Saturday, August 04, 2012

Ran out of excuses for missing work? How about I ran over a girl?

Derek Mcglone

Derek McGlone, 42, claimed he could feel his car wheels running over the girl’s body in a ploy to stay at home.

The teacher, who described himself as a “respected” head of music, art and design at Calderhead High School in North Lanarkshire, also told the school’s deputy head that he had been caught up in the Icelandic ash cloud when he was at home in Glasgow.

McGlone admitted making false statements about his absence between June 2008 and May 2011 at a General Teaching Council Scotland (GTCS) hearing.

Representing himself, he said he was “embarrassed and sorry” for his actions” and told the panel he still had a “passion” for teaching.

“I can give no reasonable explanation for my actions,” he said.


Canada finally strikes gold!

Gold medal for Rosie MacLennan in women's trampoline.

Silver medal for Ryan Cochrane in the men's 1500 metre freestyle

Bronze medals for the women's cycling team pursuit

Driver’s texts 'I need to quit texting while driving — because I could die’ then goes over cliff

A college student from Texas believes he is lucky to be alive after a terrible crash. He was texting and driving when his truck flew off of a cliff.

Chance Bothe's truck plunged off of a bridge and into a ravine. One of the last things he typed indicated what almost happened to him.

He wrote, "I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident."

After the crash, Chance had a broken neck, a crushed face, a fractured skull, and traumatic brain injuries. Doctors had to bring him back to life three times . Now, 6 months later, he's finally able to talk about what happened.

"They just need to understand, don't do it. Don't do it. It's not worth losing your life," he said. "I went to my grandmother's funeral not long ago, and I kept thinking, it kept jumping into my head, I'm surprised that's not me up in that casket. I came very close to that, to being gone forever."

Chance's father said, if he had a child just learning to drive, he would disable texting and Internet on their phone.


Video of the week

11-year old Harper Gruzins set a new standard on bad renditions of the American National Anthem.

This is why I'll be watching the Olympics week

Italian swimmer Federica Pelligrini

Friday, August 03, 2012

Hajib-wearing Saudi judoka goes down in 82 seconds

After months of squabbling between the International Olympic Committee and Saudi officials to finally include women on their team followed by days of wrangling between judo officials and her government over whether she’d be allowed to compete wearing a modified hijab, Wojdan Shaherkani became the first woman to compete in an Olympic Games for Saudi Arabia.

She shows up for her first match tentative, almost unwilling to touch or engage with her opponent. Next thing she knew, and before she could figure it out, she was down on the mat. It was all over in 82 seconds. She picked herself up and left the mat, duly trailed by her hulking male relative and the woman in the silk head scarf.

That was it. All that fuss for this?

Sometimes breaking barriers totally overshadows the event itself. That certainly was the case here.

Nigeria gets some revenge on Team USA

Sure Team USA set records by beating Nigeria by 83 points in Olympic basketball but the move on James Harden making blow up his ankle was probably worth the shit kicking.

Seriously Americans may be gloating because they are winning by huge margins but to me it would be embarrassing. It would be equivalent to Canada blowing away Israel 23-1 in hockey. Who really wants to say that?

What's worse is the team itself gloating as they pile up 3-pointers. No class.

Flashback Friday - Herman's Hermits

This is why I'll be watching the Olympics week

Norwegian hurdler Christina Vukicevic

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Women rowers match the men's silver medal

Silver medals for the women's eight rowing team

Will the Blue Jays ever contend?

In Toronto we have very low expectations for our sports teams. This is the product of years and years of disappointment. In Toronto we would be delirious if our teams just made the playoffs. In other cities they are expected to make the playoffs. No one cares to listen to excuses. You produce or your out.

So I was absolutely crushed at when the non-waiver trading deadline passed and Alex A. chose only to pick up a few relievers. The deals were there to be made and he had the bodies to move but chose not to. He has no interest in expensive quality pitchers. Well he said the price was too high. What he really wants is cheap pitchers that he can control for the next few years.

It was no different in the offseason. We needed starting pitching but again the price was too high so the Jays went with young arms in their system who were not ready for prime time.

I have heard Paul Beeston and Anthopolous remark over and over again that the money is there if the club wants to boost payroll. They said the Blue Jays could possibly spend upwards of $120 million in payroll. I used to buy it but not anymore.

When Anthopolous joined the Jays he said that 2010 would be a year to rebuild but the Jays would contend as early as 2011 and the money would be better spent then, In 2011 we were told it would make no sense to spend money because the Jays wouldn't be a contender until 2012. Okay so one more year. Now we are still not spending the money although we have been just a couple of games out of a wild card spot all season. You know why? We aren't going to contend until next year.

Well it seems next year will never come.

The Jays have a strong core of players but will they keep them together? Or will they bringing up prospects and moving veteran thereby staying in a permanent rebuild?

Will Jose Bautista get to play with other star players or will the Jays waste his talent as they did with Carlos Delgado and Roy Halladay?

Will the Jays go after big name free agents or continue their bandaid approach to free agency? Do we really want to see more of Octavio Dotel, John Rauch, Ben Francisco, Jeff Mathis and Francisco Cordero?

Do you believe those penny pinchers at Rogers will ever spend $120 million?

45 years of Maple Leafs frustration: 2000-01

At the Amateur Draft the Leafs pick Brad Boyes 24th overall but ship him to San Jose for Owen Nolan. Pat Quinn determined to address the growing number of teams employing the mind-numbing neutral zone trap, decided he needed to bulk up his lineup. His most significant move was signing free agent Gary Roberts but in addition the Leafs signed free agents Dave Manson and Shane Corson, picked up Aki Berg and Bryan McCabe in trades and claimed Wade Belak on waivers. Truculence was not invented by Brian Burke.

The Maple Leafs make the playoffs again finishing in third place in a very competitive Northeast Division with a 37-29-11-5 record. This was a drop off from the 45 wins in the previous season but the Leafs were considered more playoff ready in 2001. Mats Sundin once again led the team in scoring with 76 points and Roberts had 29 goals playing on the wing with Sundin. There were 5 Leafs with over 100 minutes in penalties (Domi, Tucker, Roberts, Corson, and McCabe).

In the playoffs the Leafs would hit an extra gear, as goalie Curtis Joseph would shut down the first place Ottawa Senators in a four game sweep. The Leafs continued to stay hot as they battled the New Jersey Devils in the second Round. However, the Leafs despite badly outplaying the Devils only held a 3-2 series lead. Then Leafs star enforcer Tie Domi and chief cementhead struck. In game 6 he had Devils star defenseman Scott Niedermayer in his sights for a clean hit but for some reason raised his elbow like a battering ram knocking Niedermayer from the game and series. He was suspended for the rest of the playoffs and 8 games in the next season. Scott Stevens and the rest of the Devils became enraged and woke up from their slumber. That play was clearly the turning point of the series and led to another early exit from the playoffs. As for the Devils they just missed another Cup win losing in 7 games to Colorado.

This is why I'll be watching the Olympics week

Slovakian tennis player Daniela Hantuchova

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Could describe this blog

Couple arrested for Walmart sex

A pair of frisky Kansans are facing criminal charges after they allegedly swiped some K-Y Jelly from a Walmart and actually began trysting inside the big box retailer, cops report.

The X-rated encounter Sunday evening resulted in the arrest of Julian Call, 22, and Tina Gianakon, 35, on theft and lewd and lascivious behavior charges, according to the Hutchinson Police Department.

Witnesses told officers that the couple was openly fondling each other in full view of fellow Walmart shoppers (which resulted in the lewd and lascivious charges). Additionally, the pair was accused of shoplifting the sexual lubricant and other items.

Municipal Court complaints filed against Call and Gianakon accuse them of engaging “in sexual intercourse or sodomy with any person or animal with knowledge or reasonable anticipation that the participants are being viewed by another.”

This has been totally overblown but what the hell they're in Kansas. They were charged with shoplifting but they hadn't left the store so how do the authorities no they weren't intending on paying for the lubricant? My theory is that they were just trying out the K-Y Jelly before buying it. Hey it was Sunday and I'm sure there was product sampling throughout the store. Okay maybe not the lubricant but it should have been.


NBC actually aired a live Olympic event and it turned out to be NSFW

NBC has been pissing off most of America but tape delaying Olympic coverage until prime time. Now nobody likes to see a sporting event after it has happened and besides thats why they created DVRs. Well today NBC aired the Spain-United States women's water polo match and one of the underwater cameras caught an exposed boob. So I'm guessing NBC is going back to tape.

Taiwan has a perfectly good explanation for Chinese Olympic swimmer Ye Shiwen remarkable times

BBC thinks I look like this Olympic athlete

So BBC has this thing where you plug in your height and weight and it spits out a comparable Olympic athlete body type. This is great I think to myself. I'm going to be compared to some world famous athlete. So I plug in my weight and height (I know I should have lied) and come up with Joshua Utanga of Cook Islands. The guy looks like a bowling ball holding a paddle.

Closest results for 1.68m and 89kg

You are most like:

Joshua Utanga

Cook Islands

Joshua  Utanga

Height 1.65m, 5ft 5in

Weight 89kg, 14st 0lbs

Gender Male

Sport Canoe Sprint

Competing in

  1. Men's Kayak Single (K1) 1000m
  2. Men's Kayak Single (K1) 200m

The Canucks are up to 6 medals

Bronze medal for Brent Hayden in the men's 100-metre freestyle

Silver medals for the men's eight rowing team

This is why I'll be watching the Olympics week

Australian field hockey player Casey Eastham

Shop manager foils armed robbery with beer can barrage

A would-be robber who threatened convenience store staff with a knife fled empty-handed after the manager began hurling cans of beer at him. The masked man went into the Nisa Store in Kelvedon Hatch, near Brentwood, Essex, at 17:15 BST on Sunday. The man ordered a female member of staff, who was dealing with a customer at the time, to open the till.

The robber left after manager Aman Singh Mann began throwing boxes of lager at him. Mr Mann, 29, said: "I was having my break in the stock room and then I just heard a noise and someone ask the staff member to open the till for them. At first I thought it was a customer because our customers do have a laugh with us."

But when he looked up at the CCTV screen in the store room, he realised a robbery was under way. "When I saw the knife in his hand I just started throwing Carling beer at him," said Mr Mann. "The first one hit him and he started to come towards me and I threw another one." Mr Mann said he continued throwing cans until he got down to the last pack, at which point the robber left the store.

Hump day hottie

Sofia Vergara

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Canada has 4 bronze medals - Yeah we're number 13

Bronze medals for Jennifer Abel and Emilie Heymans
in women's 10-metre synchronized springboard

Bronze medal for Christine Girard in women's 63-kg weightlifting

Bronze medal for Antoine Valois-Fortier in men's 81-kg judo

Bronze medals for Roseline Filion and Meaghan Benfeito in
women's 10-metre synchronized diving

Drew Peterson can't understand why is wives keep disappearing

The Drew Peterson murder trial began today — no, not for Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, who mysteriously disappeared in 2007.

Peterson wasn't charged in Stacy's disappearance, and she has never been found. He is currently being tried for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

In his opening statement, Peterson's defense attorney Joel Brodsky repeated the claim that Savio died from an accidental fall. The 2004 death had been ruled an accident until Savio's body was exhumed during the Stacy Peterson investigation.

Regardless of the circumstances of her death, Brodsky painted a none-too-kind picture of the deceased.

Brodsky told the jury that Savio was on antidepressants and had been known to fly into jealous rages during the time that she and Peterson were divorcing in 2004. He described her as bossy and a liar, and said she would yell so loudly that other police officers where Peterson was a sergeant could her hear over the phone.

He then went on to say, "Kathy slipped and fell in a household accident, case closed." Presumably the character assassination was just provided in case anyone started to feel bad for her.

Brodsky's claim that Savio's death was an accident contradicts a 2007 forensic report that concluded her death was a murder. Peterson's defense team will offer forensic pathologists to testify that the death was, in fact, accidental.

Naturally, the prosecution is presenting a vastly different version of events, claiming that Peterson killed his wife to be with then-girlfriend Stacy Peterson, and arranged her body to make it look like an accident.


The Jays' log jam in left field has disappeared

With Jose Bautista scheduled to come off the DL shortly it was looking pretty crowded in left field with Anthony Gose, Rajai Davis and Travis Snider on the major league team and Eric Thames in the minors.

Then within a couple of hours - poof Snider and Thames were gone.

I'm sorry to see Snider move on. I like many fans became enamoured with the young fielder when he first came up as a 20 year old. But he has bounced up and down between the majors and AAA ball for 4 years now. It has become apparent the Jays do not see him as an every day player. Let's hope that it happens for him in Pittsburgh. As for Eric Thames, he wasn't nearly as talented as Snider but worked his butt off.

I have not been impressed with Davis. A great base stealer but just an average bat without a high on base average. His fielding is mediocre, and Snider in the field was a definite upgrade. However, the idea of having Gose up with the Jays is appealing as long as he can hit major league pitching. He had a high strikeout rate in Los Vegas. As well, his baserunning will eventually make Davis obsolete.

The pitching help is certainly needed. Like many others I've predicted that the Jays would collapse with each body that went down beginning with Brandon Morrow on June 11. But the collapse never happened and if it has happened yet it won't be happening at all. This team is incredibly resilient.

So the pitching help, Brad Lincoln and Steve Delabar, will restock the bullpen and allow the Jays to return the minor league arms back to where they belong. I expect the Jays will be able to keep close to the pack chasing the wild card spots right through the rest of the summer.

What I learned about on TLC

This is why I'll be watching the Olympics week

Paraguayan javelinist Leryn Franco

Monday, July 30, 2012

I advise getting up at 3:30 am to watch the Dutch field hockey team

According to Yahoo!, the Dutch women's field hockey team has developed a "small, but devoted following." Likely has more to do with their short skirts and not their hockey skills. They play tomorrow against Japan at 3:30 am so either set you alarm clock or your DVR.

Brit tries to swim from France to New York, pulled out of ocean after 1/4 mile

Olympics epic fail Featured Image

After a pulsating and pounding opening ceremony on Friday night, and world record's being broken left, right and centre on the days that followed, it seems as if Olympic fever has gripped us all. There's no doubt about it, people's interest in sport has shot through the roof, and so have people's expectations.

For one man, it inspired him to try and swim to America from Biarritz, southern France, without any training or equipment. In short, he had gone out of his mind on the Olympics.

Despite his insistence that he was up to the challenge, he was rescued by coastguards just off the coast who convinced him that it probably wasn't a good idea to continue, in what will no doubt be one of many epic fails at the Olympics.

It's thought that the 34-year-old holidaymaker was visiting Biarritz with friends. He told them that he was planning to swim to New York, 3,594 miles away, to carry the Olympic spirit across the Atlantic.

They let him go because they thought he was joking and knew that he was a strong swimmer.

At 3.30pm, lifeguards watched as he swam past the buoys 300 yards out to sea, which mark the legal limit for swimmers. He then continued to swim until he was out of sight.

At this point, lifeguards called out a helicopter and a diver dropped into the sea and explained to the man that it was a good idea to turn back.

At the same time, lifeguards arrived in a rescue dinghy. The man then realised that he might have made a mistake, so lifeguards threw him a line and towed him back to the beach.


45 years of Maple Leafs frustration: 1999-2000

At the Amateur Draft the Leafs pick Cereda 24th overall who never even plays a game in the NHL. The Leafs had their second consecutive 45-win season, and broke the 1992-93 franchise record for most points in a season. Mats Sundin averaged a point per game, scoring 32 goals and picking up 41 assists for 73 points in 73 games. Jonas Hoglund had a career year, finishing third on the team in points with 56 (29 goals, 27 assists). Curtis Joseph set a Leafs record for wins in a season by a goaltender with 36.

The Leafs put Steve Sullivan on waivers and on October 23, 1999 he was picked up by the Chicago Blackhawks. He would go on to score 208 goals and 544 points with Chicago and and Nashville over the next 10 season. In early 2000, Wendel Clark returned to the Leafs for the third time and had a two goal game on February 1 in a 5-3 Leafs win at Tampa Bay. In March, the Leafs made their biggest trade of the season when they sent Mike Johnson to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Darcy Tucker. That trade was more or less neutralized by an earlier trade with Tampa Bay when the Leafs flipped Fredrik Modin for Cory Cross. Also that season the Leafs picked up Dmitri Khristich from Boston after a contract squabble with Bruins GM Harry Sinden. He was a given a substantial contract but was a total bust scoring only 30 points in 53 games wit the Leafs.

The Leafs got off to a red-hot start to the season, winning 10 of their first 14 games with 4 shutouts. The team suffered a setback on March 11 at Ottawa when Marian Hossa was attempting to clear the puck out of the centre-ice zone. Hossa swung his stick in a golf-swing motion and caught Toronto defenseman Bryan Berard in his right eye. Berard had to leave the game due to the injury and Hossa was assessed with a double minor for high-sticking. It was the last NHL game Berard would play for nearly a year and a half. To make matters more complex, Sergei Berezin, a 37-goal scorer in 1998-99 missed 21 games. He finished with a solid 26 goals.

The Leafs finished 3rd in the Conference and 1st in the Northeast Division. The Leafs finished in first place for the first time since the 1962–63 NHL season. Sundin led all skaters in overtime goals scored, with 4.

The 50th National Hockey League All-Star Game was part of the 1999–2000 NHL season, and took place in Toronto's Air Canada Centre on February 6, 2000. The week also was a good sendoff for Wayne Gretzky, who had retired the previous season. His #99 was raised to the rafters, despite him never playing for the hometown Toronto Maple Leafs, as a show of his number's league-wide retirement.

In the playoffs the Maple Leafs overwhelmed a young Senators team and won their first round series 4-2. However, the New Jersey Devils were a tougher match and took the Leafs 4-2. The neutral zone trap carried the Devils to the Stanley Cup and the message wasn't lost on Pat Quinn who determined the Leafs needed to get bigger and tougher.

This 11-year old sets new standard for singing a horrible rendition of the National Anthem.

This is why I'll be watching the Olympics week

Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice

Microsoft is the evil empire

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Man loses hand to alligator, charged with unlawful feeding

An Everglades City airboat captain who lost his hand to an alligator last month was arrested Friday. Wallace Weatherholt, 63, is facing a misdemeanor charge of unlawful feeding of an alligator.

Weatherholt was leading an Indiana family on a tour of the Everglades on June 12 when he encountered a 9-foot alligator, which bit his hand off at the wrist.

The Associated Press reports that airboat passengers stated Weatherholt hung a fish over the side of the boat and had his hand at the water’s surface when the alligator attacked.

Feeding alligators is illegal. Those who feed an alligator face a second-degree misdemeanor, with a fine of up to $500 and possible jail time.

David Weathers, a nuisance-alligator trapper and owner of several alligators, said the reason it’s illegal to feed alligators is because once the reptiles are fed by humans, they lose their fear. If the alligator in this incident had been fed in the past — either by Weatherholt or someone else — just the sight of the airboat could bring the alligator right up next to it, he said.

This made me laugh. The police have charged this guy because losing your hand isn't enough punishment. I bet he would be happy to pay 10 times the fine if he could get his hand back.


Bikini Sunday - Olympic edition

Logan Tom

Clara Hughes has one more shot to make Canadian history

39-year old Clara Hughes is already the greatest Canadian Olympian ever and a tremendous athlete. She has collected six Olympic medals two earned on the bike - a bronze in the road race and another bronze in the time trial at the Atlanta Games in 1996 - the other four earned in speedskating in the Winter games.

She is done with speedskating and on Wednesday she will rap up her Olympic cycling career as well. But if she can finish on the podium on Wednesday she will exceed former speedskating teammate Cindy Klassen for the most Olympic medals won by a Canadian athlete.

A nice way to finish your career.

No matter how it ends I tip my hat to Clara.

This is why I'll be watching the Olympics week

Russian long jumper Darya Klishina