Saturday, June 02, 2012

This may have been one of the most expensive crashes ever

The collision, involving a Bentley Azure (worth an estimated $400,000), a Mercedes S Class ($120,000), a Ferrari F430 ($230,000), an Aston Martin Rapide ($230,000) and a Porsche 911 ($130,000), occurred in front of Monaco's Place du Casino.

Tim Thomas throws a wrench into Bruin's plans to trade him

It seems pretty clear that Tim Thomas has worn out his welcome in Boston despite his two Venzinas and a Conn Smythe. I think it was a given that Peter Chiarelli would be trading Thomas in the offseason. Thomas has one year left on his contract and on July 1st the no-trade provision in his contract ends. So theoretically Chiarelli would be free to move the goalie to the highest bidder. In fact Thomas would be my first choice for the Maple Leafs out of all the goalies available this summer.

Now it seems Thomas has pretty much killed Chiarelli's plans by announcing that he was taking a year off. His family was the reason he gave for taking a one year sabbatical. After all no one will be interested in picking up a 38-year-old goalie who appears to be in pre-retirement.

So what's all this about?

Well it's my guess that Thomas may actually be prepared to leave the Bruins but wants to control his destination. At 38 I would guess he wants to move to another Stanley Cup contender - not likely the Leafs or Columbus - maybe Chicago. So after July 1 I wouldn't be surprised if Thomas comes up with a short list of cities where his family would be comfortable moving to. Essentially he may have found a way to extend the no-trade provision of his contract in to the final year.

45 years of Maple Leafs frustration: 1983-84

Around this time Yolanda had become a fixture at the Gardens. She brought with her dog T.C Puck a Bouvier. Harold Ballard enjoyed the attention and the two became inseparable. He gave her a job at the Gardens and paid her $35,000 a year but no one knew what she did. To the Gardens employees she went from amusing, to annoying and finally despised.

1983-84 was another dismal season with the Leafs finishing 18th overall in the 21-team league. It as the franchise's second worst season ever up to that point. During what was the darkest period of the once proud franchise the antics of the owner was far more entertaining than the product on the ice. The only high point was Rick Vaive's 3rd consecutive 50 goal season. The media began to writing negative articles about Mike Nykoluk. Soon reporters were being banned from the Gardens. A practice that became quite common for Ballard as time went on.

When the season ended and the Leafs had again failed to make the playoffs, Gerry McNamara finally fired Nykoluk. Although he wasn't solely to blame, he never won more than 28 games in the three season he was behind the bench.

McNamara had to work within Ballard’s increasing stinginess with funds, which resulted in the Leafs having only three full-time scouts, rarely pursuing free agents or participating in the waiver draft, and filling key roles with people already in the organization. Prospects were often rushed to the NHL far sooner than they should have been.

McNamara had initiated a law suit over an auto accident prior to becoming General Manager which reached a settlement around this time. In the action he claimed he had suffered brain damage which included difficulty speaking in stressful situations. When he received a $125,000 settlement the newspapers had a field day. One headline read, "McNamara Proves He's Brain Damaged".

Video of the week

I've got to pick the Donald Trump interview on CNN this week. He sounded like a complete idiot with his stupid insistance that President Obama was not born in the US. I'm guessing the Republican nominee will not want to appear on a stage with this guy.

Hilarious video of pills falling out of an inmate's vagina

Before she was to begin a six-month sentence for a probation violation, Andrea Amanatides, 38, filled a condom with 256 prescription pills — 90 pills of Lyrica, 37 Adderall pills, 50 Valiums, 43 Trazadones, 10 Ambiens, 26 Oxycontins — and four bags of heroin and put the condom in her vagina. As Amanatides waited in her holding cell, one of the pills fell out.

Amanatides then tried to "adjust herself, but the 255 other pills and heroin simultaneously fell to the floor. The entire sequence was captured on video. The best part is when she makes a half hearted attempt to kick them under the bench. Like no one would notice them.

People we should really be worried about week

Friday, June 01, 2012

Union Station is under water

Not only is pouring rain combining with a nasty wind to make for some terrible commuting but now Union Station is flooded and closed. Fortunately I had no appointments downtown today. It's not the rain that flooded the subway station but it appears a broken sewer main and I hear it smells real bad down there. Not a good place to be with good shoes.

Two wounded after shots fired after argument over Koolaid

Witnesses say two men in the Brightmoor neighborhood were so passionate about the way they make Kool-Aid, they started arguing with each other over who does it better.

Sadly, that fight took a horrifying turn when they both pulled out guns and started firing at each other. Again, this was over Kool-Aid.

They didn't hit each other, but two innocent bystanders suffered gunshot wounds in the soft drink shooting. Police call it utterly ridiculous, but they've seen worse.


Former Teletubby breaks silence to confirm: "We were NOT gay!"

A Teletubby has broken her silence to insist: Laa-Laa, Tinky Winky, Dipsy and Po weren’t gay.

Nikky Smedley, who played yellow-suited Laa-Laa, spoke out to rubbish claims smash hit children’s show Teletubbies was laced wih gay innuendo.

She told The Birmingham Mail: “I think it’s embarrassing for the people who said it.

“What kind of person can take the obvious innocence and turn it into something else? We were hardly sexual beings.”

During her ten years as Laa-Laa, the BBC show battled rumours of gay undertones.

In 1999, American cleric Jerry Falwell claimed Tinky Winky was a homosexual role model for children, based on the fact he wore purple and had a triangular antenna. Both are symbols in the gay pride movement.


'Cleaning Fairy' breaks into home, cleans and leaves $75 bill

Ohio police have identified a real life cleaning fairy - who may be flapping her wings into a jail cell.

The woman broke into a Westlake, OH home, did some light cleaning, then left a bill.

The family thought a cleaning service sent someone to the wrong house, but the "cleaning fairy" told them it was no mistake, and they better pay up.

"There were some coffee mugs that my husband had out," said Sherry Bush, the homeowner. "She had washed them all."

Last week, while she was away and her daughter was sleeping upstairs, someone broke in the house, took out trash, vacuumed the carpet and cleaned up the playroom, Bush said.

"She wrote a note on a napkin and left it on the table, saying, '$75 I was here to clean,' and left her name and number," Bush said.

When the Bushes read it, they thought Sue Warren just cleaned the wrong house, so they gave her a call.

"I think our jaws just dropped to the ground," Bush said. "I said, what happened, did you get the wrong house? She said, 'No, I do this all the time.' I said, What do you mean? She said, 'I just stop and clean your house.'"

It isn't clear if Sue Warren does this all the time, but she did do it last month, and was charged with criminal trespassing.

A friend living at Warren's Elyria home said Sue is always working and owns her own business.

Sue Warren Cleaning can be found online.

"That's what she does for a living. She cleans," Bush said.

"Now that we've seen the job that she did, it was like whoa, $75? $15 maybe," Bush said laughing.

No charges have been filed against Warren yet in Westlake, but they may still come.

Despite the strange nature of these crimes, nothing was stolen from the homes.


People we should really be worried about week

Flashback Friday - The Beatles

45 years ago today The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, their 8th album. I consider it to be the greatest album ever produced. Sgt. Pepper's influenced many musicians back then and ushered in the psychadelic era of rock music. I still love this album along with Abbey Road.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pitcher pulled one out away from a 20-strikeout perfect game

It was the last game of the regular season for Western Christian School (Upland, Calif.), and pitcher Ryan Olson was having what one might call a dominating performance. Not only was he working on a perfect game, but he had struck out all 20 batters he faced. But with two out in the seventh (high school games go seven innings), Olson was denied a shot at strikeout No. 21.

The junior pitcher struck out 20 batters in 6 2/3 innings against Calvary Murrieta on Thursday. He was pulled with one batter to go so a senior could play on senior day. Western Christian won, 6-0.

Seriously what kind of idiot pulls a ptcher when he is one out away from a perfect game?


Comrade Michael Bloomberg to ban large-sized sugary drinks

New York City plans to enact a far-reaching ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts, in the most ambitious effort yet by the Bloomberg administration to combat rising obesity.

The proposed ban would affect virtually the entire menu of popular sugary drinks found in delis, fast-food franchises and even sports arenas, from energy drinks to pre-sweetened iced teas. The sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than 16 fluid ounces — about the size of a medium coffee, and smaller than a common soda bottle — would be prohibited under the first-in-the-nation plan, which could take effect as soon as next March.

The measure would not apply to diet sodas, fruit juices, dairy-based drinks like milkshakes, or alcoholic beverages; it would not extend to beverages sold in grocery or convenience stores.

“Obesity is a nationwide problem, and all over the United States, public health officials are wringing their hands saying, ‘Oh, this is terrible,’ ” Mr. Bloomberg said in an interview on Wednesday in the Governor’s Room at City Hall.

“New York City is not about wringing your hands; it’s about doing something,” he said. “I think that’s what the public wants the mayor to do.”

A spokesman for the New York City Beverage Association, an arm of the soda industry’s national trade group, criticized the city’s proposal on Wednesday. The industry has clashed repeatedly with the city’s health department, saying it has unfairly singled out soda; industry groups have bought subway advertisements promoting their cause.

“The New York City health department’s unhealthy obsession with attacking soft drinks is again pushing them over the top,” the industry spokesman, Stefan Friedman, said. “It’s time for serious health professionals to move on and seek solutions that are going to actually curb obesity. These zealous proposals just distract from the hard work that needs to be done on this front.”

Mr. Bloomberg’s proposal requires the approval of the Board of Health, a step that is considered likely because the members are all appointed by him, and the board’s chairman is the city’s health commissioner, who joined the mayor in supporting the measure on Wednesday.

Mr. Bloomberg has made public health one of the top priorities of his lengthy tenure, and has championed a series of aggressive regulations, including bans on smoking in restaurants and parks, a prohibition against artificial trans fat in restaurant food and a requirement for health inspection grades to be posted in restaurant windows.

Sure the Tea Party crowd will be jumping up and down about the government interfering on individual rights. There has to be a balance between individual rights and the public good. You hammer drunk drivers because they kill people. Obese people hurt themselves. You aren't going to teach proper nutrition by stupid rules like this. So at the movies I they can only serve me 16 oz but they can give me unlimited refills. I can't buy a 24 oz bottle of Coke on the street but I can buy two 12 oz cans. The ban is easy to beat. Put your money into meaningful health prevention.


Teacher sex scandals hit NYC tabloids

Look at the pair of headlines in the NY Post and NY Daily News:

The high-school senior caught on camera locking lips with his hot-to-trot teacher won a bet with four of his buddies to see who would hook up with her first, The Post has learned.

Eric Arty, 18, beat his pals — who each ponied up $100 — to win the jackpot as well as the affections of glamorous global-studies teacher Julie Warning, 26.

“It was a bet with a group of his friends,” said Andrew Cabrera, a junior at Manhattan Theater Lab HS, where Warning worked until Tuesday, when she was reassigned to an administrative job.

The teacher bet was the talk of the school yesterday.Warning was a no-show when she was supposed to report to her new desk job yesterday and could not be reached for comment.

Horndog High strikes again! Brooklyn's James Madison High—which you might recall from, among other incidents, the time two teachers were caught there in a lesbian tryst last year back—is back in the tabloids! This time because a 36-year-old married English teacher had allegedly been teaching her 16-year-old charge the finer points of sexting, late night SUV sexcapades, and smoking pot in school. And she would have gotten away with it too... if the boy's girlfriend didn't snitch.

English teacher Erin Sayar had sex with 11th-grader Kevin Eng at least eight times last December when she was supposed to be tutoring him. In addition to playing hanky-panky, Sayar allegedly plied her charge with pot that she kept stashed in an office filing cabinet. Over the course of the month the married mother of a young girl exchanged 3,856 text messages with Eng.

6 year old National Spelling Bee competitor eliminated

Wednesday was the first day of the 85th National Spelling Bee, with 278 contestants vying for 50 spots in the semi-finals, which take place today. The spellers moved on to day 2 based on their scores from a 50-word computer test they took Tuesday plus their ability to spell words on stage for an audience yesterday.

Six-year-old Lori Anne Madison of Woodbridge, Va., had no trouble spelling the first word she was given – “dirigible”. She did, however, need the microphone to be lowered so she could speak into it.

Lori Ann later misspelled "ingluvies" (a crop of birds) as e-n-g-l-u-v-i-e-s, which led to her elimination.

Don Cherry wants picks the Kings to win the Cup because they have fewer Europeans

It has long ceased being surprising to hear Don Cherry praise Canadians at the expense of other nationalities. Pointing out that Cherry is jingoist is like saying that Patrick Kane likes to party or Josh Beckett like pizza.

Just prior to game one, Cherry made his prediction for the series on CBC. Cherry rationale:

If you’re smart, you’re going to pick New Jersey for this thing – best goalie, higher in the standings, home-ice advantage – but I’m going to go with LA. I picked them at the start of the playoffs. They’re big, they’re mean, they might have a little rust, 7 days off, but y’know why I’m picking them? 23 North Americans, 14 Canadians, 8 guys from Ontario – heart and character, that’s why they’re going to win.
This guy continues to embarrass all of Canada.

By the way what a great goal by the Slovenia Anze Kopitar on Canadian Martin Brodeur to win game 1.

Which is worth more - sex with this girl or a McDonald's meal?

A Valley teen is facing a child prostitution charge after attempting to trade sex for food.

Faelyn Ritz, 18, was arrested Monday after she and a 14-year-old girl agreed to have sex with two men in exchange for a meal at McDonald’s.

Police approached Ritz after watching her, the 14-year-old, and the two men discuss a deal in the area of Priest and Broadway.

While speaking with officers, Ritz admitted that she had reached an agreement with the men to swap sexual favors for food at McDonald’s. Ritz also revealed that she has been prostituting since the age of 15, and charges $200 an hour for her services.

Seriously which would be more of a health risk sex with this girl or eating at McDonald's? I would suggest passing on both. Neither will be fulfilling and will only lead to guilt and regreI also find it hard to believe this girl could earn $200 per hour though I could see her eating $200 worth in McDonalds's food.


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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Nicklas Lidstrom to retire

Nicklas Lidstrom, the best defenseman of his era and one of the greatest of all time, will announce his retirement. The Detroit Red Wings have called a press conference for 11 a.m. Thursday.

I've only seen one better defenseman, Bobby Orr, but injuries cut his career short so he could not build the same type of legacy as Lidstrom.

His resume is basically unmatched. Seven Norris trophies, four Stanley Cups, an Olympic Gold Medal, and a Conn Smythe trophy. However, those things barely begin to tell the whole story. Lidstrom was almost invisible on the ice. You hardly noticed him but appearing out of nowhere he would get in a passing lane or take the puck off of an attacking winger. He quarterbacked a devastating powerplay and killed penalties. For much of his career he played close to 30 minutes per game. And with all that he was class on and off the ice.

Those shoes or I should say skates will be difficult to fill.

Is that Howard Beale sitting in the IL House of Representatives?

Illinois state representative Mike Bost has my attention. Yelling and carrying on. Punching at bills. This guy has real passion - okay maybe a little too much. He's a little like Howard Beale but less crazy but also less control. I'd vote him any day.

Maple Leafs sign Leo Komarov but for the Leafs or Marlies?

Leo Komarov played 46 games last season for Moscow Dynamo of the Kontinental Hockey League.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed forward Leo Komarov to a one-year contract, the club announced Tuesday. The five-foot-11, 198-pound forward was born in Estonia but moved to Finland at a young age, was the Leafs’ seventh choice in the 2006 NHL Entry Draft. Komarov played in the KHL the last three season and had one year remaining on his KHL deal but his KHL contract appears to have had an out clause.

Every Leafs signing comes with a lot of fanfare but should we really be excited about this signing?

The book in Komarov is that he is a small, physical forward that racks up a lot of penalty minutes with a scoring touch. He likes to play dirty and can infuriate opponents. In other words a skilled pest.

Ron Wilson only had mild interest in players like Komarov but Randy Carlyle's philosophy is more consistent with Brian Burke's where you have skill forwards in the top 6 and grinders in the bottom 6. So Komarov has a chance to stick with the Leafs as a 4th liner but he may need to beat out some NHL regulars to make it. So I wouldn't be surprised to see him play much of the season with the Marlies.

Drunk driver drives right through house ends up in backyard

A boozed-up driver tore through a 96-year-old woman’s Long Island house on Monday, spinning such a devastating path of destruction that the stove wound up in the back yard, police said. Sophia Anderson, 21, was behind the wheel of a red convertible Mercedes at about 4 a.m. when she failed to turn at a T-shaped intersection and slammed into the Huntington home of Helen Indiere.

The car tore through the kitchen and busted through the flowery wallpapered rear wall. It finally came to a stop when it hit a tree in the backyard garden. It struck with such force it shook neighbouring homes. “I never heard brakes,” said next-door neighbour Kimberly Steinberg, who called 911. The driver’s mother, Susan Anderson, was in shock when told her about the crash. “Oh, my God! This is not like her. I don’t know what’s going on,” the shaken-up mother said. “She doesn’t have a car in the city. I don’t know whose it is.”

Anderson, who grew up in the tony Connecticut town of Deep River, left for the city two years ago, her mother said. She moved from Queens to Harlem to her current digs in Bushwick, Brooklyn — all the while working and applying to schools. “She has her own life; she’s been away for a couple of years now. I don’t even know who her friends are,” her mother said. Anderson works as a waitress at the Union Square restaurant Kibo, and was informed on Sunday that it was closing, a friend and co-worker said.

She told colleagues she was headed to the Hamptons for the weekend, the friend said — though Huntington is nowhere near the Hamptons. “Nothing seemed wrong,” said the friend, who did not want to be identified. “She likes to have fun after the job, but nothing crazy,” the friend added. Indiere and her live-in caretaker were not injured, police said. Anderson and an unidentified man riding in the car suffered minor injuries. Anderson refused to take a Breathalyzer or blood test, police said, and was charged with driving while intoxicated.

People we should really be worried about week

45 years of Maple Leafs frustration: 1982-83

In Gerry McNamara's full season in charge of the team one would have thought he would use the opportunity to rebuild not just the hockey team but the hockey operations. The Leafs at the time only had 3 full time scouts (Johnny Bower, Dick Duff and Floyd Smith) while most teams had at least 10. Coach Mike Nykoluk only had one assistant while other head coaches had several assistants. Doug Carpenter who had a very successful career as a junior coach at Cornwall was coaching the Leafs' AHL affiliate (St. Catherines Saints) but was not brought back in 1982. He would have been an excellent replacement for Nykoluk but McNamara decided to replace Carpenter with ex-teammate Claire Alexander. Even the Saints were a disaster. To save money McNamara didn't sign their top two scorers from the previous season, Bruce Boudreau and Mike Kaszycki, which further weakened the Leafs' depth.

The 1982-83 season featured the short career of Paul Higgins. Higgins played with McNamara's son at Henry Carr and was signed by the Toronto Marlies. He was continually getting into fights and in trouble with the law. He even got into a fight in a softball game during the offseason. The Marlies eventually traded him to Kitchener and drove him to his new team to make sure he got out of town. None of this mattered to McNamara who had the Leafs draft him in 1980 (10th round) and employ him as a goon.

The Leafs did not send scouts to the World Championships because Harold Ballard refused to sign Europeans. So the team that opened to door to Europeans by signing Borje Salming was now ignoring that continent. Meanwhile the rest of the NHL was going European (Jarri Kurri in Edmonton, Kent Nilsson in Calgary, Peter Stasny in Quebec).

Rick Vaive registered a second 50-goal season but that was really the only bright spot. Despite a terrible 28-40-12 record the Maple Leafs make the playoffs by finishing in 3rd place in the Norris Division. However the weak Leafs are quickly exposed as they are knocked off in 4 games of a best of 5 by the Minnesota North Stars. A total of 46 players dressed for the Leafs that season.

Hump day hottie

Rose McGowan

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How can someone as stupid as Donald Trump make that much money?

If you mailed a human foot to the Conservative Party HQ, please come pick it up

A police officer removes a package containing a human foot from the Conservative Party headquarters in Ottawa on Tuesday.

Canada's governing Conservative Party headquarters received a "bloody, foul-smelling" package containing a human foot in the mail this morning. They probably didn't order it, but they also can't figure out who sent it.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that police initially thought the box might contain a human heart which kind of makes sense because Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn't have one.

Anyway the heart that might have been intended for the PM turned out to be a human foot, meaning, as police sergeant Bruce Pirt noted earlier today, in a stunning a-ha moment, "There's a body without one." Those cops don't miss a thing.

So, if you just cut off your own foot and mailed it to Tory headquarters, the police are looking for you. And they know just what to look for. Yup, a person with one foot.

6 year old qualifies for National Spelling Bee

Lori Anne Madison apparently began showing signs of nerdy behaviour when she started reading Dr. Seuss books before her second birthday and won her first spelling bee at age three and a half. She was rejected from a Virginia "private school for the gifted" because she was "too smart to accommodate."

Nothing worse than a precocious six-year-old?

Thank You!! 2 Million Pageviews and Counting!!

This evening Canada, eh? had its 2,000,000th hit. Our anonymous guest is in Auckland, New Zealand dropped in at 9:15 pm looking for a high school yearbook photo of a girl exposing herself. Seriously that is disgusting. What kind of a world is this?

It appears Brian Burke has asked about Roberto Luongo

Here is someone we haven't heard from in a while.

Brian Burke was on TVA in Quebec and had this to say about Roberto Luongo: "There has not been significant discussion (with the Canucks) on that player."

Interesting Burke made the comment in order to calm the speculation regarding the Canuck goaltending. The comment may have the opposite effect. Partly because Burke did not say he hasn't had any discussions with the Canucks just that he had no significant discussion. This leads one to believe that there have been some discussions then.

Leafs Nation is all over the map when it comes to Luongo. Some believe that Burke should give up just about any asset to acquire Luongo. Some would like to see Luongo in a Leafs jersey if the price is right. While others either hate Luongo or the contract and don't want to see him here.

I think Luongo has been a streak goalie throughout his career but overall has been very good. His play has declined somewhat and the question is how rapidly will his skills diminish in light of his long contract. Steve Yzerman has told the media that he is not looking to trade for a goalie which would seem to eliminate the Bolts as a possible location for Luongo. That said if the Canucks will take back some bad Leafs contract (like Mike Komisarek) then a deal should be made.

Still my first choice would be Tim Thomas if he became available and if the Bruins would trade him to a divisional rival.

Another singer butchers Star Spangled Banner

Victoria Zarlenga sang the national anthem before a soccer match between the USA and Scotland. It wasn't the worst I've ever heard but it was pretty bad. She later stated that she was unawared she needed to bring earbuds so that she could hear herself sing. As a result the noise from the stadium totally screwed her up. Give her a break she is just 18.

Don't be posting photos of your cash on Facebook

The masked men, armed with a knife and a club, struck the home of the 17-year-old girl's mother in the country town of Bundanoon on Thursday, police say.

Her mother told the men her daughter no longer lived there.

It is not clear how the robbers found the family address. The Facebook image was at the grandmother's Sydney house.

The men searched the house and took a small amount of cash and a small number of personal objects before leaving.

No-one was injured.

The girl had earlier posted a picture on her Facebook page of a "large sum of cash" she had helped count at her 72-year-old grandmother's home in Sydney, 120 km (75 miles) north-east of Bundanoon.

I'm sometimes stunned by the amount of personal information that people publicly post in Facebook. Any benefits are greatly outweighed by the risks to your privacy. At the end of the day it is nothing more than the world largest photo album.


People we should really be worried about week

Monday, May 28, 2012

Beep Beep Beep...

Police raid wrong house and then nearly burn down family's home

Smoke: Black smoke billows out of the second floor window after the Houston family's dinner causes a fire

A California family's house nearly burned down when police stormed the wrong address and ordered the residents out at gunpoint, leaving food cooking on the stove.

San Diego Sheriff's Department deputies surrounded Willie and Christine Houston's Spring Valley house around 9pm after receiving a tip that a man who robbed a medical marijuana delivery provider had run inside holding a gun.

Despite informing police they weren't involved in the robbery and pleading with them to turn off the kitchen stove, Mr Houston was arrested and the rest of the family was forced to leave the house.

Within minutes, a fire broke out in the kitchen, trapping two women and a seven-year-old girl on the second floor.

Police used a skateboard and a fire axe to break the windows to get the people out as black smoke billowed through the second floor window.

Everyone was evacuated by the time the fire crews arrived.


Honor student with two jobs jailed for missing too much school

A judge threw a 17-year-old 11th grade honor student from Willis High School in jail after she missed school again.

Judge Lanny Moriarty said last month Diane Tran was in his Justice of the Peace court for truancy and he warned her then to stop missing school. But she recently missed classes again so Wednesday he issued a summons and had her arrested in open court when she appeared.

Tran said she works a full-time job, a part-time job and takes advanced placement and dual credit college level courses. She said she is often too exhausted to wake up in time for school. Sometimes she misses the entire day, she said. Sometimes she arrives after attendance has been taken.

The judge ordered Tran to spend 24 hours in jail and pay a $100 fine. Judge Moriarty admitted that he wants to make an example of Tran.

Tran said she is working so hard because she is helping to support an older brother who attends Texas A&M University and a baby sister who lives with relatives in Houston. Tran said her parents divorced “out of the blue” and both moved away, leaving her in Willis. Her mother lives in Georgia, she said.


UPDATE: Diane Tran will not have to endure a tarnished record after all. Judge Lanny Moriarty, who previously said he sentenced Tran to serve jail-time because he wanted to make an example of her, reviewed Tran's many hardships and determined that extenuating circumstanced led to her truancy.

People we should really be worried about week

Sunday, May 27, 2012

45 years of Maple Leafs frustration: 1981-82

During the Leafs' training camp in September 1981, Imlach suffered a third heart attack, which was followed by quadruple bypass surgery. Harold Ballard once again appointed himself as interim manager and let it be known to the media that Imlach's poor health meant that "he's through as general manager." Imlach was never officially fired, but when he tried to return to work in November, he found that his parking spot at Maple Leaf Gardens had been reassigned and Gerry McNamara had been made acting general manager. Imlach never returned to work and his contract was allowed to expire. McNamara made a name for himself in the organization as a scout in 1973 when he returned from the World Hockey Championships to report on a star defenseman from Sweden, named Borje Salming. McNamara somehow kept his job for nearly a decade despite the team never breaking the 70 point barrier.

Mike Nykoluk returned as coach. He had been recruited from the radio booth which appeared to be the standard approach to filling openings in the organization - look for down the hall for someone cheap and a little desperate.

At the start of the season the Leafs would put into the newly created Norris Division uner realignment and away from Boston and Buffalo in the Adams Division. At the time the awful Detroit Red Wings and Winnipeg Jets were Norris occupants. Yer the Leafs slipped even further in the standing finishing with only 20 wins and 56 points. That was good for 19th overall in the 21-team league. In comparison, the 2009-10 version of the Leafs had a miserable season but still scraped together 30 wins.

In January of 1982, Darryl Sittler eventually quit the team, asked to be traded and was (#5 on my list of worst Leafs trades). Rick Vaive, who along with Bill Derlago was acquired from Vancouver for Tiger Williams and Jerry Butler in one of the few good trades that Imlach made, was named captain. Vaive was also one of the few bright spots in a dismal decade by being the first Leaf player to score 50 goals in a season and repeating the feat the next two years. Today that would be a monster season but in 1981-82, when scoring was up considerably, that was only good for 5th in goal scoring. The monster season was had by a guy named Wayne Gretzky who scored 92 goals.

Amanda Bynes: Professional careless driver

She hasn't had the best of luck behind the wheel and it seems Amanda Bynes' streak of run-ins with the law for her driving skills is still in full swing. Perhaps a bumper car would be more appropriate for her.

According to a report put out by TMZ on Sunday (May 27), the "She's The Man" starlet allegedly ran into a car on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley back on April 10th and proceeded to flee the scene.

As described by the victim, the driver was behind the wheel of a 5 series BMW in which they managed to get the license plate number and a profile view of the driver before heading off on a small chase. The victim said they followed the culprit off of the freeway, but could not keep up when the other driver blew through a red light.

Once the California Highway Patrol showed up and ran the license plate number, they informed the victim that the vehicle was rented from Enterprise. Following the meeting with CHP, the victim took the next step by calling Enterprise and was then told that the person whom the car was rented to was none other than Miss Bynes.

The victim then took the information to the CHP substation where they ended up identifying the actress from a photo lineup that included Amanda's previous DUI mugshot from a few days prior.

Law officials say the case was referred to a filing officer at the L.A. City Attorney's Office, but the case was immediately rejected due to insufficient witness accounts proving Amanda as the driver.

She was already cited for a DUI after hitting a cop car and was later nabbed for another hit and run earlier this month in Hollywood.

Remember, if you see Bynes on the road, don't engage, proceed with caution, and — by all means — don't get in her way. In fact its probably best if you just pull over and just let her get to where ever she is going. She does have the best legs in Hollywood and one day she may even use them for something useful.


Will this photo hurt Bill Clinton's re-election?


This photo of Bill Clinton partying in Monaco with two porn stars has been making the rounds on the Internet yesterday. Yup Slick Willy hasn't changed much over the years. I wonder if he showed them his cigar collection?

It turns out one of the porn stars told TMZ, "I hope this doesn’t hurt his re-election or whatever he’s trying to run for." Yeah I guess these ladies are too busy with their film careers (making movies like Mission Asspossible and Baby Got Boobs 8) to get out and vote.

Sign of the day

One of the lamest marriage proposals ever

This marriage proposal is so dorky yet endearing. You have to admit this guy gets an A+ for effort and creativity.

Doctor ordered to pay child support after botching abortion

An expectant mother having an ultrasound scan

A 24-year-old woman in Spain gave birth to a baby boy — not terribly newsworthy, except for the fact that she'd already had an abortion.

The woman had her abortion at seven weeks, then returned two weeks later for a scan. The doctor assured her that the fetus was gone. When she finally realized she was pregnant — and got a fresh scan for confirmation — the young woman was told it was too late to have an abortion.

She sued the doctor for damages: first, to support the child he'd supposedly aborted, and second, for the emotional stress of not being sure if the baby would be born healthy following a failed abortion attempt.

The doctor will now be paying 1,000 euro a month in what amounts to child support. The woman, who has decided to keep the baby, now has to figure out how to one day explain this debacle to her kid.

According to Eva Munar, the woman's lawyer, this is the first case of its kind in Spain — and likely anywhere else in the world


Not a good idea to have photos of yourself holding cash and drugs on your phone if you're dealing drugs

Free Advice: Having a Cell Phone Photo of Yourself Holding Drugs and Cash May Prevent You From Claiming You're Not A Drug Dealer

Ayub Hagos, 19, took the photo on his mobile along with other images including piles of cash, guns, knives and white powder.

He had been arrested after police found heroin and crack cocaine in a flat in Southsea, Hampshire.

At first, he denied having anything to do with the drugs but when officers found the pictures he changed his plea.

Hagos' barrister Alexander Thompson told a court he had been naïve, saying: 'He took the photographs as bravado to make himself seem more important in front of his peers.

'It is incredibly naïve for a sophisticated drug dealer to have these sort of photographs on his phone.'

Hagos, of Abbey Wood, south-east London, admitted two counts of possession and supply and was jailed for three and a half years at Portsmouth crown court.

Well I'm no longer embarassed about that silly Facebook photo where I'm wearing a silly hat. This guy is sending photos all over the place advertising his criminal vocation. Not too smart.


Bikini Sunday

Adrina Patridge