Saturday, September 29, 2012

New paparazzi shots of Kate Middleton go beyond topless (NSFW)

Danish tabloid Se Og Hor has published the same photos as the French and Italian but has selected a few not previously published. Between those recent topless shots and now these bottomless ones, you've now basically seen Kate Middleton naked!

Video of the week

A guy fakes losing control of a plane with his girlfriend on board as part of a marriage proposal. 

Erin Moran (Joannie Cunningham) is homeless

Erin Moran, best known for her role as Joanie Cunningham on the sitcom Happy Days from 1974 to 1986, has reportedly been kicked out of a trailer park in Salisbury, Indiana and is homeless.

Moran and her husband, Steve Fleischmann, who works in the garden center at Walmart, had been living in a trailer with his mother after they were evicted from their home in California. According to reports, Steve’s mother was fed up with the 51-year-old former child star’s hard partying and booted her out.

Erin and Steve, 45, then moved with their pet dogs to a Holiday Inn Express in Corydon. The owner clains the couple left the hotel after Moran “caused a disturbance of some type.” “On several occasions the hotel management warned Erin to curb her unruly behavior, but they finally had enough of her temper and demanded that she immediately leave the property,” revealed an insider. Since then the couple has reportedly been bouncing from hotel to hotel and staying with friends, blowing through the cash she received in a settlement with CBS over “Happy Days” merchandise revenue.

The lawsuit originally asked for $10 million, but a settlement was reached in July for $65,000 for each of the four original stars, plus future royalties.

Is there a former child star who has a stable and normal life?  Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes,Shia LaBeouf, Dana Plato,Macaulay Culkin, Tatum O'Neal, Corey Felman, Joel Osment, I could go on and on. If there is one I can't think of one.  People keep your kids away from TV and movies.  It's just not worth sacrificing their lives for money.


Friday, September 28, 2012

Woman with Tourette's says 'biscuit' 16,000 times a day

Jessica Thom, a 32-year-old from London, says the word “biscuit” 16,000 times a day. She also involuntarily bangs her head against the wall, beats her chest and when least expected, lets out a guttural sound or swears. I'm not making fun of Jessica but this is one weird disorder. 

Flashback Fridays: The Animals

1972 Summit Series: Game 8

Picture the excitement that preceded the gold-medal game at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Now double or triple it. That was the kind of excitement that gripped Canada on Sept. 28, 1972, as Canada and the Soviet Union skated onto the ice for the eighth and final game of the Summit Series.

While the 15,000 spectators at the Luzhniki Ice Palace in Moscow buzzed in anticipation of the final showdown that evening, parents back in Canada, where game time was in the afternoon, kept kids home to watch -- and many principals allowed TVs in the classroom so those who went to school wouldn't miss the action. Bars and restaurants were packed, and appliance and department stores mounted racks of TVs in the windows. It was like a national holiday. I can't remember if I had classes - I wasn't going any way. I jammed into a New College lounge at the University of Toronto watching every minute of it.

Momentum was clearly on Canada's side after back-to-back wins in Game 6 and 7, but it still had to win Game 8 to claim victory. A tie game would result in a tied series, but the Russians would have claimed victory because they had scored one more goal. That didn't sit well with the Canadians, so Team 50 set out to make sure that would not happen.

On the evening before the concluding game, the Russians switched officials. It was agreed upon earlier that Swedish referee Uve Dahlberg and Czechoslovakian referee Rudy Bata would officiate the final game, but Dahlberg had suspiciously fallen ill -- food poisoning was the story.

 The Russians said that West German officials Josef Kompalla and Franz Baader, who both horrendously officiated Game 6, would have to officiate the final game. But Canada wanted no part of that. Those two, Kompalla in particular, proved to be brutally incompetent.

Canada wanted no part of such an arrangement. Alan Eagleson had threatened to leave without ever playing Game 8, and, at least on the night prior to the big game, he had the support of the players on that issue. By doing so the Soviets would lose out on thousands of dollars of television money. An agreement was made just hours before game time. The Canadians would stay and play Game 8 and each team would choose one official each. Canada chose Bata, while Russia chose Kompalla.

Team Canada's fears about referee Kompalla were quickly realized. Just 2:25 into the game Bill White was given a questionable penalty, followed by another to Peter Mahovlich just 36 seconds later. The game was just three minutes old and already Canada was having to kill off a two-man disadvantage. Thirty-three seconds later Alexander Yakushev opened the scoring. Less than a minute later, Kompalla was at it again. At 4:10 J.P. Parise was given a minor penalty that was even more questionable than the others. Parise became enraged, slamming his stick on the ice so that it splintered while he yelled obscenities. Kompalla added a 10-minute misconduct on top of the two-minute minor.

hat almost pushed Parise over the top. Parise aggressively skated up to Kompalla, who was positioned along the boards. Parise stopped just shy of doing what would have been one of the blackest marks in hockey history. He pulled his stick well over his head and was about to whack the referee like he was a piƱata. Thankfully he stopped himself in time. Kompalla rightfully added a game misconduct on to Parise's penalty total.

Team Canada seemed to settle down after the outburst. And, for whatever reason, the refereeing improved somewhat, too. Canada was still getting penalties, but so were the Soviets. At least the bias wasn't as obviously blatant from that point on in the game. Phil Esposito scored at 6:45 to tie the game for a few minutes. But by 13:10 Soviet defenseman Vladimir Lutchenko tallied on a power play but Canada left the first period tied at two thanks to a wonderful passing play finished off by Brad Park. Canada had survived the early moments and appeared to be in good shape heading into the second period. But a fluke goal put the Soviets back in the lead just 21 seconds into the second frame. Vladimir Shadrin tapped in a crazy rebound behind a surprised Ken Dryden in the Canadian goal. Big Yakushev fired the puck well over the net, hitting the mesh netting that accompanied the boards instead of Plexiglas as in North American rinks. The springy wiring caused the puck to bounce right back into the slot where Shadrin was waiting.

Despite the brilliant netminding by Ken Dryden in the second period, the Russian's persistent attack paid off with three goals compared to Canada's one. The Russians held a commanding 5-3 lead after two periods of play. Despite the score, Canada headed into the second intermission very positively. They felt they were playing a good game thus far.

Canada took to the ice led by Phil Esposito. He had an incredible period of hockey. Coach Harry Sinden called period 3 "his finest hour," which is really saying something since he had been Canada's undisputed leader all series. It was Espo who scored the all important early goal at just 2:27 of the third, narrowing the score to 5-4. Canada continued to pour it on, and at 12:56 tied up the score, thanks to Esposito once again. Espo refused to be denied as he shook off two defenders and tested Tretiak with a good shot. Tretiak made the stop, but he was unable to stop Yvan Cournoyer's tap in on the rebound.

The Soviet goal judge did not turn on the red light when Cournoyer tied the score. This enraged Alan Eagleson, who feared the Soviets were going to cry "no goal." Eagleson, who was in the stands, tried to make his way to the public address announcer's booth to make sure that the goal was announced. He pushed his way past several military men who did not appreciate Eagleson's actions. They apprehended Eagleson and started to drag him off. That's when Peter Mahovlich showed up and poked the militia men with his stick. Mahovlich, who actually hopped the boards and was in the crowd in a scrum with the Russian military men, was quickly followed by his teammates. Eagleson was escorted across the ice to the Canadian bench. Embarrassingly, Eagleson shook his fist at the crowd in disgust. 

Then the greatest moment in Canada's sporting history, perhaps in Canadian history period occured. Yvan Cournoyer intercepted a Soviet clearing attempt and fired a cross ice pass to a streaking Paul Henderson, who had called off the line's usual left winger Peter Mahovlich in order to get on the ice. The pass was behind Henderson. No. 19 was also tripped up on the play and went crashing into the end boards behind the Soviet defenders. Esposito poked the puck towards Tretiak for an easy save, but by this time Henderson had gotten back on his feet and gained the rebound. Henderson shovelled the puck towards the goal line. Tretiak made yet another save, but left another rebound, too. Henderson, unchecked by any Soviet player, was able to flip the final rebound over a sprawled-out Tretiak.

There just 34 seconds left in the game when Henderson scored.  Canada went mad!

It was an historic series for both Canada but the Soviets.  The NHL was never the same as a flood of talent crossed the Atlantic to transfor the game.


The man who sent sex text in error to ALL his contacts... and ended up in prison

Craig Evans must have thought things couldn’t get any worse after he accidentally sent a saucy text message intended for a lover to every contact in his phonebook.

How wrong he was!

The 24-year-old swimming coach ended up in prison for sex offences after the text also found its way to two young schoolgirls.

Evans had typed an intimate invitation to his girlfriend asking her if she would like to engage in sex with him ‘skin on skin’.

Excruciatingly, a slip of the fingers on his BlackBerry smartphone resulted in it going out via BlackBerry Messenger to all the numbers on his phone.

Among the recipients of the text were two girls aged 13 and 14, which led to Evans, who teaches swimming in a leisure centre, being arrested, charged and convicted of  causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. 

You don't go to jail for 18 months for texting lets go skin on slin.  There had to be more than that. Hmm last week I sent out a penis photo to all my contacts.  Will I get in trouble? 


Creep of the week

A Dunlap High School teacher who resigned after allegedly admitting to secretly video recording students from angles that revealed their undergarments was charged Tuesday with a felony.

Gordon Mills, 51, of Mapleton was ordered held on $7,500 bond on a Class 3 felony count of unauthorized videotaping. He faces two to five years in prison if convicted, though he could be eligible for probation.

Few new details were revealed during his brief appearance in court Tuesday via closed-circuit video from the Peoria County Jail. In the charge against him, prosecutors allege he placed his iPad on the ground at the foot of his desk and recorded students as they approached.

According to police reports, Mills was confronted about his activity Sept. 7 after a student saw images on the teacher's work computer. Other school staff and administrators were alerted.

Mills initially denied the images were his and attempted to erase them, but school personnel retrieved the material. On Sept. 8, Mills allegedly admitted to his activities and submitted a handwritten letter of resignation to the school.

According to a report from the Peoria County Sheriff's Department, Mills told Dunlap High School Principal Thomas Welsh that he did not create the videos for the purpose of sexual gratification.

 Instead, Mills told Welsh he had accidentally recorded an image of a student's underwear one time, then continued to do so just for the challenge of it, according to the report.

Can we all let out a collective EEEEEEEWWWWW!  


Guy fakes a plane crash then proposes marriage to girlfriend

Things found in my wife's drawer week

Does the Advanced Anti-Aging Serum come in drum size?

Can't decide who to vote for President, maybe Homer Simpson can help

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Roger Goodell saves football

You have to give Roger Goodell credit, I don't know how he ever convinced the NFL referees to return to work.  I think he saved the NFL.

Those greedy refs were ready to destroy the league in order to suck up another $3 million in pension money.  The nerve.  The NFL didn't become a $10 billion league by pampering the onfield officials.  Those owners made the ultimate sacrifice by each taking a $100,000 hit.  It's not like money grows on trees.

The owners and their brave commissioner held out as long as they could for the good of the game.

And the replacement refs weren't so bad.  How mant fans have ever heard of a simultaneous catch?  These guys knew their stuff.  Too bad they have to go back to stocking shelves at Walmart or doing oil changes.  Now the blooper reels will go back to showing players.

Baseball coach spent $50G on ‘revenge’ kids team

A Long Island youth-baseball manager arrested for allegedly stalking an opposing coach shelled out more than $50,000 to personally finance a revenge team that fell flat on its face.

Angered after his own son failed to flourish on the Long Island Infernos traveling baseball team for 10- and 11-year-olds, Robert Sanfilippo used his own money to create and fund the Long Island Vengeance to even the score against his boy’s former squad, a law-enforcement source said.

Obsessed with vanquishing the Infernos, Sanfilippo aggressively recruited players in newspaper ads and appealed to kids cut from other teams, sources said.

While the players’ parents usually fork out for traveling teams, Sanfilippo — who resides in a pricey Huntington home — footed the entire bill for the Vengeance.

“No one could understand why this guy was spending so much money on 10-year-olds,” said another coach. “It was all about revenge.”

Sanfilippo faces harassment and stalking charges after he allegedly sent threatening messages to rival coach John Reardon.

The pair had argued during a Memorial Day baseball game.While other Long Island teams had modest equipment, Sanfilippo spent like a Suffolk County Steinbrenner. The Vengeance sported top of the line helmets with airbrushed skull and crossbones insignias that cost upwards of $300 each for a team of roughly 20 kids. The squad also provided each player with two uniforms and baseball bags worth hundreds of dollars.


Police launched investigation into the 'suspicious' moon

The constable was on duty late one evening last month when he spotted a "shining light" glowing over Clent Hills, a range of scenic peaks which rise up more than 1,000ft in Worcestershire.

He radioed his sergeant, telling him he was "off up the hills" to investigate the "suspicious bright light" from 'over the other side of the hills'.

He warned that as he was "single-crewed" he might require back-up if he found a crime in progress.

The area is known as a hotspot for outdoor sex - and it is believed the officer thought he might catch offenders engaged in sexual activity when he mistook the bright light of the moon for car headlights.

After a 20-minute walk up the hills, however, the red-faced officer radioed his sergeant back, telling him that the 'light source' was in actual fact the moon.

There certainly is a big difference between policing in a big city and a rural community.  


To Jays fans sorry to see Travis Snider traded, wait till you see this catch

Mug shot of the week

Jamie Brown snorted so much cocaine that his nose collapsed 

A Scots property tycoon who snorted so much cocaine that his nose collapsed has been jailed for possessing the drug and a hoard of illegal guns.

Police stopped Jamie Brown in his £120,000 Bentley Continental convertible and found high-purity cocaine stashed in the car’s air vents and collapsible roof.  A search of a luxury hotel where Brown, 45, had been staying revealed more cocaine. In all, around £5000 worth of the drug was recovered.  Police also found two handguns – a James Bond style 9mm semi-automatic Walther PP1 and a Russian 9mm Tula Tokarev – as well as a rifle and ammunition.

Glaswegian Brown admitted cocaine and gun possession and was sentenced to five years.  Swansea Crown Court heard that Brown made so much money in the property business that he was able to retire aged just 36 and move to Portugal.  But in the nine years since, his “massive” addiction to cocaine had destroyed his face and ruined his life.  Prosecutor Craig Jones said Brown was introduced to cocaine in Portugal. He took it every day, using cash from his business career to feed his habit.

Brown developed a dangerous heart condition, and his face collapsed in on itself as the cocaine ate away at cartilage in his nose.  His drug use also left him paranoid. And after a cousin of his was murdered by a four-strong gang at a hotel, he began to fear for his safety and acquired his arsenal of guns.


Things found in my wife's drawer week

This is called volumetric lifting and reshaping cream. Now I originally thought this had to do with concrete but I was wrong. I'm at a loss.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

There could be some racial undertones to the U.S. election

Replacement weather guy worse than replacement refs

Homophobic Hong Kong Billionaire offers $65 million To any man who can seduces his gay daughter

One of Hong Kong's wealthiest men has placed a "marriage bounty" on his lesbian daughter's head, offering nearly £40 million to the man who successfully woos her.

Property magnate Cecil Chao Sze-tsung announced the HK$500 million reward this week after reports that his 33-year-old daughter Gigi Chao, a University of Manchester graduate, had married her long-term female partner in France.

"I don't mind whether he is rich or poor. The important thing is that he is generous and kind-hearted," Mr Chao told the South China Morning Post, describing reports about his daughter's marriage as "false".

The extravagant tycoon's offer blended Blind Date and The Apprentice with Mr Chao claiming he hoped to help the successful suitor kick-start a business.

Sigh, how pathetic.  Perhaps he believes you can screw the "gay" of his daughter.


1972 Summit Series: Game 7

Game 6 was played late Monday morning Toronto time on September 26th.  I had a psychology class so my plan was to catch the class and then head to a lounge to watch the last part of the game.  But when I showed up for class it was cancelled and the game was being projected on a giant screen.  I was thrilled.

Everyone was pretty optimistic after the game 6 win even though it was Team Canada's first win since game 2. We always has this feeling that Canada would prevail. At least 50,000 Canadians sent telegrams to the team. [FYI, telegrams existed before text messaging and is a text message sent by wire using Morse code which would then be transcribed into language, printed out and hand-delivered.]

Russia would have to play the game without superstar Valeri Kharlamov, who was sitting out this game with a banged up ankle thanks to an intentional Bobby Clarke two-hander in Game 6.

Canada got off to a strong start in what might have been the best played game of the series. At just 4:09 of the game Phil Esposito opened the scoring thanks to a Ron Ellis centering pass.  The noise in the lecture hall was deafening.  Six minutes later the Soviets tied it up. Alexander Yakushev took advantage of a stumbling Brad Park to break in alone on Tony Esposito, slipping the puck between the goaltender's pads. Park was victimized again for the 2-1 goal late in the period. While killing a penalty the puck bounced off of Park's skate directly to Vladimir Petrov's stick. Petrov easily converted. Before the period was over Phil Esposito somehow managed to get the puck through a maze of players in front of the Soviet net and past the screened Vladislav Tretiak.

Goaltending was the story of the second period, particularly by Tony Esposito. Russia outshot Canada 13-7 in the frame, but no one was able to beat either puck stopper. The tie was finally broken early in the third period when Rod Gilbert emerged from behind the net to stuff a backhand shot behind Tretiak. The lead would be short lived as Yakushev scored his second of the game to tie the score at 3. Those Soviet teams were so amazing. Whenever the opposition thought they finally got a break against them, the Russians would seemingly always respond quickly. After the tying goal Russia seemed to put their offensive attack into a higher gear, but Tony Esposito was up to the task. He made half a dozen spectacular saves. However the Soviet momentum soon subsided, and the teams played tight, defensive hockey for the rest of the game. Neither team wanted to make a mistake.

At 16:26 of that final period things got ugly. Boris Mikhailov and Gary Bergman collided along the side boards and began to push and shove. That's when the overmatched Mikhailov used his skates as a weapon to kick at Bergman's shins repeatedly. Bergman, who was cut but not seriously injured on the play, responded by ramming Mikhailov's head into the chicken wire that was used in Luzhniki Ice Palace instead of plexiglas. The benches cleared but order was restored.

With less than three minutes left to play, Paul Henderson was sprung lose thanks to a nice pass from Serge Savard. Henderson was in alone on two Soviet defenseman -- normally an impossible scoring chance. He crossed so that the two defensemen were forced to cross positions as well, resulting in a moment of confusion between the two comrades. Henderson slid the puck through the defenseman's legs and went around. Instead of playing the man, defenseman Evgeny Tsygankov tried to play the puck. He failed to stop the puck and Henderson was in alone. He scored just under the crossbar while falling down as the defenders tackled him.  The lecture hall I was sitting in went into pandemonium. 

The most unlikely hero on the team had scored the winning goal in two consecutive games.

Who wouldn't want to have alligators at their kid's pool party?

Gator parties... the next big thing?

Bob Barrett gives Florida kids pool parties they’ll never forget — because they get to swim with real live alligators.

Jump houses? Pizza parties? Boring, says Barrett.

“You jump for a while and that’s it, we’ve had that party before,” he told the Daily News. “Clown party, Chuck E. Cheese party, they’ve all been done.”

Barrett, who runs Alligator Attractions in Madeira Beach — where visitors get to hold gators — was already bringing his reptiles around to birthday parties when he was inspired to take the next step.

“We would do [an alligator demonstration] at someone’s house and they would have a pool,” he explained. “And I said, you know, ‘Hey, let’s put ‘em in the pool.’”

His star gators — Burger, Kermit and Fido — have their mouths taped shut, and kids get a lesson in alligator safety before they join the reptiles in the water.

Barrett says his gators are well-behaved around children — and smart. “They get held at [Alligator Attractions] a lot, and they realize if they do this they’ll get a big food reward.”

He said he’s done dozens of alligator pool parties, and while the kids love them, not everyone is as thrilled.

What ever happened to Chuck E. Cheese?  What's next for kid's party themes, extreme sports? Hey for your kid's next birthday drop him or her with a bunch of friends in the middle of the wilderness with a bottle of water, a compass and a loot bag.


Man tried sneaking into Spain disguised as car seat

People smugglers took the foam out of the passenger seat before helping the 20-year-old Guinean get inside its shell.
Two Moroccans then tried to cross into Spain's north African enclave of Melilla – with one driving and the other sitting in the passenger seat on top of the hidden immigrant.

Police only realised there was a third man inside the Moroccan-plated Renault 7 when they started examining the seat – and touched flesh instead of foam.

The two Moroccans are being held in custody and the Guinean has been sent to a detention centre.


Things found in my wife's drawer week

I have no idea what this is.  Just wondering if it comes in different flavours?

Hump day hottie

Haley King

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Soldier uses gun to scare another soldier with hiccups, accidentally shoots him in the face

A soldier trying to scare another soldier out of hiccups shot his comrade in the face, killing him, authorities said Tuesday.

Both soldiers, joined by a third man, were drinking alcohol and watching football at the time of the Sunday night incident, authorities said.

"The victim had the hiccups. The suspect pulled out a gun to scare him in order to stop the hiccups," said spokesman Carroll Smith of the Killeen, Texas, Police Department.

Pfc. Patrick Edward Myers, 27, was charged on Tuesday with manslaughter, and Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin set his bond at $1 million, police said.

Killed was Pfc. Isaac Lawrence Young, 22, of Ash Grove, Missouri, a motor transport operator at the 
Army base, the military said. Young entered active duty in May 2011 and arrived at Fort Hood in October 2011, the Army said.


Amanda Bynes has a new career, and it doesn't involve driving

Replacement refs are the reason your team lost

Meet the latest NFL scapegoats - the replacement refs.  If you don't like the outcome of your team's game, then blame the ref.  The NFL has a problem because the replacement refs suck and it's a lot easier to stick a loss on a ref than your team's crappy offensive line or a few stupid pass attempts by your QB.

UPDATE: Supposedly the Lingerie Football League fired an official used in last night's Packer-Seahawk game.  That was an awful call.  Roger Goodell over to you.

Sign of the day

Man wearing sequined mini dress arrested after fake bomb incident

Police found no bombs at the home of an East Millcreek, Utah, man who had set up a network of wires and fake explosives in his yard before engaging officers in an armed standoff on Sunday. David Charles Baker, 47, was arrested at about 6:30 p.m. after SWAT officers used a tactical vehicle to break through the front door of Baker’s home said Unified Police Detective Levi Hughes. Baker, whom police described as mentally unstable and trained in explosives, fled out the back door and was immediately captured by officers.

Neighbours had reported Baker’s erratic behaviour to police several times in the past few months, Hughes said. Investigators learned that Baker had experience with incendiary devices and found a series of agitated video rants on the internet, Hughes said, but they do not know what exactly set off the chain of events leading to Sunday’s confrontation. Hughes said the incident appeared to start at about 2:30 p.m. when Baker showed up at a friend’s home and got into a face-to-face confrontation with the friend and made some sort of "demands." He then left a package in the driveway and informed his friend that its contents could cause his home to catch fire.

When patrol officers drove to Baker’s home to speak with him about the incident, they found Baker wielding a shotgun and walking amid the trip wires as he placed several propane and gas tanks around his property, Hughes said. The officers kept a safe distance, said Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder. "This gentleman had in place items that were of such significant concern that to just rush up would have been an act of foolishness," Winder said. About 40 homes in the neighbourhood were evacuated as Baker went into his home and refused to come out. Baker shouted "nonsensical" things to officers that gathered around his home, Winder said. Neighbour Natalie Harvey said she heard him yelling, "Get out of my flowers!" Another neighbour, Haley Fife, said Baker shouted to police that he would only come out if they blew up his house.

Minutes before SWAT officers raided the house, Fife saw Baker display a headless mannequin in one of his windows and put a hat on its neck. He also placed bottles on the window sills and took photographs of those bottles, Fife said. After Baker was arrested and cuffed, he could be seen hopping and dancing in a black sequin mini-dress with orange and pink fur trim and a cowl neck. Bomb squads examined suspicious items Baker reported left at neighbours houses, including an alarm clock with tape on it. Crews deemed those items safe and found the set-up of wires and tanks in Baker’s yard also were not dangerous. Neighbours were allowed to return to their homes about 8:30 p.m.

Things found in my wife's drawer week

This looks like gunk to hide the lines in your face. So as the wrinkles get bigger and more numerous they are going to take a lot of filler.

Monday, September 24, 2012

1997 Summit Series: Game 6

Clarke's slash on Kharlamov

 After the Soviet come-from-behind victory in Game 5 to take a commanding 3-1-1 series lead, you would have expected Team Canada to be demoralized because I sure was. You were expecting Russia would have gone for the kill.

Things didn't exactly unfold that way, however. Canada kept positive and felt that they could still win, while Russia, admittedly in hindsight, became overconfident and ultimately allowed the Canadians back into the series.

Canada had felt like they were finally getting into shape. Remember this was the beginning of the professionals' seasons, and unlike the Soviets who trained almost year round, the Canadians were just coming into game form. And remember also that while the Russians knew all about the Canadian game, the Canadian knowledge of the Soviet strategy was nonexistent entering the series. Now, after five games, Canada felt they were prepared to play the Soviets.

During the first period of Game 6 two West German refs Kompalla and Bata became household names in Canada. They were so brutally bad that it was charged that they were blatantly biased against the Canadian players. Canadian players were repeatedly sent to the penalty box for questionable and phantom penalties. Phantom offsides were being called as well. Somehow the Soviets were rarely being called for penalties, though. By the end of the game, the penalty minutes were 31 for Canada, just four for Russia. The truth is these two refs were dependent on the Soviets for refereeing assignments during the season and were obviously told how to ref the games.

After a scoreless first period, a flurry of scoring filled the second stanza. The Soviets opened the scoring as a low shot from the blue line by Yuri Liapkin. The Canadians would not deflate after falling behind yet again. Instead they responded with several strong minutes of sustained attacks. The pressure paid off when they shocked the Soviets with three goals in a short span of just 1 minute and 23 seconds.

Dennis Hull flipped a Rod Gilbert rebound over a fallen Vladislav Tretiak for Canada's first goal at 5:13. Then at 6:31 Red Berenson was able to center the puck to an open Yvan Cournoyer who buried the shot from the slot. And then just 15 seconds later, Paul Henderson scored what proved to be the game winning goal. He intercepted a pass by a Soviet defender and wired a slapshot past the unprepared Tretiak.

During the game Bobby Clarke took upon himself to knock out the Soviet's best skater.  Some say he acted at the encouragement of assistant coach John Ferguson although Clarke has always said he acted alone.  Clarke cracked the ankle of Valeri Kharlamov with a two-hander. Kharlamov didn't lose his footing and actually turned around to say a word or two to Clarke - this made the play seem less harmful than it truly was. Kharlamov would miss the next game and was ineffective in the final game. He had a ankle fracture.  Not a proud moment for Canada.

Team Canada's penalty killing played a huge factor in the outcome. The Soviets awesome powerplay was held to just one goal. That goal came late in the game as Alexander Yakushev made it 3-2 with a little over 2 minutes left.  The Soviets actually tied the game late in the second period. Valeri Kharlamov was able to flip a light shot over Ken Dryden, but the puck seemed to be stopped by the old-style netting that hung down from the crossbar.  It should have been a goal but the officials didn't call it and the Russians never protested. The stars of the game were Dryden and Yakushev.

24 years ago Ben Johnson thrilled Canadians then turned into a national tragedy

The 100m final at the Seoul Olympics was as dramatic of a race as you would ever see.  It was Carl Lewis vs Ben Johnson.  Canada had not done well at the track in years and much of Canada was awake and watching that Friday evening at 11:30 pm local time.  The 9.79 time was incredible for 1988.  The Olympic record had been 9.95 and the World record was 9.83 (also by Johnson).  Carl Lewis was stunned.  But Canadians were equally stunned 3 days later when Johnson was disqualified after his urine sample showed traces of stanozolol, a steroid most Canadians had never heard of until then.

I'll fill in the rest later

Sign of the day

Police shoot wheelchair-bound one-armed, one-legged man 'armed' with a pen

A schizophrenic double amputee waving a pen from his wheelchair was fatally shot early on Saturday by a Houston, Texas, police officer, authorities said. Police were called to the personal care home at around 2 a.m. because resident Brian Claunch had become agitated after his caretaker refused to give him a soda and a cigarette, said John Garcia, the owner of the home.

"He was approaching them aggressively," said Houston Police Department spokes­woman Jodi Silva. "He was attempting to stab them with what is now found to be a pen." Claunch, who had been living at the home for the past 18 months with two other men, ignored officers' commands and made threats against them and other occupants of the home, Garcia said the caretaker told him.

Claunch trapped one of the officers in a corner, authorities said. Matthew Marin, a five-year HPD veteran, fired his weapon at least one time, fearing for his partner's safety and his own, Silva said. Claunch died at the scene. Claunch, who was in his mid-forties, lost his right leg to just above the knee and all of his right arm when he was hit by a train. He arrived at the personal care home more than a year ago, as part of a placement by the Harris County guardianship program.

Garcia said Claunch liked to "doodle" and two days ago he had given him a black felt pen to draw with. Garcia said he was not sure if it was that pen or another one that Claunch was waving at the time of the incident. As is standard practice with officer-involved shootings, Marin, who is assigned to the South Central Patrol Division, will work three days of desk duty. The incident will be investigated by HPD's homicide and internal affairs divisions, as well as the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

Things found in my wife's drawer week

For all you guys who are so stressed that you can't sleep - I discovered a cream you put on at night and guaranteed you will be stress-free in the morning.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The political divide

Kitty taken for flea bath mistakenly euthanized by vet


An 8-year-old cat that was brought to a veterinarian for a flea bath was instead euthanized, its owner said, and she wants others to be aware of what happened so no other pets are harmed.

Colleen A. Conlon made an appointment to have her cat, Lady, bathed at Broadway Animal Hospital after Dr. Muhammad Malik told her it would be the best way to combat the fleas, which were affecting the family's sensitive dog.

Lady was special to the family because she first belonged to Ms. Conlon's daughter, who died in a car accident in 2010. Her daughter had given her the cat about a year before the fatal accident, Ms. Conlon said.

She said she called about 15 minutes before the appointment to confirm and to check on the price for the flea bath.

Both Lady and Little Bit, another family cat, were to be bathed on Monday, so Ms. Conlon's son, Jesse, who's 24, brought Lady first, taking the cat carrier home to retrieve Little Bit.

“They had him fill out some paperwork; he said they were like index cards which had basic pet information,” Ms. Conlon said. “He filled it out and signed it and he left to go get Little Bit.”

But when Mr. Conlon returned with the second cat and said he'd take Lady home if she was finished with her bath, the vet surprised him when he asked, “You want the bodies?”

“At first he thought it was some cruel joke,” Ms. Conlon said, but the veterinarian told her son he'd signed the papers.

He quickly realized Lady was gone. Ms. Conlon said she could not bear to go back for her cat's body, saying she wanted to remember Lady alive and well.

Her son took Little Bit home and the family, grieving, wondered what to do.


Woman pees and bathes in NY subway (SFW)

There have been some disgusting, rude things people do on the New York subway over the years that have been captured on YouTube including people clipping their nails, spaghetti fights, people going down on each other, the pervs who take out their junk, the guy who licks his own shoe, the man who defecated himself (too gross to show). But the video below—in which a young lady can't hold it in, pees on herself, then decides to give herself a SFW makeshift shower on the subway has to be one of the weirdest.

1972 Summit Series: Game 5


After a 2 week hiatus, the series resumed in Moscow with the Russians up 2-1-1.  Team Canada needed to win 3 games in Moscow to take the series which looked next to impossible after only winning 1 game in Canada.

Approximately 3,000 Canadian fans made the trip to Moscow. They cheered and partied so enthusiastically that the usually calm and collected Russian spectators seemed to be taken aback by the Canadians' behaviour. The Russian crowd was pretty quiet, as it turns out they weren't the usual Russian hockey crowd but Soviet government officials who knew nothing about hockey.

Thirteen days separated Games 4 and 5. Canada prepared for the Moscow leg of the trip in Sweden where they would get used to the large ice surface by playing a couple of rough exhibition games. There was a 9 hour difference for the games in Moscow so start times were 11 am which became a challenge for millions of hockey fans who worked or went to school and had become so caught up in the series. I was an undergraduate at the University of Toronto and game 5 was in a Friday and since I had no classes I watched the game at home.

Before the puck drop however there were some long pre-game ceremonies to go through. During the player introductions, Phil Esposito immediately made himself a crowd favorite in Russia as he slipped on the ice when he was introduced. The crowd chuckled while the blushing Esposito got up and bowed to the crowd with a huge smile on his face. That was just one of many memorable moments to come in Moscow.

Team Canada opened game 5 by playing the best first 40 minutes that they had played yet. They built a 3-0 lead, and were dominating the game. Jean-Paul Parise opened the scoring in the 1st period, making him the first Canadian professional to score a goal in Russia. Paul Henderson was the star of this game. Already with one goal, he would crash heavily into the boards and lay motionless for sometime. He suffered a concussion, but refused to listen to doctor's advice and even the team's advice to sit for the rest of the game. He came back and scored on his very next shift. That goal gave Canada a commanding 4-1 lead in the third period.

Team Canada just seemed to stop skating in the third period and the Russians capitalized. It was just as if they flicked on a switch. Five third period goals on 11 shots had unthinkably given the Russians the 5-4 win. Paul Henderson was the game MVP for Canada with 2 goals and for Russia it was Alexander Yakushev.

The Russians had Team Canada backed into a corner. With a 3-1-1 lead, it now seemed next to impossible for Canada to win. Canada had played its best game and still lost and was left with an undaunting task of winning the final 3 games. Fortunately the tides had turned. Team Soviet became complacent and arrogant. Canada was ready to fight back, and were coming together just at the right time.

Bikini Sunday

Joanna Krupa