Saturday, February 25, 2012

News Flash: Conservative Party of Canada ran clean and ethical election campaign

Well that's the word from Jenni Byrne, national campaign manager for the Conservative party.

Not quite everyone is buying it though. These stories are not from the Toronto Star which everyone knows is a commie rag. They are from the National Post.

At least 14 election ridings blitzed with live calls from fake Liberals

Firm with Tory links traced to election day ‘robocalls’ that tried to discourage voters

Conservatives admit they’re behind false byelection phone calls in Liberal riding

Pretty disturbing stuff. Sounds like a scandal is brewing here.

Dad arrested at school after daughter draws picture of gun

A Kitchener father is angry at police after he was arrested at his child’s school and later strip-searched at the police station, all because his 4-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun in class.

“I’m picking up my kids and then, next thing you know, I’m locked up,” Jessie Sansone, 26, said of his ordeal on Wednesday. “I was in shock. This is completely insane.”

The school principal, police and child welfare officials, however, all stand by their actions. They say they had to investigate to determine whether there was a gun in Sansone’s house that children had access to.

“From a public safety point of view, any child drawing a picture of guns and saying there’s guns in a home would warrant some further conversation with the parents and child,” said Alison Scott, executive director of Family and Children’s Services.

Waterloo Regional Police Insp. Kevin Thaler said there was a complaint from Forest Hills Public School that “a firearm was in a residence and children had access to it. We had every concern, based on this information, that children were in danger.”

Sansone said he went to pick up his three children on Wednesday and was summoned to the principal’s office, where three police officers were waiting. They said he was being charged with possession of a firearm.

He was escorted from the school, handcuffed and put in a cruiser. At the same time, other officers went to his home, where his wife and 15-month-old child were waiting for him.

They made his wife come to the police station while the other three children were taken to Family and Children’s Services to be interviewed.

At the police station, Sansone was forced to remove his clothes for a full strip search.

Several hours later, a detective apologized and said he was being released with no charges, Sansone said.

The detective told him his daughter Neaveh had drawn a picture of a man holding a gun. When a teacher asked her who the man was, the girl replied, “That’s my daddy’s. He uses it to shoot bad guys and monsters.”

After he was released, Sansone was asked to sign a paper authorizing a search of his home. He signed, even though he didn’t have to, he said.

I'm trying imagine a rationale for arresting and handcuffing this man but the logic escapes me. I guess thats what happens when you literally accept the word of a 4-year old seriously when she states that dadddy shoots "bad guys and monsters."


Man attempts to rob gas station with finger

Jacksonville police are looking to find a man who attempted to rob a Gate gas station on 103rd Street Monday morning.

About 3 a.m., a man with a plastic bag over his head walked behind the counter and ordered the clerk to "open the register and give me all the money," according to a report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The man had a pointed object protruding from his shirt.

However, the clerk immediately realized it was the man's finger and said, "I'm not giving you anything," according to the report.

The would-be robber then turned his attention to a customer.

He told the customer to give up all of his money and, "[t]he customer laughed at the suspect," according to the report.

These crack and meth addicts crack me up. If you're going to get into the roberry business then get yourself a weapon. You can't sink every penny into your habit. You need to invest some capital into hardware. Otherwise you make an ass out of yourself.


Good looking Canadian women week

Evageline Lily

Friday, February 24, 2012

Man stabbed spouse, told her to clean blood, had sex, then partied

An Eastern Ontario man stabbed his common-law wife, ordered her to clean up the blood, had sex with her and then left her to slowly die as he came and went from parties.

Dugald Jamieson, 49, of Renfrew was sentenced earlier this week to 12 years in jail for manslaughter for what the prosecutor called the “callous” slaying of Carol-Ann Brunet, a 54-year-old grandmother.

In Justice Timothy Ray’s ruling, he said Jamieson, “in a rage”, stabbed Brunet in the stomach “so that the knife virtually passed through her.”

Jamieson profanely ordered her to clean the “mess up,” then had sex with her in bed and the next morning ordered her to change bloodstained sheets so her daughter wouldn’t see.

He then left to party with friends, later returning with one to whom Brunet, lying on the couch, said: “Look what he did to me.” The friend asked Brunet if she wanted to go to hospital, but she said she was “fine.”

Court heard Jamieson later went to a friend’s place with two six-packs, and then to another friend’s place to watch car racing on TV and drink beer.

Jamieson said he returned to Brunet’s apartment around 11:30 p.m. “Her voice changed. She became very cold and incoherent,” he testified. He phoned a friend who came and said Brunet “wasn’t in good shape,” with liquid oozing from the wound.

When the friend was about to call 911, Jamieson said he was on probation and supposed to stay away from Brunet, whom he had previously been convicted of punching in the mouth. He said: “Well I don’t need this kinda stuff . . .” and fled.

Paramedics arrived to find a lifeless Brunet. She died about 24 hours after being stabbed from peritonitis — an inflammation of the tissue that lines the abdomen.

When I first saw this story in the Toronto Star I thought it was another negative article about Mayor Rob Ford. My mistake.


Woman cons Nigerian scammers out of $33,000

Sarah Jane Cochrane-Ramsey, 23, was employed by the Nigerians as an "agent" in March 2010 but was unaware they were scam artists, the Brisbane District Court heard today.

Her job was to provide an Australian bank account through which they could funnel any payments they received through their dodgy account on a popular car sales website.

Cochrane-Ramsey was to keep eight per cent of all money paid into her account and forward the rest to the Nigerian scammers.

However, the court heard she kept the two payments she received - totalling $33,350 - and spent most of it on herself.

The car buyers who were ripped off reported the matter to police, who traced the account to Cochrane-Ramsey.

I was thinking this woman was a hero but then you realized she really didn't steal from Nigerian scammers but from innocent people. So is she any better than the Nigerian scammers - not really.


Man arrested for cooking own cheeseburger, fries at Denny's

America’s diner is always open, but police say a 52-year-old man toting a briefcase and packing a stun gun took the slogan too far when he walked into a Denny’s restaurant, claimed to be the new manager and cooked himself a cheeseburger and fries.

A Madison police report gives a flavorful description of the bizarre Tuesday afternoon incident at a Denny’s on Thierer Road:

He never announced he was one of the pros from Dover, but the briefcase toting gentleman wearing a maroon tie and long black trench coat was quite clear: he had been sent by corporate. He claimed he was the new general manager, that he had worked for the restaurant chain for 30-years and was starting his new job - right now.

Police say the gray-haired man with a goatee proceeded to walk into the office of the 38-year-old restaurant manager, and the two got into a “nose to nose … as the man asserted his new role as she told him she thought not.”

While the manager began making calls up the corporate chain, the man walked into the restaurant's kitchen and proceeded to cook himself a cheeseburger and fries.

The manager then called 911.

Officers confronted the man and found a stun gun on his belt beneath his trench coat and suit jacket, along with what appeared to be two crack pipes.


Man shoots himself in stomach to test body armour

The U.S. Constitution provides this gentleman with the right to bear arms. The drafters of the Constitution never contemplated anyone as stupid as this guy. He survives his experiment but Charles Darwin would have likely labelled him as destined to become extinct.

Flashback Friday - Arlo Guthrie

Presidential candidates week: Merlin Miller

The American Third Position Party has unanimously nominated Merlin Miller, a West Point graduate and veteran independent filmmaker, as our presidential candidate for the 2012 election. Dr. Virginia Abernethy, Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Psychiatry, has been chosen as Merlin’s running mate for vice president. The American Third Position (A3P) is a rapidly growing third party in the United States.

First and foremost, we propose a moratorium on immigration. A3P believes the principal goal of a sound immigration policy is: social, economic, cultural, moral, national security, and economic security. Similar to the repatriation programs of the 1930’s, we encourage the deportation and repatriation of illegal aliens back to their countries. President Eisenhower launched a large-scale project in the 1950’s to remove millions of illegal immigrants from the southwestern United States. Coincidentally, many European countries want to restrict immigration on the basis of economic reasons, including the fear of exacerbating the already significant problem of unemployment.

We also support fair trade over so-called free trade; private enterprise over government expansionism; sound environmental and energy policies; and an “America First” foreign policy, including terminating all foreign military intervention and foreign economic aid. A3P seeks a return to liberty, sovereignty, and identity.

What a difference a year can make

Last year this time the Maple Leafs were well out of the playoff picture but playing like contenders. There was no pressure. Despite the fact that the team was officially out of the playoffs until later in the spring most players were playing for next season.

This season is so much different. For most of the season the Leafs have been in the top 8 in the East. The team is expecting to make the playoffs and those expectations add additional pressure that wasn't there last season. The team has far more depth and the only rookie currently in the lineup is Jake Gardner. Still the Leafs are the second youngest in the league and cracks are beginning to show as that pressure is wearing some of the players down particularly the goalies.

There may be too many holes to salvage the season. But I expect Brian Burke will try to salvage it without mortgaging the future. Something that previous Leafs GMs did not hesitate to do. So perhaps some cheap veterans might be brought in to help. Hopefully a goalie. It won't be Rick Nash but some size up front would help.

This past 2 weeks has exposed the Leafs weaknesses. Shaky goaltending seems to be paramount. Coach Wilson has the team playing a freewheeling style which has been very entertaining but has left his goalies overexposed. Yet when the tighten up defensively as they did last night against San Jose, the scoring chances are reduced to a trickle. The Leafs small forwards depend need lots of skating room to be effective. They aren't going to muscle their way to the net.

So in the next few days their may be some help coming but that won't necessarily resolve the fundamental weaknesses. At this point everyone would just be happy with a playoff berth. Strange things can happen, last night Winnipeg jumped from ninth place in the East to third.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor arrested in Houston

Michael Jackson is accused of stealing toiletries from a CVS pharmacy in his pants.

And Elizabeth Taylor has been charged with cocaine possession.

Presidential candidates week: Terry Jones

Terry Jones is an Independent candidate for President. From 2001 to 2011, Jones was Senior Pastor of Dove World Outreach Center, Gainesville FL. In 2010 he captured worldwide attention with International Burn the Koran Day, and International Judge the Koran Day in 2011.

Terry Jones, is the Founder and President of the organization, Stand Up America Now! ( He hosts programs with the Arabic Christian satellite channel, The Truth TV ( based in California.

These are his main campaign issues.
  • Balance the budget and reduce the national deficit
  • Eliminate our dependency on foreign oil
  • Deport all illegal aliens immediately
  • Bring all U.S. troops home from foreign soil, Cut military spending by several billion dollars

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Woman addicted to breast augmentation surgery

Sheyla Hershey is in the Guinness Book of World Records, but even still she isn't satisfied. In 13 years she has had 22 surgeries which raised her from a B cup to her current breast size of 38KKK. But even this isn't enough. The way she describes it, after every surgery, she decides that she's ugly the way she is and needs to go larger.

After her most recent round of surgeries to increase her breasts to MMM, though, Hershey suffered severe staph infections and nearly lost her life, and did temporarily lose her breast implants, reportedly leading to severe depression and even suicide attempts. She did get her KKK breasts restored.

Somehow all of this no longer matters to her. She broke down in tears in her doctor's office wanting again to try and increase her bust size to MMM again.

"But I'm not happy with how they look right now," she explained. Every time her breasts are enhanced, she is satisfied only for a little while. Then she begins to feel they are too small and that she is consequently ugly.


Rick Mercer on Bill C-30

Bill C-30 is a pending Canadian domestic spying bill that abolishes the need for a warrant when police (and appointed special investigators) want to spy on your Internet use. Rick Mercer does an excellent commentary on the bill to add to earlier comments. The government seems to suggest that only criminals would be opposed to the bill. That's a pretty lame argument.

Sign of the day

In addition to those 101 sex tips

Blog is slowly recovering its audience

Since the Content Warning has been removed the numbers have recovered. Not likely to the earlier levels since the objectionable content seemed to have attracted a certain audience.

Presidential candidates week: UFO Phil

UFO Phil, a self-appointed intergalactic frontrunner for president, announced recently he has been granted authority to assume the job without waiting for the November election.

"I'm going to become your new president. ... Don't worry, Barak Obama, Mitt Romney and whoever else can still have their little election. That's not going to affect me," said UFO Phil, whose real name is Phil Hill.

Hill revealed he is in possession of secret scrolls that are written by beings from another planet. Those documents, Hill claims, give him the authority to assume presidential leadership without a democratic election.

Once he assumed presidency, Hill said he would establish a "Senate for Terrestrial Alien Relations," to welcome the arrival of "brothers from space." Hill also said he will decommission all military ships at sea, in favor of a new fleet of flying discs with spaceports in major cities around the globe.

In addition, Phil wants to build a giant stone pyramid behind the Hollywood sign. The pyramid would be similar to the ones he wants to build on top of Pikes Peak in Colorado and on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay.

Hump day hottie

Emma Stone

Weekend with Nancy: nan stays in motel with dead girlfriend’s corpse for 2 days

A man stayed in a Joliet motel room with his dead girlfriend’s corpse for nearly two days and used her debit card to buy vodka before calling authorities, police said Saturday.

Derek Tanke, 47, of Joliet, has been arrested on felony charges of concealment of a death, unlawful use of a credit card and ID theft, said Joliet Chief Michael Trafton. Tanke and his girlfriend, Nancy A. Johnston, 54, both were staying at the Bel-Air Motel, 1103 Plainfield Road, Trafton said.

Authorities found Johnston dead Friday morning in a motel room that had a significant odor of decomposition, Trafton said.

A pathologist working for the Will County coroner’s office has informed police that Johnston’s death was not a homicide, Trafton said.

Johnston had numerous medical problems and likely died Wednesday, Trafton said.

Tanke did not call authorities until Friday morning, Trafton said. Before he called, Tanke took Johnston’s debit card, withdrew money from an automated teller machine and bought vodka, Trafton said. Tanke also used the debit card to rent two additional days at the motel, where he stayed in the room with Johnston’s body, Trafton said.

On Friday morning, Tanke’s stay at the motel was ending, and he called 911 at 10:58 a.m., Trafton said. Tanke told responders that Johnston needed an ambulance, the chief said.

The Joliet police and fire departments responded, but when they arrived, they discovered that Johnston already was dead, the chief said. The coroner’s office was called to the scene.

It was obvious Johnston had been dead for some time, and police noticed some signs of trauma to her face, Trafton said.

In the past, the Joliet Police Department has arrested Tanke six times on domestic battery charges in cases where Johnston was the victim, Trafton said.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's finally here, the video game version of Lana Del Rey’s 'Video Games'

Until death do us part: Drunk bride stabs groom during reception

Police found the body of the 18-year-old husband at the couple's apartment in Kungur, in Russia's central Perm region, after Friday's ceremony, the Ria Novosti news agency reported yesterday.

The woman, 20, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

"After the official wedding and traditional toasts with alcoholic beverages on the evening of February 17, the newlyweds began to quarrel," investigators said in a statement. "The young woman stabbed her husband in the heart area during the quarrel, and the young man died on the spot."


Sign of the day

Swede survives 2 months trapped in car eating just snow

A Swedish man has been pulled barely alive from his snow-covered car having survived on nothing but snow for two months in sub-zero temperatures.

Peter Skyllberg, 44, had eaten nothing but handfuls of snow since December 19 when his car became bogged down in drifts near the town of Umea in northern Sweden.

Pictures of the vehicle's interior show the dashboard and seats covered in ice after temperatures plunged to -30C.

Igloo effect: Peter Skyllberg somehow survived inside this icebound car for two months by eating handfuls of snow as temperatures plunged as low as -30C

Igloo effect: Peter Skyllberg somehow survived inside this icebound car for two months by eating handfuls of snow as temperatures plunged as low as -30C

Baltic conditions: This picture shows just how much ice had built up inside the vehicle. Mr Skyllberg also appears to have had food and drink supplies, albeit limited ones

Frozen in: The Swede's car was found covered in 2ft of snow after getting trapped in drifts on December 19

Experts think he went into a kind of human hibernation which slowed down his metabolism and pulled him through the ordeal in what they have described as the 'case of a lifetime'.

Mr Skyllberg had driven off the main road on to forest tracks where his car became stuck fast.

A passing man on a snowmobile stopped to scrape snow from the windscreen of the vehicle and saw movement inside.

As he recovered in a hospital today details emerged of depression and debts piling up on him and it is thought he might have been trying to take his own life.

Police initially thought he was a nature lover who had become trapped in the snow while on an expedition to photograph elk.

But now it emerges there was a court judgment against him in December because of debts totaling £150,000.

Neighbours of his in the town of Orebro in central Sweden said he had also broken up with his girlfriend and had lost contact with his father and other family members 20 years ago.

The only other things found with him were cigarettes and comic books.

Cross off driving into a snow drift as a way to commit suicide. This guy hung around for 2 whole months in sub zero weather. It would be better to be dead than that cold. This guy was either super tough or stupid. Not sure which one.


Europeans must be impressed by hard butts

Here are two similar ads (NSFW) - a Russian and German for fitness centres.

How to get women to do housework - drug them!

Five-year-old boy lives as girl even tried to cut off his willy

With his blonde pigtails and purple tutu, Zach Avery, now five, has been living as a girl for more than a year - after he first refused to live as a boy when he turned three.

Little Zach was just three when he began refusing to live as a boy, instead choosing to wear pink dresses and ribbons in his long, blonde hair - because he has Gender Identity Disorder (GID).

And the primary school he attends in Essex has even changed the kids' toilets to gender-neutral Unisex in support of Zach since his official diagnosis last year, aged four.

Zach is one of the youngest in Britain ever to be diagnosed with GID - meaning he feels like he's a girl trapped in a boy's body.

Mum-of-four Theresa said: "He just turned round to me one day when he was three and said: 'Mummy, I'm a girl'. I assumed he was just going through a phase and just left it at that.

"But then it got serious and he would become upset if anyone referred to him as a boy.

"He used to cry and try to cut off his willy out of frustration."

Zach's school - Purfleet Primary in Essex - has even turned their toilet block gender-neutral to support him.

When he goes to school, Zach wears a girl's trouser uniform and black boots with pink trim, which his mother said is female but still neutral.

And mum said that although she misses her little boy, the family is very supportive of Zachy.


Won't be hard to identify this legless robber

A man who appeared to have two prosthetic legs is wanted for attempting to rob a Virginia drugstore.

Police said the man entered a CVS Pharmacy on Midlothian Turnpike near Buford Road Saturday night and handed the pharmacist a note demanding prescription pills. The man left the store without the receiving the pills, police said.

Police say this could be a quick capture, because of the specific details of prosethetic legs.


Presidential candidates week: Randy Blythe


Is there anything cooler than a presidential candidate who skateboards? Sure, it was hip when Bill Clinton was running for the highest elected office in the country and played the sax on late night TV shows. But Generation Y has its own vocal anti-hero and it’s D. Randall Blythe of Lamb of God. The singer has been ranting and raving on Twitter and on his Tumblr about the upcoming presidential election and has offered to throw himself on the grenade that is role of the president.

Monday, February 20, 2012

50 years ago John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth

Historic Spaceflight Anniversary of the Day
Today marks the 50th anniversary of NASA’s Mercury-Atlas 6 mission, which made astronaut John Glenn the first American to orbit the Earth.

On February 20, 1962, Glenn launched from Cape Canaveral in the Friendship 7 spacecraft, made three orbits of the Earth, and then splashed down safely in the Atlantic Ocean.

His historic flight helped the U.S. space program catch up to the Soviet Union, which had sent cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into orbit one year earlier.

This pisses me off

Murder suspect believes it is her constitutional right to be cookoo for Cocoa Puffs

Attorneys for a Washington state woman charged with murder are reportedly headed back to court next month to argue that she be allowed to eat Cocoa Puffs cereal and other sugary snacks while awaiting trial in county jail.

A judge will decide during a hearing scheduled for March if jail staff must allow the woman access to the Snohomish County Jail's commissary, the Everett Herald reports.

Attorneys for Holly Grigsby and David "Joey" Pedersen filed motions last week complaining about jail conditions and that their clients are not allowed to use the jail store to supplement their meals. A hearing on the complaint continued for more than two hours on Feb. 13.

The pair allegedly killed Pedersen's father, David "Red" Pedersen, and his wife, DeeDee, of Everett, last September. Authorities also believe they killed two other people -- an Oregon teenager and a disabled California man -- in October before their capture in northern California, the newspaper reports.

The couple have ties to white supremacist groups. Grigsby allegedly has made statements that the Oregon teen, Cody Myers was killed because he had a “Jewish sounding” last name. Meyers was a Christian. Grigsby also has allegedly made statements that Reginald Clark was shot to death in California because she believed he had a drug problem. Clark was black.

Snohomish County Jail officials said inmates like Grigsby and Pedersen are denied commissary rights since they are maximum-security prisoners and because sugary snacks can be used to make jailhouse alcohol. Grigsby wanted to buy Cocoa Puffs and coffee.

Grigsby's defense lawyer, Pete Mazzone, told the newspaper that it violates his client's constitutional rights to deny her access to the commissary based on the nature of the charges against her.

Grigsby has received several violations since she's been incarcerated, including trying to brew alcohol in her cell, the newspaper reports.

Brian Burke, find us a goalie before February 27th

Well that was some shellacking the Maple Leafs took from Vancouver on Saturday night. The truth is the 6-2 loss can be pinned on mediocre goaltending. I couldn't watch the whole game, turned it off at 3-0.

Certainly the Canucks are a better team but you don't stand a chance when your goalie isn't as good as the guy playing at the other end of the rink. How many points this season have the Leafs outplayed the opposition but given up more goals? Too many!

When I posed the question last week 'what is the Leafs' need to get better', it should be obvious better goaltending. You can't win without it. Before Saturday night's game, the Leafs goalies stood 24th overall in goals against average and save percentage. Not the type of numbers that get you into the playoffs. All this talk about another top 6 forward is nonsense. The Leafs' offensive has generated the 7th most goals in the NHL. Burke needs to package together what ever it takes to land a solid goalie. Otherwise we've wasted another season being frustrated by inconsistent goaltending.

Let's stop pretending these guys can do it.

Getting to bed

Man arrested for allegedly eating cats

Kern County investigators say the man arrested for allegedly preparing and eating cats was found with a headless carcass in his kitchen sink.

Investigators are releasing new details about the bizarre case, including reports from a neighbor who reported seeing Jason Wilmert decapitate a cat in his backyard.

The neighbor called deputies, who were told by other neighbors that they had heard the sounds of cats screaming coming from the 35-year-old's home in the Bakersfield suburb of Oildale.

Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt says a deputy looking into the backyard saw a cat's head on the ground. When Wilmert came out, they arrested him. Inside the house, investigators say they found the cat's carcass as if it were being prepped for cooking.

Wilmert is scheduled to be arraigned Friday on misdemeanor animal cruelty charges and possession of a pet for food.


The Vancouver Canucks fan tht vandalized a church can't spell "Canucks"

Boston Bruins forward Milan Lucic is a Vancouver native who is apparently hated by some of his hometown neighbors.

One morning this past week on the side of the St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church where the Lucic family attend arge, black graffiti was found that reads "Fuck Lucic" and "Go Canuks (sic) Go," along with crudely drawn genitalia.

Not surprising the stupid Canuck fan who defaced a church can't even spell the hometown team's name.

Presidential candidates week: Naked Cowboy

Can't stand President Obama? Not prepared to cast a vote for Mitt Romney or anyone else vying for the Republican nod?

How would you like a candidate who will gladly show you everything that doesn't fit in his tighty-whities?

With Presidents' Day upon us, take a moment to appreciate the more than 300 lesser known Americans who have registered with the Federal Election Commission to run for the highest office in the land.

Remember, as long as you're at least 35 years old, a native American and have lived in the United States at least 14 years, you've got what it takes. You don't even need a shirt and a pair of pants. Just ask Robert Burck, better known as New York's Naked Cowboy.

This Times Square street performer who appears in little more than boots, a cowboy hat and underwear (never boxers, always briefs), is saddling up for a White House run.

Burck is listed as an independent but is bothered by the fact that no Republicans have (so far) offered their support since he says his platform fits in with that of the current GOP orthodoxy, with calls for a smaller federal government, free market economics and "the strongest national defense possible."


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Truth in advertising

Skinny-D 86


Sign of the day

"Hasidic Hottie" in bitter custody battle with Orthodox husband

This rabbi’s daughter has an unorthodox custody battle on her hands.

Pearlperry Reich, 30, a stunning mother of four, said she’s done with the Hasidic community after it fought tooth-and-nail against her repeated attempts to end her rocky marriage — despite her claims of emotional and physical abuse.

“It was an arranged marriage,” she said of her betrothal at the tender age of 18. “We got married and right away we had issues.”

Now, after 12 years of “war zone” living, she wants custody of her kids, is trying to launch a career in acting and modeling, and no longer plans to follow the Hasidic teachings she was raised with in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Her husband, Sinai Susholz, wants his children to remain within the faith.

“There are issues of her leaving Orthodoxy,” said Susholz’s attorney, Richard Sevrin. “It’s not in the best interest of the children to raise them other than how they’ve been brought up.”

But apparently that isn’t the only bone Susholz has to pick.

In a Facebook exchange, someone identifying himself as Susholz leveled accusations including “promiscuous sexual activities.”

Reich — who now lives in Lakewood, NJ, where she says she continues to keep a traditional Orthodox home — contends Susholz is trying to portray her as unstable merely to make it harder to get a “get,” or a divorce, in rabbinic court.

Even her father, a prominent rabbi of the Riminov line, has encouraged her to remain married.

“My father gave me a very hard time. He didn’t want me to get divorced, period,” she said. “They discouraged me from making police reports about abuse — my father, the rabbis and my husband’s family . . . His parents made a meeting with my parents. They called me a bitch and a whore, and my parents accepted it.”

Lakewood Police records show that Reich has been granted at least one restraining order after she received a text from Susholz stating, “You are playing with fire and by the time you realize it will be too late.”

Bikini Sunday

Demi Lovota