beats that hands down. Below is Roseanne in 1990.

Favourite restaurants week

Breakfast- What A Bagel Eatery - 8010 Bathurst Street, Thornhill

Satellite photo of Costa Concordia shipwreck

How to develop diabetes

Sign of the day

Couple tries to blow up car with tampons

A pair of Pennsylvanians got a little trashed one night earlier this month and attempted to beat the crap out of a Ford Fusion. When they realized their fists and feet could only do so much damage they then tried to blow up the car. With tampons. Sadly, it didn't work.

Patricia Elyse Deshong, 25, and Quentin Adam Deshong, 22, were arrested on January 7th outside the Hillside Tavern in Metal Township, Penn., after someone called the police complaining they were pummeling a 2006 Ford Fusion.

Police found numerous wires and hoses disconnected from the engine, dents on the side, smashed windows, and blood in the seats. Police also found tampons shoved in both the oil cap and the gas tank, with ashes in the area of both openings. Investigators suspect they tried to blow up the car using the tampons.

After the pair were arrested the car's owner, Falon Leigh Clark, arrived in a pickup truck being driven by Gary Scott Boggs. Because this is rural Pennsylvania, it turns out Boggs was drunk and tried to flee the scene but was captured.

When Patricia Deshong was being booked she proceeded to threaten to kill the trooper who handcuffed her to a bench. Lovely pair, them.


Man claims wife was punched and strangled by ghost

A Fond du Lac man was arrested after he told police a “ghost” punched and strangled his wife.

Michael F. West, 41, of 281 Fond du Lac Ave., was charged Wednesday with strangulation and misdemeanors of battery, disorderly conduct and resisting or obstructing an officer.

At about 8 p.m. Jan. 15, police arrived at West’s home to find the woman crying and bleeding from her nose.

According to allegations contained in the criminal complaint:

The woman was upset after West blamed her for the house being foreclosed. When the woman pointed out that she works while West sits on the couch, he became angry.

West strangled the woman twice. He then told her to call the police. As she went to grab the phone, West punched her repeatedly in the face.

West told police the woman got her injuries from falling. When asked specifically about the neck injuries, West responded, “A ghost did it.”

Officers had to struggle with an intoxicated West to place him in handcuffs after he made the ghost comment.

The woman said West has made comments about killing her.

Murdering husbands trying to point the finger at someone else seems to be a trend. Like that guy who is blaming the family dog for strangling his wife. That's a bit of a stretch but a ghost? That requires a judge or jury in believing in paranormal occurences. This guy should have tried to blame al Qaeda.