Saturday, February 04, 2012

Obayashi breaks Wing Bowl record

Competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi inhaled a record-breaking 337 chicken wings to win the 20th "Wing Bowl" in Philadelphia. It was Kobayashi's first time participating in the annual event. The previous wing-eating record was 254, and while Kobayashi crushed that number, it wasn't a fait accompli.

"At one point early in the second round, Kobayashi gagged and nearly vomited," reports "Since Wing Bowl rules dictate that 'If you heave, you leave,' it would have been a stunning development. But Kobayashi was able to restrain himself, in fact appearing to re-swallow whatever came back up. After a few taps of his throat, he flashed a smile to the cameras before going right back to eating." What a brave hero!

So 337 wings is about 20,000 calories which works out to over 10 days of food for me. How does this guy stay thin?

Some unhealthy choices when watching the Super Bowl

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has provided some food facts for Super Sunday. that will have you reaching for the Blueprint Cleanse come Monday. These "experts" also tell us that "Super Bowl Sunday is America’s second-biggest food consumption day of the year, after Thanksgiving, but many fans don’t realize that some items sneak in more saturated fat and sodium than most people should eat in an entire day." Also, sports fans, studies show that "you are already at an elevated risk of heart attack on big game days," and "adding fatty products will raise blood pressure, stiffen major arteries, and cause the heart to beat much faster." But don't worry, you'll drink enough beer on Sunday that you'll have forgotten all about this. Below are a few nuggets to chew on:
  • Large Classic Italian Sub at Quiznos: 3,550 milligrams of sodium—more than the amount in 13 single-serving bags of potato chips.
  • Crispy Bone-In Garlic Parmesan Wings with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce from Pizza Hut: Just two wings with sauce have one and a half times the fat of a Big Mac.
  • The Meats Pizza at Papa John’s: More calories than six Twinkies.
  • Volcano Nachos at Taco Bell: More fat than half a stick of butter.
  • New England Clam Chowder at Panera: One serving contains more saturated fat than an entire package of bacon.

Pick your spot

New York subway-riding elites week

I think this is who Newt Gingrich was referring to.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Watch the bouncing boobs in these Ukrainian ads

I think the ads are for a sporting goods chain.

Supermarket burglar found naked and covered in peanut butter and chocolate

Kentucky Police investigated a bizarre burglary in the tiny town of Neon.

A man broke through the front door at a Food World IGA in the small town in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

When officers arrived at about 6 a.m., they found Andrew Allen Michael Toothman, 22, wearing only a pair of boots. He had smeared peanut butter and chocolate on his body.

The police report claimed that he had written “sorry” on the floor with NyQuil.

Officers also reported that several fire extinguishers had been discharged in the store.

Andrew Toothman was charged with burglary, criminal mischief, and indecent exposure.

Police cleaned him up for his mug shot, but he was still shirtless in the photo.

You think this might have a few issues. Too bad the cops cleaned him up before taking the mugshot. Would have been the pic of the year.


Flashback Friday - Jim Croce

Man arrested for stealing glacier ice

Police in the south of Chile have arrested a man on suspicion of stealing ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier.

Officials in the town of Cochrane found five tonnes of ice in the back of his truck.

Scientists say the glacier, in the Patagonia region, is retreating faster than any other in Chile.

Police suspect the ice was destined for the capital, Santiago, to make gourmet ice cubes for use in upmarket bars and restaurants.

The BBC's Gideon Long, in Santiago, says tourists in southern Chile are often served whisky chilled with glacial ice - which has an extra kudos because it comes directly from the glaciers.

According to El Mercurio, the driver is accused of theft, but prosecutors are also considering bringing charges under the national monuments act.

The paper says the ice found in the back of the vehicle was worth about 3 million pesos ($6,100).

The shrinking glacier is in the Bernardo O'Higgins national park, the largest protected area in Chile.


David Letterman's 30th Anniversary week

David Letterman began his late night show on NBC on February 1, 1982. I loved the show and Dave's wit and sarcasm. Dave was never a great interviewer but he had some interesting interactions with guests who did not appreciate his sense of humour. It was cutting edge back then but no longer. You need to watch Jon Stewart for that. Today he is a cranky old codger but I still enjoy him.

This infamous 1994 interview with Madonna was anything but civil and kept the censor busy.

Andy Kaufman faces off with wrestler Jerry Lawler on Late Night in 1982

Drew Barrymore flashes Letterman on his birthday in 1995

Cher finally appears on his show in 1986 and calls him an asshole

Harvey Pekar was so annoying during his appearance in 1988 Letterman tells him he will never be on again

A stoned Farrah Fawcett can barely put together sentences in 1997

Even better is Crispin Glover who alledgedly was on LSD

Joaquin Phoenix's bizarre appearance in 2009

Letterman pisses off Paris Hilton in 2007 because he kept asking about being in jail

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Sign of the day

This is going to make you queasy, most people text/call sitting on the toilet

Businessman working in the bathroom

America’s obsession with smart phones has come to a head.

Approximately 75% of people take their cell phones into the bathroom with them, according to a survey by the marketing agency 11Mark.

Out of 1,000 people polled, 87% of Android users admitted to talking, texting, or surfing the web while in the restroom, reports

BlackBerry and iPhone users were also unlikely to part with their phones just because nature called.

According to the survey, BlackBerry users are most likely to answer (75%) or make (48%) a call, while iPhone users are most likely to participate in social networking (52%) or to use an app (57%).

Not only are we addicted to our cellphones, some people literally won’t go, literally, without it.

About 30% of men, and 20% of women say that they won't go to the bathroom without phone in hand.

While people of all ages are guilty, it’s mostly the younger set that’s guilty of toilet tweeting.

An astonishing 91% of those born between 1977 tand 1993 admit to using their phones while seated in the bathroom stall.

No wonder cell phones are havens for germs.

According to, 16% of cell phones have fecal matter on them.

No more religion

Budweiser flash mob Super Ad runs only in Canada

This has to be one of the best beer ads I have ever seen. Probably because it does contain guys drooling over hot girls which is why the commercial will only be seen in Canada. Two beer league hockey teams get flash mobbed in the middle of their game. Awesome!

Brian Burke is getting upset about private discussions becoming public

I do happen to have a solution to Brian Burke's annoying problem where all his private discussions and correspondence become public. The most recent situation involved a letter from Georges Laraque regarding Leafs gear with real fur.

David Letterman's 30th Anniversary week

David Letterman began his late night show on NBC on February 1, 1982. I loved the show and Dave's wit and sarcasm. He used to do stunts like dropping things from the tops of buildings. It was cutting edge back then but no longer. You need to watch Jon Stewart for that. Today he is a cranky old codger but I still enjoy him.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Don Cornelius, we wish you love, peace and soul

Soul Train line dancers

Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5

How can you be wrong all the time?

Someone is not happy with me

It seems that Google has slapped a "Content Warning" page on my blog because someone has objected to some of the content here. I'm thinking that it could be a number of people:

1. Brian Burke - too critical of his coach

2. Helena Guergis - not taking her seriously

3. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - calling him a maniacal Anti-Semite

4. Don Cherry - calling him xenophobic (look it up Grapes)

5. Mel Gibson - calling him a maniacal Anti-Semite

6. Bad parents

7. Any woman

Sign of the day

David Letterman's 30th Anniversary week

David Letterman began his late night show on NBC on February 1, 1982. I loved the show and Dave's wit and sarcasm. I just loved his stunts like the ones below. It was cutting edge back then but no longer. You need to watch Jon Stewart for that. Today he is a cranky old codger but I still enjoy him.

Dave wearing an Alka Seltzer suit

Dave wearing the Human Sponge suit

Dave wearing the suit of fire

Dave wearing a suit of potato chips dropped into dip

Dave wearing a suit of magnets

Dave wearing a velcro suit

Hump day hottie

Maria Menounos

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Before Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 'Underwear Bomber'

And the next First Lady will be...

Sign of the day

...time to hand out the Depends

Six-year old accused of sexual assault playing tag

An East Bay dad claims a game of tag on the playground resulted in his 6-year-old son being accused of sexual assault – a decision he said was an overreaction by school officials.

The parent, who asked only to be identified as Oswin, said his son was accused of brushing his best friend’s leg or groin while the two were playing on the playground at Lupine Hills Elementary in Hercules two months ago.

Oswin said his child was kept in the principal’s office for two hours until he confessed. He was suspended, and a sexual battery charge was placed on his permanent school record.

Really, some people in the education field are so paranoid that they blow up every little event. It's really sick. When I was a kid we played road hockey for hours every week. On a not too frequent basis someone would take a tennis ball in the crotch. We didn't realize at the time that we were commiting sexual battery. By the end of one winter we would all have been placed on the sexual predator list.


Scandinavians aren't always so Liberal

Norwegian alarm system monitors length of office lavatory visits
Call centre workers in Norway are protesting against a hi-tech surveillance system that triggers an alarm if they spend more than eight minutes per day in the lavatory.

Managers are alerted by flashing lights if an employee is away from their desk for a loo break or other "personal activities" beyond the allotted time.

But unions and workplace inspectors have branded the practice at insurance company DNB as "highly intrusive" and a potential breach of their human rights.

Norway's privacy regulator called Datatilsynet has now written to DNB telling them the monitoring system is "a major violation of privacy".

It said: "Each individual worker has different needs and these kinds of strict controls deprive the employees of all freedoms over the course of their working day."

The employees union Finansforbundet described the rules as unacceptable.

A spokesman added: "Surveying staff to limit lavatory visits, cigarette breaks, personal phone calls and other personal needs to a total of eight minutes per day is highly restrictive and intrusive and must be stopped."

The firm said the aim of the checks was not to measure the breaks taken by individual workers but to assess staffing needs to ensure all calls from customers were answered and it would now be reviewing the policy.

It is the latest example of lavatory rules in Norwegian companies.

Last year the country's workplace ombudsman said one firm was reported for making women workers wear a red bracelet when they were having their period to justify more frequent trips to the loo.

Another company made staff sign a lavatory "visitors book" while a third issued employees with an electronic key card to gain access to the lavatories so they could monitor breaks.

We all are made to believe that Scandinavia is this utopian world where everyone is happy and contented. Apparently not true. It's like working for Big Brother over there. The only place you can escape from your boss for a few minutes during the day and now the man wants to monitor and restrict your loo time. So whats next cameras in the washrooms?


David Letterman's 30th Anniversary week

David Letterman began his late night show on NBC on February 1, 1982. I loved the show and Dave's wit and sarcasm. It was cutting edge back then but no longer. You need to watch Jon Stewart for that. Today he is a cranky old codger but I still enjoy him.

With Chris Elliott as The Guy Under the Seats

Monday, January 30, 2012

This story will cause a flurry of women and asian driver jokes

A sheriff’s deputy is being hailed a hero after pulling two young women from a sinking car early Saturday morning — moments before it slipped beneath the surface of Lake Ray Hubbard. Moments earlier, the car’s driver, Ngac Do of Garland, had mistaken a boat ramp for a road at Robertson Park in Dallas and drove into the lake. She and her cousin got lost while driving home from dinner.

Girl has a unique talent that is worthless

Man texts naked photo of girlfriend's daughter to teach her a lesson

A man is in custody after allegedly texting a naked photo of his girlfriend's daughter to nearly 40 contacts in the girl's cellphone.

Eugene Foster, 31, was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor, said Elias Johnson of the Pinal County Sheriff's Office.

Foster found a photo the girl, who is a student at Poston Butte High School in San Tan Valley, had taken of herself, and decided to teach her a lesson by sending the photo to contacts in her phone. Investigators do not believe Foster was intentionally trying to exploit the child.

When the officials at Florence Unified School District learned about the incident, they contacted parents, asking them to immediately delete the text if they or their children received it. They also advised parents to have a conversation with their kids to explain that sharing nude photos of minors, whether by text message, e-mail or via the Internet, is illegal under state and federal child pornography laws and that the penalties and consequences of such action can be severe.

I bet his girlfriend is real happy with him these days. Parenting might not be this guy's strong point. So if his kid brought home poor grades from school would he pull them out of school to teach them a lesson? How about not feeding his kid for a week for not finishing dinner? He can write his parenting book while in prison.


Sign of the day

Where did I park my car?

David Letterman's 30th Anniversary week

David Letterman began his late night show on NBC on February 1, 1982. I loved the show and Dave's wit and sarcasm. It was cutting edge back then but no longer. You need to watch Jon Stewart for that. Today he is a cranky old codger but I still enjoy him.

With Larry 'Bud' Melman