Sunday, March 04, 2012

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Flight attendant, his swinger wife and her lover used Craigslist to find a dog for sex

Three self-described "swingers" from Arizona including a couple said to be in an open marriage have been accused of using Craigslist to look for a dog for the woman to have sex with, ABC 15 News reports.

Deputies arrested Shane Walker, 38, his wife Sarah Dae, 34, and Dae's reported lover Robert Aucker, 29, on the charge of conspiracy to commit bestiality, the Daily Mail reports.

The arrest was the end result of an undercover operation that went on for weeks as the three used Craigslist to correspond with someone who they believed to be the owner of a golden retriever, according to the paper.

In reality, the correspondent was an undercover deputy, according to CBS 5 News. The deputy exchanged a series of e-mails with the threesome and convinced them to drive to a location where he would meet them with the dog. When the party showed up, they were arrested.

Shane Walker and Sarah Dae told deputies at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office that they are "swingers" who engage in an "open" marriage and that Aucker, their third partner in crime, was a former lover of Dae's, the Tuscon Citizen reports.

According to deputies, Dae told Aucker that she had always dreamed of having sex with a dog.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the case is the third in the past year in which Craigslist has been used to facilitate planned acts of bestiality, which is illegal in Arizona.

I want this dog that thinks he's Liberace

Sexual predator looks like Kenny from 'South Park'

After a 23-year-old woman in Pittsburgh was sexually assaulted in the shower, she was asked to give a composite sketch of the perpetrator – and evidently, the sicko was Kenny McCormick from “South Park.” Unless it was a Conehead fom SNL.

Piece of fluff earns pensioner a littering fine

Accidental Litterbug of the Day

Pensioner Valerie George was left shocked after she received a £75 littering fine for a piece of fluff that fell from her glove.

The 71-year-old, whose weekly retirement stipend is a meager £105, was walking along a shopping street in her hometown of Brynmawr, Gwent, when a loose ball of thread tumbled from her glove onto the sidewalk.

She was immediately approached by a council environment officer, and slapped with a fine.

“I caught my watch on my glove and didn’t even notice the cotton fall,” said George, who called the fine “ridiculous.”

Blaenau Gwent Council agreed to rescind the fine, but maintained that an offense “was committed.”

Hockey Dad kicked out of tournament for shining laser pointer in opposing goalie’s eyes

Winthrop parent allegedly pointed laser in opponent's eyes during hockey game:

Adults are great at taking the fun out of competitive sports. Take this father of the year candidate who was removed from a girls high school hockey game between Winthrop and Medway-Ashland after he was discovered shining a laser pointer in a teenage girl's eyes.

The score was tied 1-1 in the third period when the father of a Winthrop player was caught pointing the laser at the Medway-Ashland goalie. Winthrop assistant superintendent Lisa Howard went into the stands and ordered the parent out of the arena.

Winthrop would wind up winning the game 3-1, but controversy endures. Medway-Ashland parents want to replay the third period and question why this dad, who has priors when it comes to disrupting girls hockey games apparently, was even allowed to watch the game. If this whole story is not quite absurd enough, according to more responsible adults, the targeted goalie has been experiencing headaches ever since the game.