Saturday, July 14, 2012

New plastic Canadian money can melt

Some of Canada's money has reportedly started melting in the summer heat.

The bills in question are the new high-tech/falutin plastic polymer type the Bank of Canada began rolling out last winter. They are recyclable, virtually impossible to rip, and, according to news reports, "nearly counterfeit proof," because how can you counterfeit a puddle?

Actually, notes the Toronto Star, the notes in question aren't melting that into liquid; they're "curling up like bacon in a frying pan."

One man in Ontario turned $800 into bacon when he left eight $100 bills in a tin box near a heater last Christmas. [See above image.]

Now the Bank of Canada is facing claims the new bills are melting together in hot cars.


45 years of Maple Leafs frustration: 1994-95

At the Amateur Draft the Leafs pick goalie Alex Fichaud 16th overall who turns out to be a dud.

Prior to the 1994–95 season, franchise player and fan favorite Wendel Clark was sent to the Quebec Nordiques in a blockbuster trade. Clark, along with defenceman Sylvain Lefebvre and Toronto's second pick in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft, Landon Wilson, were traded to the Nordiques on June 28, 1994, in exchange for forward Mats Sundin, defenceman Garth Butcher and Quebec's first pick in the 1992 NHL Entry Draft, Todd Warriner. In Clark's absence, the gritty and dependable veteran forward Doug Gilmour was named team captain.

After finishing fourth in 1992–93 and third in 1993–94, the Maple Leafs fell to fifth place in the Western Conference in 1994–95 and, for the first time in three seasons, they allowed more goals than they scored. The Maple Leafs appeared to be affected considerably by the loss of Clark. It was a shortened season (48 games) due to a lockout. Top scorer was Mats Sundin with 47 points but the duo of Doug Gilmour and Dave Andreychuk produced far less offense than in previous seasons. Gilmour who had finished the previous two seasons with 127 and 111 points dropped to just 33 points. Age and lack of size were catching up to him which put an end to any Stanley Cup hopes for Maple Leaf fans once again.

Throughout the regular season, Toronto never won more than two games in a row, and finished just two games above .500. To toughen up their lineup, the Leafs signed Warren Rychel from the Los Angeles Kings midway through the regular season, and on April 7, 1995, they traded center Mike Eastwood and a third-round pick in the 1995 NHL Entry Draft to the Winnipeg Jets in exchange for right wing Tie Domi.

Although the Maple Leafs were the underdogs against the fourth-place Chicago Blackhawks in the opening round of the playoffs, they won the first two games of the series at the United Center and went home to Maple Leaf Gardens for game three with two-games-to-none series lead. However, the Blackhawks played determinedly and won games three and four in Toronto to regain home-ice advantage in the series. Chicago then won game five, 4–2, and looked to clinch the series in game six back in Toronto. The Maple Leafs played a spirited game, going up 4–1 in the third period. The Blackhawks fought back with three consecutive goals to tie the game. At 10:00 of the first overtime period, Randy Wood scored his second goal of the game (see video below) to give the Maple Leafs a 5–4 win. The victory tied the series at three games apiece and forced game seven back in Chicago. In game seven, Joe Murphy scored twice and Ed Belfour made 22 saves as Chicago advanced to the second round for the first time in three years with a 5–2 win.

Video of the week

What Leafs fan doesn't feel this guy's pain? Don't get me wrong Brian Burke has made so good moves but so many have been bad or questionable. His legacy will be the Phil Kessel trade and we have yet to see Dougie Hamilton or Jared Knight play in the NHL. What a disaster.

Canadian cannibal is attracting female fans

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Luka Magnotta is a strange obsession for teenage girls and young women. He's a onetime porn actor accused of murdering his gay lover, dismembering the man's corpse, tasting it and mailing his body parts to schools and government offices in Canada.

Magnotta, 29, boyishly fresh faced and currently awaiting trial in a Montreal jail cell, has found a legion of fans and supporters online. Many of his fans are female and most are willing to look past the gruesome crimes for which he is accused.

Luka Magnotta is a strange obsession for teenage girls and young women. He's a onetime porn actor accused of murdering his gay lover, dismembering the man's corpse, tasting it and mailing his body parts to schools and government offices in Canada.

Magnotta, 29, boyishly fresh faced and currently awaiting trial in a Montreal jail cell, has found a legion of fans and supporters online. Many of his fans are female and most are willing to look past the gruesome crimes for which he is accused.

One Facebook fan page, "Support Magnotta," had more than 1,400 subscribers before the social networking site shut it down for "inappropriate content." At least four other Facebook pages have risen to take its place, including "Free Luka Magnotta" and "Support Luka Rocco Magnotta," in addition to several blogs where fans post images and share their fantasies.

I'm not about to criticize other people for setting up stupid websites - just look at this blog. But being obsessed with a killer is not the same as being obsessed with Justin Bieber. I'm just saying.


Neighbours fight over fake testicles

A battle between neighbors in western New York intensified when one woman put a pair of fake testicles in her back yard.

Shirley Draper, of Tonawanda, put the fake testicles in her yard in June, The Tonawanda (N.Y.) News reported Thursday.

Her neighbor, Peter Diliberto, called the Tonawanda Police Department June 27 to complain about the lawn ornament, but was told the police couldLink not handle the issue, as displaying fake testicles is not considered illegal.

In response, Diliberto and his wife took a picture of Draper's fake testicles and made a laminated yard sign that points to Draper's yard.

Draper tried to rip the picture out of the Dilibertos' yard July 4, police Lt. Nick Bado said. She wasn't arrested at that time, but will be served criminal summons for fourth-degree criminal mischief and trespassing.


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Friday, July 13, 2012

Two dogs were married in New York

Two dogs got married this week in New York as part of a charity event to raise money for the Humane Society of New York. Baby Hope Diamond, the bride, walked (on all four) down the aisle where her groom, Chilly Pasternak, a poodle from Richmond, Virginia, was waiting.

The wedding cost $158,000, giving Chilly and Baby Hope a Guinness World Record for most expensive pet wedding ever. We are talking about a black-tie ceremony was put together by a celebrity wedding planner, an expert “lighting guru” and acclaimed chefs. A company co-owned by talk show host Ellen DeGeneres contributed food for the pet food buffet. TLC’s Cake Boss also made the cake.

Sure there are better examples of the wealthy wasting money which is their prerogative. If they want to burn their cash I guess they can. But $158,000 could have fed a lot of poor people in New York.

In fact what does it say about our society when two dogs can get married in the state of New York but not two people of the same sex.

Sign of the day

I'm willing to send two bucks. She need to set up a website like that old, fat bus monitor. In fact she could afford to buy this chick a set of new boobs.

Can he play left field?

A franchise that I used to know

What Leafs fan doesn't feel this guy's pain? Don't get me wrong Brian Burke has made so good moves but so many have been bad or questionable. His legacy will be the Phil Kessel trade and we have yet to see Dougie Hamilton or Jared Knight play in the NHL. What a disaster.

Burke has one year to accomplish something because the new guys are coming in soon and they may not buy is bullshit.

"Aw shit..."

Video: Officer hits woman in crosswalk:

Flashback Friday - America

Remembering the athletes who won't be going to the Olympics week

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Scouting Report: Tyler Biggs

Tyler Biggs was selected 22nd overall in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft by the Maple Leafs. At the draft Brian Burke swapped the 30th pick in the draft (acquired from Boston in the Tomas Kaberle trade) and their own 2nd round pick (39th) to move up to 22nd in the draft to select Biggs.

Biggs is an American which someone Leafs fans will say explains who it was so important for Burke to trade up to draft him. His father is former NHL centre Don Biggs. He played for Miami RedHawks of the Central Collegiate Hockey Association and previously played for the U.S. National Development Team in the USHL. He has indicated that he will not return to school but instead intends on signing with the Leafs, Marlies or could join the Oshawa Generals, the OHL team that owns his junior rights.

He just turned 19 and is 6'3" and 210 lbs. The scoop in Biggs that he is banger that skates well for his size but is not much of a scorer. On his college team he only scored 9 goals and added 8 assists in 37 games. That does not translate into a top 6 forward which makes you wonder why anyone would pick him in the first round let alone trade up to nab him.

He is leaving school because he is determined to make the NHL but that isn't a sure thing. Certainly if he can play a physical game there may be a role for him.

Little lady has a close encounter with a shark

James van Riemsdyk's move to centre may fail

I guess Luke Schenn doesn't get you a first line centre so the Leafs are going to improvise.

Let's face it they cannot go a third season with Tyler Bozak centering the first line although that may still happen. So it appears that the Leafs will experiment with JVR at centre. However that is exactly what Buffalo did with Villie Leino after handing him a 6 year, $24 million contract. After a terrible start, he was back playing the wing by November.

As well, Randy Carlyle while still with the Ducks tried moving Bobby Ryan to centre. That also failed. So despite having played the position in the past, JVR has been a winger in the NHL. His pattern of play is now consistent with playing the wing though he can certainly relearn the centre position. However, the Leafs don't have the luxury of giving him a few months to feel comfortable there. He probably has the preseason games and the month of October.

So by November 1 Bozak may be back on the number 1 line and the search for a legitimate top line centre continues.

South Bend, Indiana's WNDU-TV can recognize low standards

It's those wild Christmas parties

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So should the Jays take a run for a playoff spot?

You got to love Jose Bautista for telling it like it is. The Jays have been in a rebuild mode for some time now. Joey Bats isn't getting any younger and he wants AA to give up some young talent warehoused in the farm system for pitching help right now. It is refreshing to hear him express what every Jays fan is saying. We are tired of waiting, let's win now. It's also nice that a star player is shunning Toronto like so may others including the Nash's (Rick and Steve).

But is this really the right time? I look at the Jays roster and can't decide if the glass is half full or half empty. Are we just a player or two away from being a contender or an injury away from falling to the AL basement?

Sure the Jays are 2.5 games out of the second wild care spot with a record of 43-43. Seems easy enough to make up over a half a season. But there only 3 teams below them in the standings which means a lot of teams have to be leapfrogged over to reach the playoffs.

Let's not forget that their starting rotation and bullpen have been devastated because of injuries. Players are being placed in roles that they may not suited for. Can you really save a season after losing your closer and 3 starters?

There is one intangible in all of this - Alex Anthopolous. You know he will do his best to find help for the team. AA may badger a rival GM for days until in a moment of weakness he agrees to a deal. He will avoid rental players and try to land players are controllable for the next few season. That has always been important to AA. But more important, he has promised not to be a "seller" prior to the non-waiver trading deadline.

Like other fans in the local sports market, I am beyond frustrated by the lack of success by the local teams. With all their improvements the Jays are still just at .500 just like they were last season and the season before that. The offense is truly scary but its pitching and defense that wins championships.

AA you don't have to mortgage the future. But at this point progress is only going to be measured and acknowledged by making the playoffs. We want to see some meaningful games in October.

For $60 this woman will cuddle with you for an hour

Jacqueline has quite the business model going. For $60 she will cuddle with you for one hour. She studied at the University of Rochester where she received a Bachelors Degree in Brain and Cognitive Science. And this makes her an expert on cuddling?

So she has some ground rules. She recommend loose fitting, natural fiber clothing. Pajamas are always a good choice. No nudity. You should feel uncomfortable if you get aroused but sexual activity is permitted. I assume that covers not just penetration but also hand jobs and dry humping her fully clothed ass.

This is so full of shit. I can't believe their isn't a price where she drops her knickers. She just isn't going to say so on her website. Either that or she is going to end up getting raped one day (or night(.

Man dead for nearly 2 years found mummified and sitting in chair inside home

Jackson police and prosecutors are considering charges against a woman who kept her dead boyfriend inside their Cooper Street home for nearly two years.

On July 6, police found Charles William Zigler dead, covered up in a living room chair. A medical examiner determined Zigler died of natural causes sometime around Christmas 2010.

Born in 1943, Zigler was 67 when he died.

Concerned that they had not seen Zigler for some time, family members asked Jackson police officers to check on him. An officer and sergeant went to his house in the 300 block of Cooper Street.

A 71-year-old woman, Zigler's girlfriend, let the officers inside the house. Officers found Zigler sitting in a chair. The body was mummified but would not release further details on the condition of the body.


What ever happened to unorganized play for kids?

Hump day hottie

Erin Heatherton

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jose Bautista in the buff

German mayor designates men only parking spots - what happened to gender equality?

Calling himself a proponent of equal rights, Gallus Strobel, the mayor of a small town in the Black Forest has designated special parking spaces in the municipal garage for men - because they're harder to get into.

Unlike the 12 spaces set aside for women, which are wider, well-lit, and closer to the exit, the men’s spaces require the driver to pull in at an angle, and avoid hitting cement pillars. They are an “attraction” for any ambitious driver, Strobel saod. “But men are, as a rule, a little better at such challenges,” he said.

Strobel, 58, who says he has parked in the spaces three times, admitted that “of course, there are also great women drivers!” He said that when he came to the idea, he knew it would challenge “political correctness.” But he says he has received mostly positive feedback from his stunt.

So is this guy sexist or is it true that men park better than women? Insurance rates for men are higher than they are for women because they aren't better drivers. Surely parking and driving skills are similar and make use of the same part of the brain.

45 years of Maple Leafs frustration: 1993-94

At the Amateur Draft the Leafs pick Kenny Jonsson 12th overall but several years later ship him to the Islanders for the second coming of Wendel Clark. The Maple Leafs would break out of the gate going undefeated through most of October (a total of 10 games without a loss) as Toronto fans were paying attention to the Blue Jays in the World Series. Once the series was over the Leafs would once again hold the spotlight, but they would come down to earth a bit.

Eventually the Leafs would eve
n lose their grip on first place in the Central Division (the NHL had restructured the divisions in the offseason), as they finished in second to Detroit with a 43-29-12 record. That was good for 5th overall in in the newly expanded 26-team leauge.

Doug Gilmour had had another incredible year and finished 4th in scoring with 111 points behind Wayne Gretzky, Sergei Fedorov and Adam Oates. Gilmour also finished second in voting for the Selke Trophy. Dave Andreychuk had 53 goals (4th overall for goal scorers) and Wendel Clark had 46-goal season even though he only played in 64 games.

In the first round the Leafs would knock off the Chicago Blackhawks in six games as goalie Felix Potvin backstopped three, 1-0 wins and made some incredible saves (see video below). In the second round the Maple Leafs were taken to the limit by the upstart San Jose Sharks needing an overtime win in Game 6 to force a seventh game in which they won 4-2. In the Western Conference Finals the Leafs were heavily favored for a return to the Stanley Cup Finals. However, after taking Game 1 over the Vancouver Canucks the Leafs dreams were ended by four straight losses that included two shutouts.

A disappointed Cliff Fletcher started to contemplate what moves he had to make to put the Leafs over the top.

Buxom bandit gets 'busted' and yes she is hot


A woman claiming to be the now infamous "Buxom Bandit" has surrendered to Australian police.

Security footage of a voluptuous blonde in a low-cut top robbing a gas station probably made the unidentified suspect one of the country's "most wanted" criminals. The video went viral as I had predicted.

Now, Tonee Walker has turned herself in, claiming to be that thief. Judging from the attention she is receiving she will not longer need to rob gas stations anymore.

Newfoundland radio station polling listeners on whether hoodies should be banned

"Given the number of robberies and other crimes where the perpetrators wear hoodies, should the garment be banned in the province. Why or Why Not?"

This is the query the VOCM AM radio station in St. John's, Newfoundland has chosen as its Question of the Day today, Tuesday, June 10.

Listeners (and non-listeners) are invited to weigh in via poll on the station website, with a vote of "Yes," "No," or "Not Sure [Why I Felt Compelled to Vote If I Was Not Sure]."

With 4,340 votes cast so far, the standings are currently:

  • Yes (35%)
  • No (63%)
  • Not Sure (2%)

Well I think bow ties should be banned in Toronto. I fucking hate bow ties. Better yet, they should ban suits in Manhattan. Every corporate crook that ripped off investors on Wall Street wore a suit. I bet some of them wore bow ties too.


So what's it like to be a fan watching the Home Run Derby?

So while Prince Fielder and Jose Bautista were launching moonshots into the stands and the Royals Stadium fountain, the idiots in the stands were clawing at each other to walk (or crawl) away with a souvenir ball. In some cases KC cops in riot gear were required. Let the beer flow baby.

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The changing world

Monday, July 09, 2012

Think there have been too many murders in Toronto this summer - check out NY

So do you think it's been a bad summer for murders in Toronto? The Eaton's Centre shooting. The hit in Little Italy during the Euro soccer game.

Toronto has had 26 murders so far this year. That's the same number as last year on this date and 3 fewers murders than 2010 on this date. Well New York City has 16 murders in just a 5-day period. Sure New York is much bigger than Toronto. But not 30 times bigger. It took about 150 days until Toronto had its 16th homicide.

Driver fined £60 for admiring hot girl

It is a temptation to which most male motorists have surely succumbed. But for Doug Maclean, taking his eye off the road to steal a glance at an attractive female pedestrian has landed him with a £60 fine – after his sneaky look was caught on police camera. Officers said he was driving without due care and attention, but the 26-year-old complained: ‘Nicking another bloke for looking at a pretty girl is no way to earn a living.’

He added: ‘The girl had a very nice backside and I wanted to check out her face to see if it was as nice as her figure. It’s what practically every bloke on the planet would do.’ Mr Maclean admits that the photographic evidence shows him leaning over and staring out of the back window, having driven past the good-looking stranger – but he insists he was in full control of his car.

He said: ‘I saw a police car parked about 150 yards down the road but I didn’t think anything of it as the road was empty and I was in complete control of my vehicle as far as I was concerned. I wasn’t leaning out of the window shouting and wolf-whistling either.’ Nevertheless, he attracted the attention of the officers stationed on the Ibstone Road at Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire, who pulled him over and showed him the image they had taken from their dashboard camera. ‘It was a really high-quality picture of me leaning across the seat of my vehicle,’ he said. ‘They said that my behaviour constituted driving without due care and attention.

‘They told me that if I agreed, I could have a fixed penalty fine and would have to attend four hours of driving awareness courses. Otherwise I would be summonsed and then I’d get points on my licence too. Of course, I took the fixed penalty and the driving course. Unless you’re wealthy and have the resources to challenge these things you just have to go with the flow.’ Mr Maclean, a gunsmith, added: ‘The girl was a cracker, but it wasn’t worth getting a £60 fine for.’ However, he claimed that it was ‘a matter of opinion’ whether his actions were dangerous, saying: ‘I would argue that I can do two things at once and am an experienced driver. They would argue that they’re keeping death off the road.’

Jordanian politician pulls a gun on opponent during TV debate

Hey the Presidential debates are going to happen this fall. You want to know how to increase the number of voters who tune in? Let Obama and Romeny throw shoes and punches. Let Obama curse at Romney. Hey if Romeny wants to make a point, let hime pull out a revolver and threated to shoot the President. I would watch every second of that.

Man barricades self in hotel demands pizza and to marry Paris Hilton

Authorities say 61-year-old Fredrick Denney barricaded himself inside his room at the Hampton Inn threatening to shoot at police.

According to officials, Denney caused a disturbance at the hotel earlier Saturday morning.

Multiple agencies including the Regional SWAT Team responded to the scene on Cecilia Alexander Drive. Officials shut down the second floor of the hotel as they tried to reason with Denny.

NewsChannel 36 has learned his demands included pizza and to marry Paris Hilton.

After hours of negotiating, he was pepper sprayed and taken into custody.

Authorities say he’s had several run-ins with SWAT Teams in other states. According to the Gaston County records, Denney is from Roseburg, Oregon.

He was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

If this guy wants to marry Paris Hilton he has got to upscale considerably from pizza and the Hampton Inn. Maybe he should set his sights a little lower - like D-listers Snooki or Octomom.


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